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This Paranormal Forum has been designed as a place for people from around the world to gather and discuss the paranormal, parapsychology and virtually all things unexplained by modern day science.
Recent Posts
  • FindersCreepers Teen Ghost Club
    Posted on 06/25/2011
    The FindersCreepers team is looking for new members in the central Oklahoma area. We are currently looking for members with the following skills:

    Public Relations,
    Social Networking,
    Expert in Religion and/or the Occult,
    Historical Research.

    We are also looking for a younger, (yet exceptionally mature) person to head up our newly created FindersCreepers, Oklahoma Teen Ghost Club.

    If you live in the central Oklahoma area and would like to join our team, simply visit our website and submit your application: http://www.finderscreepers.org/Application.php.
  • December 21, 2012
    Posted on 03/27/2011
    Sometimes we come across questions that I think are best answered by simply saying, "I don't know."

    This is one of those questions.

    We could debate it back and forth; one argument stating that the end-of-days are upon us, and the other saying that people have been misinterpreting the signs for generations.  We could debate linear time vs. circular time and the like, but my guess is that December 12th, 2012, much like the millenium,  will come and go like every other day.

    But then again, it may come and WE may go. I guess we won't know until we get there.

    Good luck everyone.
  • What scares you?
    Posted on 03/07/2011
    I laugh fear in the face... hahahahahahaaaaa!

    But... roaches... I hate roaches. They make me scream like a girl, (um... no offense ladies)! Oh, and... I'm afraid of getting burned in a fire, falling off of buildings (or airplanes, or cliffs, or tall-tall trees), that's about it....

    'cept bad guys with guns... kinda scared of that too...
    and... the IRS
    and mean people with bombs strapped to their bodies... and knives, (gulp)...
    and... sharks.... geez, they make me soil my drawers. But, I think that's it...

    wait... one more thing... public speaking.... makes me break out in a sweat....
    and... breaking down in the middle of the night in a park full of resurrected dinosaurs while driving a convertible hauling a load of raw meat... yikes.... don't like the thought of that either..... or....


    and death... I admit it... I'm kinda scared of death
    well... not really death, but more the process of dying - hope I go easy when I go.
  • new visitor in my house
    Posted on 03/07/2011
    I couldn't agree more Cheyenne. I was just saying today that one reason people who are "sensitive" may have more ghosts around them is because the ghosts know that they can interact with that person.. at least more then they can interact with the rest of us.
  • Birds, and Fish
    Posted on 02/17/2011
    Funny, as fast as the news hit the airwaves, it seems to have stopped.... has anybody heard anything else lately about critters dieing?
  • new visitor in my house
    Posted on 02/01/2011
    Sounds like you had one heck of a fascinating experience!

    I have heard stories before of balloons being used by ghosts to get the homeowners attention. It goes with what I always say... anything can become a ghost hunting tool; in this case it was a balloon. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the time, the phenomenon occurs when we least expect it and therefore, are least prepared to document it.

    Take care and thanks for sharing!
  • The Paranormal Site Award
    Posted on 12/25/2010
    If you have your own paranormal related website, apply today to receive your Paranormal Website Award! This award is issued to organizations that have put forth an honest effort in the creation of a website that is well-designed and/or is full of great content.

    The image itself links back to a list where your guests can validate your name amongst the actual winners of the award.

    Here is the award:

    This organization is a winner of the FindersCreepers Paranormal Website Award for excellence in paranormal website design and/or content! Click here to view a list of winning organizations and details on how to apply for your own Paranormal Website Award!

    Click the image to see the award page and/or to apply for your very own Paranormal Website Award today!
  • Deer Woman
    Posted on 11/29/2010
    I don't know much either, but I do believe the story comes from Native American mythology. As I remember it, a beautiful maiden appears to a male and, entices him to enter into her lair. She then stomps him to death before he even realizes that she has a tail... and hoofs... and smells funny.
  • Paranormal TV Shows
    Posted on 11/29/2010
    ummm.... this was supposed to be TV shows, not movies.. but what the heck, lol.

    I'll go with "Destination Truth"
  • Keep the ghost story going!
    Posted on 11/18/2010

    The Fall turned to Winter, Winter to Spring, Spring to Summer, Summer to Fall......... and still, no trees fell.

  • Paranormal TV Shows
    Posted on 11/18/2010

    Shazbat! How about - Mork and Mindy? lol - Nanoo nanoo!

  • Paranormal TV Shows
    Posted on 11/16/2010
    lol - you're worse then a teenage boy!

    Here's another...  Third Rock From the Sun
  • Ghost & other Paranormal Jokes!
    Posted on 11/15/2010
    These can be long or short, just keep them clean! Here is one to get us started:

    The following events took place in a quaint American town called Northeast Harbor, Maine. What you are about to read will sound like an old Alfred Hitchcock tale, but I assure you it is absolutely true.

    It was a dark night that evening, and a terrible thunderstorm had been pounding the ground for hours. Stranded in the middle of the storm was a weerie old man who's car had broken down earlier in the night. He was alone, standing in the middle of a road hoping for the help of anyone who may happen to pass by. Cold and wet he waited. The storm so strong he could barely see a few feet ahead, until finally he saw the lights of a car slowly approaching him. It gradually rolled to a stop, and without hesitation, he jumped into the vehicle and closed the door. He was drying his face off as he thanked the driver for his hospitality. The car began to slowly move ahead, and it was only then that he realized there was nobody behind the wheel.

    Frozen with fear the shivering man glared out the car's windshield and saw a sharp curve sign looming ahead. He had seen the cliffs earlier in his travels and became frantic with fear. He began to pray, begging for God to spare his life. Suddenly, just before the car hit the curve, a hand suddenly appeared through the window and turned the steering wheel. At least for the moment, he had been saved! Soon, the car came to a stop, and the terrified fellow managed to open the door and jump out of the spooky car. Without looking back, he ran through the storm all the way to the nearest town. Soaking wet, cold and exhausted, the man walked into a nearby tavern and headed straight for the bar.

    After a couple of shots, he began to tell everyone in the bar about the horrible ordeal he had just went encountered. He described the spooky car with no driver, and the mysterious hand that appeared through the window. Everyone listened in utter silence to his creepy tale, when suddenly two guys walked in, saw him and said, "Hey, there's the jerk that jumped in our car while we were pushing it!"

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