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Re :   Don't start another.

During colonizing times you Brits were masters at keeping the hostilities "over there." What happened where you allowed the devil at your doorstep?

22-07-2017 9:40 AM

Re :   Don't start another.

Correct, but as with anywhere that has, or invites Islam in, atrocities follow and those are accelerating at an alarming rate in Europe.

22-07-2017 8:47 AM

Re :   Don't start another.

Yes Major, but most of the atrocities are occurring "over there."

22-07-2017 6:49 AM

Re :   Don't start another.

Islam = intolerance and domination of none Islam and the west has invited millions of them into their homes. They are not just there, they are here too.

22-07-2017 6:15 AM

Re :   Don't start another.

Of course these people are savages, but isn't the west doing a good job of keeping the atrocities "over there?"

22-07-2017 4:13 AM

Re :   Don't start another.

Jihad Report 
June, 2017

Suicide Blasts34
List of Attacks
An excellent month's work for the religion of peace.

2017.07.20 KenyaKiunga20Two innocents are shot at cose range by al-Shabaab members. 
2017.07.20 ThailandBacho11Militant Muslims hurl pipe bombs at police, killing one. 
2017.07.20 AfghanistanShah Walikot167A Taliban attack leaves sixteen others dead. 
2017.07.20 IraqBaaj30A Fedayeen suicide bomber murders three Iraqis. 
2017.07.20 AfghanistanGereshk65A wave of suicide bombers take out a half-dozen cops. 
2017.07.20 AfghanistanKhogiani42Four people in a vehicle are aerated by Taliban shrapnel. 
2017.07.20 Iraqal-Murra al-Kobra35Islamic bombers pick off a woman and two children. 
2017.07.20 IraqImam Gharbi20Two journalists are found executed by ISIS militants. 
2017.07.19 AfghanistanChaparhar01A 10-year-old girl loses both her legs to a Taliban IED. 
2017.07.19 PakistanMastung51A woman is among four Hazara minorities gunned down along with their driver in a targeted attack. 
2017.07.19 IraqMosul32Three Iraqis are killed by a suicide bomber. 
2017.07.19 EgyptSinai84Eight civilians are blown to bits by Jihadi bombers. 
2017.07.19 IraqMosul85Islamists booby-trap two houses, netting eight residents. 
2017.07.18 AfghanistanZabul87Sunni hardliners attack a checkpoint and murder eight officers. 
2017.07.18 IraqChragh50A rival cleric is among a group of civilians shot to death in their village by Islamic State members. 
2017.07.18 SyriaHasakeh40Four Kurds are brought down by a suicide bomber. 
2017.07.17 IraqJalawa12Islamists kill a woman and kidnap her two sons. 
2017.07.17 ItalyMilan01A migrant stabs a police officer while yelling about being a martyr for Allah. 
2017.07.17 YemenShabwa83A suicide bomber lays out eight locals. 
2017.07.17 PakistanHayatabad24A suicide bomber kills two local security personnel. 
2017.07.17 NigeriaMaiduguri813A female suicide bomber rushes into a crowd of worshippers at a rival mosque and detonates, killing eight. 
2017.07.17 Egyptal-Arish511Jihadists kill five security personnel in two terror attacks. 
2017.07.17 NigeriaMaiduguri25Two others are killed by two suicide bombers. 
2017.07.17 AfghanistanAhmad Abad30Three border guards are shot in cold blood by Sunni fundamentalists. 
2017.07.16 YemenShabwa53Five local soldiers guarding a pipeline are raked with automatic weapons fire by al-Qaeda. 
2017.07.16 EgyptAlexandria01An attempted stabbing spree at a church is thwarted by a guard, who is injured in the process. 
2017.07.16 IraqHawija10A female doctor is stabbed to death by Religion of Peace rivals. 
2017.07.16 IraqBaghdad17Mujahideen take out a civilian with a car bomb. 
2017.07.15 ThailandPattani07Three women and a 4-year-old boy are among the casualties of a targeted shooting attack against Buddhists. 
2017.07.15 NigeriaMuna Delti11A 12-year-old boy is killed after Boko Haram straps a bomb to him. 
2017.07.15 AfghanistanQalat41Sunni hardliners open fire on a group of policemen, killing four. 
2017.07.15 SyriaDara'a10A man is shot in the head for 'blasphemy'. 
2017.07.14 IsraelJerusalem21Two police officers are gunned down in cold blood by three terrorists near a Jewish holy site. 
2017.07.14 EgyptGiza50Five police sitting in their car are machine-gunned point-blank by religious radicals. 
2017.07.14 EgyptHurghada24Two German women are stabbed to death at their hotel in a targeted attack by a suspected fundamentalist. 
2017.07.14 KenyaLamu30Three young men are murdered after being kidnapped by al-Shabaab. 
2017.07.13 IraqGarma179A suicide bomber takes out seventeen bystanders at a security headquarters. 
2017.07.13 SyriaAzaz47Four people succumb following a car bombing outside a school. 
