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Title: gateway laptop - no power
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From: USA

(Date Posted:09/19/2011 8:46 AM)
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Been a long time since I posted anything here. Most of the time, I'm in the shadows listening and learning. You guys have had your hands in a lot more computers than I have and I'm hoping you can help me with my current problem child.

What I have on my work table is a Gateway NV53 series laptop (NV5302u/MS2285). It's right at two years old and running Windows 7. It will not power up at all. With the power adapter plugged in, the battery light comes on blue, indicating the battery is charged. Pushing the power button has no effect whatever.
   I've tried a power reset, removing battery, removing/reseating hard drive, dvd rom, RAM, and nothing seems to have any effect. I checked the output of the AC adapter with a meter and got 19 volts. That, together with the blue light would indicate I have power to the unit. I'll try a different power adapter, but I don't expect any surprises.

  So far, my research leads to three possiblities: DC input jack, motherboard, and power button assembly. If the input jack is bad, I shouldn't see the blue light, right? Bad motherboard could be a strong possiblity. I saw a lot of discussion centered on the power button/board, though. The power button is located in the right hinge, rather than being mounted somewhere of the panel. I'm thinking the power switch is the most likely culprit.  Disassembly will need to happen no matter what the problem is, but the least cost and effort involves the switch.

    Do you think I'm looking at this right or does anything occur to you I may have overlooked? If I'm going to spend some money and invest some time, I don't want to do this more than once. So, whatchya think?
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RE:gateway laptop - no power
(Date Posted:09/19/2011 9:07 AM)

Not being familiar with where the power switch is located, I would still say that it sounds like that's your problem.  It's blue, pic won't come on.  Had that problem some years back and it was the switch.  Had been moved in changing things around.  This is where I would be looking first.  It could be something that simple.  Hope it is for your sake.
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From: USA

RE:gateway laptop - no power
(Date Posted:09/19/2011 11:25 AM)

Some suggestions I found on other sites, try #1 first....remove battery and see if it runs with just power adapter:

1.  This happens occasionally when the battery on your notebook is going bad.

Remove the battery and plug the PC in with your adapter. It should run normally, as long as you keep the adapter plugged in.

2.  I assume you read the error code by pushing the power button, and watching the numlock scrolllock and capslock, or any other error codes, if you find any post them.
do you get a blue screen?post the error code on that it follows the word stop.
if you can pull one ram stick at a time, and see if it starts up then swap ram sticks.
if your power led lights up, try plugin in an external monitor, your lcd might be dead.

3.  Does it turn on when you have it plugged in? even if you take out the battery, it should be able to power up if it is plugged in.

If it does still work then it is the battery. If it doesn't then you probably have a hardware problem.

Try turning it on and hold it up to your ear, can you hear anything at all when you press the power button? if it makes a noise and then shuts off shortly after, you probably need a new laptop. if it makes a clicking noise it could be the hard drive. if it does nothing at all then it may not be getting power at all.

4.  (From consumer complaints at Consumer Affairs .com)
In about 10 months, the laptop does not stay on when even when the laptop was charged overnight.

In 14 months, the laptop just went dead. Per repair shop, the motherboard is dead. I contacted Gateway they won't repair the laptop because it is past 1 year warranty.

It is a poor quality product -- dead for only 14months!

And from Gateway:

And procedure to repair power switch if you have to:

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I feel more like I do now than I did a while ago...

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From: USA

RE:gateway laptop - no power
(Date Posted:09/19/2011 2:38 PM)

  Thanks for the quick response. We must have looked at many of the same sites. I tried all those ideas and none of them worked. The only indication I get is the "battery charging/charged lite when the battery is installed and the power adapter is plugged in. There are no error codes because there seems to be no power past the switch. If not the switch, then some other critical point. The idea of holding it up to my ear while pressing the power button made me chuckle, but I did it anyway. After doing that and laughing at myself, I used a stethoscope to check for sounds. I found the stethoscope to be a very valuable tool when troubleshooting.

   I homed in on the power switch because I found it as a possible problem in half-dozen different forums. Also, this switch is in a weird place. It's in the right hinge joint, which I thought was not a good place to put it. Gateway has moved the switch back to a more conventional place on the main panel is succeeding models. Below is a picture of the switch from the Gateway site

  Item #4 is the power switch. I did try a different adapter, just to be sure. No surprises.
  I've tried with battery only, power adapter only, different combinations of internal items (hard drive, dvd rom, etc) in case one of them was causing a problem.

   I guess the next thing to try is dis-assembly. I'll look at the switch first because I only need to take it half apart for that and I may get lucky with a simple bypass to verify its function. I'll let you know how it works out.

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From: USA

RE:gateway laptop - no power
(Date Posted:09/19/2011 7:07 PM)

   I found the problem. The switch is okay. The problem is the cable between the switch and the mother board. I'm tempted to attempt fixing the broken wire, but I don't have the right equipment for repairing such a small gauge wire. A new cable is only about $20. While I'm waiting for the new cable to arrive, I guess I can clean the cookie crumbs and stuff out of the insides.
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Re:gateway laptop - no power
(Date Posted:09/20/2011 3:15 AM)

 Good job
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