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Title: Sex With A Narcissist
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(Date Posted:03/06/2009 9:33 PM)

Is there any way for a partner to create good sex or sexual intimacy with a narcissistic person?


RE:Sex With A Narcissist
(Date Posted:03/07/2009 1:39 PM)

Hi Sarah.

I thought it might be interesting to see what Dr. Sam Vaknin had to say on the topic so I ran a search at his site:

Hope this helps Sarah.

Take Care

Added:  I found this article Narcissists Don't Make Love

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"Why does he treat me so bad? Then it hit me - why was I allowing it?"

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Re:Sex With A Narcissist
(Date Posted:10/29/2009 8:40 AM)

No they are too involved into themselves and self gratification to really give of themselves for a great lovemaking session.
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Re:Sex With A Narcissist
(Date Posted:11/22/2009 6:25 PM)

 that link on sex with a narcissist, wow. I couldnt figure out why he treated me like love making is dirty and he cannot kiss me during or after because my mouth is dirty.  To me what ever the two involved agree on as safe and loving is just making love.  That is all I know, making love. So many things in that link... with holding as he believes he needs to punish me, and it is punishing. He makes me feel dirty for wanting to make love with my mate.

The hardest thing for me right now is realizing that there is no hope.

He was laying in bed watching football and I was just sitting there bored and quiet.  He rolled over on to his stomach and I asked are you going to sleep? He snapped at me, I don't know. so I asked are you tired? he said, I don't know.  I went out and fed his dog and noticed the water dish was empty. I filled it and while placing it down the dog growled, I corrected him and he growled again. I then removed the food until the dog settled. Then I went to put dishes away from the egg skillet I made for him for lunch. then I unloaded the washer. When finished with these little chores I went back into the bedroom to ask him what he wanted for supper.  he yelled at me, "What is your f''ing problem, I am trying to sleep. Why is it when I am trying to sleep you slam the cupboards, throw dishes around, yell at the dog. (i didn't yell at the dog, I just said no to him) 

I said, I didn't go out there to try to wake you. I just was taking care of things. I wasn't loud or quiet just doing things.  He called me a B and turned away.

If I do not speak I am accused of pouting. If I speak I am accused of yelling. I wait for him to get out of bed to pick up or cook or clean or take care of the dog... today he woke at 1200 I woke him on purpose.  I went in quietly and whispered, honey, it is noon, is your football team playing. It is so scary because I do  not know if I am going to be yelled at or not.  He didn't yell at me for that.  So I was leaving the room and he then he yelled at me, Are you going to come in here and wake me up for footbal and then leave without turning the TV on for me?  so I turned it on and left the bedroom.

he was up to watch the game eat lunch or breakfast...  then back to sleep.

I keep thinking that he can change.  I mean it makes sense to me that since I have figured it out and know his dirty little secrets... why not love me and learn how to be a better person with me?

my feet are bleeding from the egg shells.

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RE:Sex With A Narcissist
(Date Posted:01/08/2010 6:54 PM)

My ex-N wouldn't look me in the face during sex.  It was like he was doing his own thing the whole time and I was lucky enough to be with him.  When he climaxed, he would literally scream in my ear.  It was the strangest thing.  Afterward, he would move around very cautiously as if not to get "dirty".. and would immediately change the sheets.  I told him once that having sex was a great way to get him to change the linens!  He didn't find the humor in that statement.  It was impossible to be truly intimate with him and it took me a long time after our divorce to really enjoy sex again.  They're in a different world and nobody else is invited!!
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Re:Sex With A Narcissist
(Date Posted:03/14/2010 6:16 PM)

The narcissist has no knowledge of how to satisfy a woman sexually because it's all about fulfilling his own needs.  I was amazed when I realized that my narcisstic partner thought that what he sees watching a phonography movie is "pleasing a woman".  Remember, It's all about them and it isn't going to change.

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