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Title:Tim Doyon, Founder of FindersCreepers
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  • Registered: 07/28/2010
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Many years ago, I set out on a journey to understand some of the paranormal phenomena I had experienced earlier in life. After years of study, I joined the PROS Investigations Team in Central Oklahoma and plunged myself into the world of Paranormal Research. It was at this time that I furthered my studies and obtained my Certification in Parapsychology. Although not a degree from an accredited college, it was a good beginning towards the knowledge I continues to build upon to this day. I performed duties as the Public Relations Manager and Paranormal Investigator while with PROS until early in 2010, when I decided to venture out on my own and it was then that I founded, the FindersCreepers team, (located at: http://www.finderscreepers.org). I have also studied the art of magic and illusion since childhood, and I utilizes these skills during each investigation to help in the possible debunking of any perceived phenomena when it occurs.

I personally want to thank you for joining our forum and taking the time to share your knowledge and insight. It is my hopes that this shared information will help lead us all to a greater understanding of the paranormal world around us: and that is after-all why we are here to begin with, right?

- Tim Doyon, Founder of FindersCreepers
FindersCreepers, Paranormal Research & Haunting Investigations
Date Posted: 10/27/2010 11:33 PM
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