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Title: 0bamacare taking test drive in Chicago
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(Date Posted:08/24/2012 10:39 PM)
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What better place to start the regimenting tactics of 0bamacare than in 0bama's adopted home town of Chicago. And in true Chicago politics style, you're gonna pay if you don't play.

"Our program will change lives, make our workforce healthier, and save taxpayers money," Mayor Rahm Emanuel said on Thursday. "It will only work if people join, and I'm so pleased to report that we've had well over 22,000 employees or spouses join the program." Emanuel noted that another 25,000 have not yet let the city know if they plan to join; and so far, 54 employees or spouses have refused. So that's 54 X 50 ... don't think that's gonna cover the costs for a possible 47,000. I think they are using the same model that has 51% of workers paying for benefits for 49% who are not working.

Chicago Lives Healthy provides free annual health screenings, free biometric screenings (including blood work), physical and mental health checkups, call-ins, and “wellness activities” for employees at Walgreens outlets or at a doctor’s office. At your doctor's office if it's covered under your insurance. The city calls it the largest municipal wellness program in the world.
Oh brother. Someone needs to tell Emanuel that China already has the largest one.

At least once a month you'll get a “check-in call” from a disease-management company. Yes, Nanny Government is going to be checking up on you. Just like a good parent, Nanny Government is making sure you are being a good citizen child.

Chicago Lives Healthy Wellness Program

The choice to participate in the Chicago Lives Healthy Wellness Program is up to you. If you and/or your covered spouse/domestic partner choose not to participate, there is an impact to your monthly employee health care contributions.

The only thing that’s not free is not trying. Eligible employees or covered spouses/domestic partners who choose not to participate in the
program will incur an additional $50 per non-participant increase in their monthly employee health care contribution.
An increase in your monthly health care contributions will result from any of the following:
* Indicating on the consent form that you choose not to participate
  - If a single employee chooses not to participate: $50 per non-participant increase in your monthly employee health care contribution
  - If an employee and covered spouse/domestic partner each choose not to participate: $100 ($50 per non-participant) increase in your
monthly employee health care contribution
  - If an employee chooses not to participate, but the covered spouse/domestic partner chooses to participate (or vice versa): $50 per
non-participant increase in your monthly employee health care contribution
* Failing to complete any of the four sign up steps within the due dates
* Failing to participate in ongoing monthly wellness program activities (following multiple warnings)

Individuals who elect not to participate will not be eligible to enroll in the wellness program again until the next wellness open enrollment period (planned for fall of 2013).

Why is the $50 per non-participant increase in your monthly employee health care contribution necessary?
Wellness is a key investment in our health and well-being. The improved outcomes resulting from the wellness program will allow Chicago to continue to provide a strong health plan at a reasonable cost. Because we all share in this benefit – whether we participate or not – the non-participation deduction will be used to provide all Chicago Lives Healthy wellness programs free of charge to those who participate.

The $50 per non-participant increase in your monthly employee health care contribution is used to provide wellness services and benefits for our eligible employees and covered spouses/domestic partners. This money is focused on helping provide you with the best health and wellness services possible.



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