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This Paranormal Forum has been designed as a place for people from around the world to gather and discuss the paranormal, parapsychology and virtually all things unexplained by modern day science.
I have never heard of the man killing his family story. I have, however, heard of the bigfoot-like creature. I think the man who talked to you was getting things confused.
FindersCre created a topic: FindersCreepers Teen Ghost Clu... 06/26/2011
The FindersCreepers team is looking for new members in the central Oklahoma area. We are currently looking for members with the following skills: Public Relations, Social Networking, Expert in Religion and/or the Occult, Historical Research. We are also looking for a younger, (yet exceptionally mature) person to head up our newly created FindersCreepers, Oklahoma Teen Ghost Club. If you live in the central Oklahoma area and would like to join our team, simply visit our website and submit your...[More]
Sin_Nombre replied to What scares you? 03/30/2011
I think it would depend on what kind of zombie. The shambling kind would be easy to get away from. Those fast ones, though...they'd be a problem. [image]
Sin_Nombre replied to December 21, 2012 03/28/2011
Good points all. Of course, there are other indicators pointing to the same time frame as being something significant. I guess the big question is: When the big day comes, where are you going to be??
FindersCre replied to December 21, 2012 03/28/2011
Sometimes we come across questions that I think are best answered by simply saying, "I don't know." This is one of those questions. We could debate it back and forth; one argument stating that the end-of-days are upon us, and the other saying that people have been misinterpreting the signs for generations. We could debate linear time vs. circular time and the like, but my guess is that December 12 th , 2012, much like the millenium, will come and go like every other day. But then again, it ...[More]
firemaker replied to What scares you? 03/22/2011
Um yeah! Think about it....if zombies were real then eventually you would be all alone because everyone would be a zombie and they would all be out to get you. The fact that they are always depicted as being contagious makes it so much worse. I guess when you break it down, I'm more afraid of being all alone and everyone else is gunning for me, not zombies themselves.
firemaker replied to December 21, 2012 03/22/2011
I'm going to go with the explanation that the Mayan calendar was just supposed to be reset at that date. That makes much mores sense to me than it's because that is when the world ends. Moreover, the date is the last day of the year, indicating, to me at least, it's just the last year they had at that point and would start over later. If I remember correctly, the Mayans viewed time as a more circular thing as opposed to our linear worldview.
Sin_Nombre replied to Birds, and Fish 03/10/2011
They came up with a pretty logical explanation for it. But we still don't know what's bugging the birds!
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As the title says, let's see how many TV shows we can think of that were based on some sort of Paranormal topic. To get started, my first TV show is: The X-filesPlease, just one show at a time... I think it'll be fun remembering some of the old classics!
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