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Title: Muslims attack U.S. embassies
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(Date Posted:09/12/2012 8:09 PM)
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The page from the Cairo embassy that apology was on has disappeared, no surprise that it was scrubbed. It seems there are only a few of us who actually know what is real in Africa, Middle East and Asia and read other reports and documents other than what is labeled as the PC liberal/progressive media.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has called for another "demonstration" after prayers on Friday. Gee, think the PC liberal/progressive media will report on that? Or are they going to once again try to go with the poor, poor people who are so ignorant as to not know how to turn on a faucet?

Do you think any of them ever saw the video sent from Iraq, Egypt, Libya or any of these countries and happened to notice they were cities and not goat herding camps? You would think that they at least saw the recent videos from Egypt and Tahrir Square? I guess they just didn't see the highways, vehicles, stores, electical lines, phone lines, or even the Egypt Museum of antiquities.

I shouldn't be, but I am amazed at the excuses given to allow that the attacks and killings of these 4 people is OK. These attacks were orchestrated for the date of 9/11. These were huge numbers of people who attacked the embassies. They weren't just a bunch of people who decided to get together for a protest over a movie. It was for the targeted killings of al Qaeda operatives. What does it take for people to see that the Muslim Brotherhood is the parent group for all these sub groups including al Qaeda? They don't want to hear the Islam jihad is not related to some damned movie or cartoon but to followers of the religion itself.

They fundamentally hate any nation not declaring itself an islamic nation. Oh, they'll do business with westernized nations and companies and take the profits they get from doing it. Egypt will gladly take the billions the U.S. is giving it. So will Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and others. This movie thing is just a cover for the State Dept. and WH administration to make it look as if everything is hunky-dory with Muslim Brotherhood. Shame they shut down the live stream from the US Embassy in Egypt before the mobs climbed over the walls. Guess Morsi visiting the WH later this month might not be such a great thing; unless he is coming to get a personal apology.      

It will probably not sink in that on September 11 in Egypt that al Qaeda confirmed Abu Yahya al-Libi, had died in a U.S. drone strike. Ayman al-Zawahiri released a video on Islamist websites in Africa, Middle East and Asian. It was reported by other news agencies that he had been killed. But this is the first time al Qaeda acknowledged it and that is the significant signal for the mobs in Islamic countries to attack anything related to the U.S.. It is not just happening in Egypt or Libya.

These muslims see the U.S. as defeated in Iraq and Afghanistan since the Islamist governments in both countries have not been replaced. The fact that one Islamist government has replaced another Islamist government is not lost on them. The fact the U.S. is still sending money to these Islamist governments shows them the U.S. and the administration is weak. A weak country and a weak administration will not be respected nor feared by them, and is inviting more attacks from the muslims.

The numb minded can follow the kool-aid trail and obfuscate by attacking Romney all they want. I watched CNN and MSNBC follow the same outline almost word for word, choreographed question sequence after choreographed question sequence, in their laying out of the bread crumbs for viewers to follow. Guess Media Matters and the WH got their talking points script out over the wire before showtimes. While they were running snippets of, and commenting on, Romney's press conference, they never asked the important questions. While they were busy trying to belittle Romney, they didn't see that they were calling into focus the important questions they were dodging.

Why didn't 0bama see this coming?
The media commentators went on about the fact that Romney really shouldn't comment on things he doesn't know about as he is not president and not privy to intel on what is happening.
OK, then I ask again, since 0bama is pres. and privy to intel on what is happening; why didn't he see this coming?
Surely 0bama has been getting communiques that the Islamic mobs were forming outside of U.S. embassies the last two days.
Surely 0bama was aware that al-Zawahiri releasing a video acknowledging al-Libi being killed was a call for attacks. 
Surely 0bama is aware of the significance of an attack on the U.S. anywhere in the World on the anniversary of 9/11.

Why didn't 0bama strengthen military security at the embassies?
Surely 0bama knew that Muslim governments would not defend U.S. people and territory against Muslim mobs.
Surely 0bama knew that the mobs would harm the personel at those embassies.
Surely 0bama knows what security the U.S. has at its own embassies and that he does not have enough in place.
Surely 0bama knows these are terrorists that kill at will unless forcibly stopped.

What is 0bama's response going to be?
Surely 0bama has given the 50 Marines he has now sent to one embassy the order to protect and defend.
Surely 0bama is sending Pelosi and Reid the word to stop the bills giving monies to these countries.
Surely 0bama will acknowledge that the war on terrorism is expanding with the spread of the Muslim Brotherhood.
Surely 0bama is removing the islamist flag at the embassy and flying the U.S. flag.

If you answer in the affirmative to these questions, then you should be outraged that it was allowed to happen. All of this states that 0bama knew what would happen as a fact. No excuses, no blaming anyone else for not protecting embassy people and U.S. citizens. No longer can 0bama appease Muslim nations to make them like us. No longer can 0bama give waivers to let billions of dollars be paid to these countries. Mobs are still at U.S. embassies and will only continue with the clerics and governments calling for more attacks after Friday prayers. What is he going to do?

Surely 0bama knows that more embassy U.S people will be killed and with dragged through the streets.



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