Wolf Role-play Information

I have taken everything I know and found about wolf role-play and made one group so all can get a better understanding. I hope this help everyone to make their role-play more fun and entertaining.


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Wolf Role-play Information   Information On the Wolf
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Animals the wolf may come into contact with:
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Wolf Pups
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Wolves as Hunters
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The Wolf Pack
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Wolf Natural History
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The Reintroduction of Wolves to Idaho and Yellowstone Nation
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~ I Am Wolf ~

I am wolf, I am one of a kind
I have been here since ancient time
Wakan Tanka Blesses me to be
My kind will always run wild and free

It is my nature to avoid you, I am human shy
You hunt me from helicopters across the sky
Then you shoot at me as I try to flee ... Why?
Why does your kind wish my species to die?
We wolves run together in a family pack
Always guarding ourselves against attack
I do not attack your home or farm
I only attack when you intend wolf harm

Wolf has no markets or stores for food supply
We hunt the forests and where open fields lie
You speak and spread your untrue words
That we attack your live stock and herds
Why does man wish to kill wolf by his lying?
We only take lives of old, weak and already dying
You hunt and kill for sport and greed
We only hunt when our families have need

You place animal head trophies upon your wall
to make your egos walk vain and tall
Wolf needs no trophies for others to see
We only wish to live and preserve our family ...
We mate for life and survival just as you ...
We grieve for our lost ones same as you do
Why can we not share a new dawn ....
Let me be free to howl the moon my song

Loyalty and courage shines from my eyes
I am spirit of the wild that never dies
I am brother wolf, asehi ... I am he
I will always run the winds free ...

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