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This Paranormal Forum has been designed as a place for people from around the world to gather and discuss the paranormal, parapsychology and virtually all things unexplained by modern day science.
Recent Posts
  • new visitor in my house
    Posted on 01/27/2011
    Well the first thing you should have done, was grab the recorder so I would have had audio to go over!!!! lol. Maybe they know that you have the ability to communicate with them. Maybe spirits can sense that. Has their been any children that might have passed away in your family or Becca's?
  • Birds, and Fish
    Posted on 01/09/2011
    Yeah the media has been making a big deal out of it. I have not heard anything else about it. So maybe they got over that story lol.
  • Birds, and Fish
    Posted on 01/06/2011
    So I would like to know what everyone thinks about the fish, and birds dieing. We have dead birds now in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Sweden which is another country. Then dead fish in Arkansas, and now Maryland. So what are your thoughts on this?
  • Haunted Places In Oklahoma
    Posted on 10/30/2010
    If you know of any Haunted Locations in Oklahoma let us know, and we may be able to check it out.
  • Bigfoot in Oklahoma?
    Posted on 10/29/2010
    I want to note that it was a very odd that night. The noise in the woods were so loud, that it could not have been caused by a small animal. It was strange that everytime we would shine the light into the woods, we never seen what was causing the noise. It also seemed the faster we would move, the faster it would move. Like Tim said, we aren't saying it was bigfoot. We were also told that teenagers would go to this lake to do their witchcraft. So could the teens have started something out there? We might never know, but it was an awesome night.
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