2017.07.13 Saudi ArabiaQatif11A border guard is slain by Shiite radicals. 
2017.07.13 AfghanistanShahjoi22Two children are disassembled in their home by a Taliban rocket. 
2017.07.13 PhilippinesBarangay10Another Vietnamese sailor is found shot to death by Abu Sayyaf captors. 
2017.07.13 CameroonWaza1542A baby is among fifteen villagers slaughtered by two female suicide bombers. 
2017.07.13 PakistanQuetta40A Taliban faction sprays four local cops with automatic weapons fire. 
2017.07.13 KenyaMilihoi32al-Shabaab shoot three people dead. 
2017.07.13 IraqMosul40Four Iraqis are sent to Allah by five suicide bombers. 
2017.07.12 PhilippinesMarawi60Six more victims of Islamist execution are discovered. 
2017.07.12 SomaliaMogadishu58Women and children are among the casualties of a suicide truck bombing. 
2017.07.12 SyriaIdlib1212A suicide bombing at a textile factory claims a dozen lives. 
2017.07.12 NigeriaMaiduguri124Suicide bombers slaughter a dozen others. 
2017.07.12 NigeriaMaiduguri719A suicide bomber murders seven civilians gathered to mourn the victims of an earlier bombing. 
2017.07.11 IraqKhalis11A civilian is taken out by a Mujahideen bomb blast. 
2017.07.11 AfghanistanFarah79Militant Sunnis force seven passengers off a bus and shoot them point-blank. 
2017.07.11 NigeriaLake Chad80Eight villagers are forced to the ground and executed for defying Sharia. 
2017.07.10 AfghanistanAli Shing27Women and children are among the casualties of a Taliban attack. 
2017.07.10 IraqTal Afar70Seven children are executed and hung from lamp posts by the Islamic State. 
2017.07.10 PakistanChaman311Three people bleed to death following a suicide bomb blast. 
2017.07.10 PakistanHaji Soomro10A 20-year-old woman is honor killed by her father for marrying by choice. 
2017.07.10 IndiaAnantnag819Eight Hindu pilgrims, including six women, are massacred by heavily-armed Muslim terrorists. 
2017.07.10 IraqHawija33Islamic bombers target fleeing families, killing three members of one. 
2017.07.10 ThailandNarathiwat10A former teacher is shot to death by suspected 'insurgents'. 
2017.07.10 PakistanTegha34A bomb planted by the Tehreek-e-Taliban kills three security personnel. 
2017.07.09 MaliMenaka80Eight local soldiers are captured and then killed in captivity by Jihadists. 
2017.07.09 SomaliaHalgan23Islamists overrun a village and kill two guards. 
2017.07.09 SyriaQantarah14One resident is killed when Jihadis fire a rocket into a neighborhood. 
2017.07.09 IraqHawija324Thirty-two civilians are executed for trying to flee the Islamic State. 
2017.07.09 IraqMarir37Three civilians are obliterated by an ISIS projectile. 
2017.07.08 PakistanPekha14A pro-Sharia group is thought responsible for a blast that kills a tribal elder. 
2017.07.08 KenyaPoromoko90Thirteen Christians are beheaded after being unable to recite Islamic dogma. 
2017.07.08 EgyptSinai29Two Egyptians are killed by Islamic bombers. 
2017.07.07 IraqMosul20The Islamic State trap and kill two TV journalists. 
2017.07.07 IraqHawija10A man is burned alive by the Islamic State. 
2017.07.07 EgyptQalyoubiya10The Hasm militant group shoots a man on his way to a mosque. 
2017.07.07 Egyptel-Barth2333Islamic militants stage a brutal assault on a checkpoint that beings with a suicide blast and leaves two dozen dead. 
2017.07.06 SyriaHama39Three people at a bus stop are sent to their final destination by a Shahid suicide bomber. 
2017.07.06 Saudi ArabiaQatif16Shiite extremists kill a local cop with an explosive device. 
2017.07.06 SomaliaGalkayo10An Islamist group is thought responsible for a car bomb blast that kills a businessman. 
2017.07.06 IndiaBasirhat10A 65-year-old Hindu is stabbed to death during a Muslim riot over an 'offensive' Facebook post. 
2017.07.06 ThailandLa Nga10A young man is gunned down at a market by terrorists. 
2017.07.06 ThailandMayo20Two villagers are shot to death by militant Muslims. 
2017.07.05 AfghanistanHaji Abad39Religious extremists attack a rival mosque and murder three people. 
2017.07.05 NigerMidal50Jihadists ambush and kill five local soldiers. 
2017.07.05 PhilippinesSumisip20An Abu Sayyaf-linked group beheads two Vietnamese hostages. 
2017.07.05 KenyaPandanguo30al-Shabaab members raid a town and kill three guards. 
2017.07.05 AfghanistanKabul20A well-placed Taliban rocket exterminates a woman and child. 
2017.07.04 IraqTal Afar2000Women and children are among 200 ethnic minorities summarily executed by the Islamic State. 
2017.07.04 Egyptal-Arish310Fundamentalists kill three local police with a planted bomb. 
2017.07.04 Saudi ArabiaQatif13Shiite radicals are suspected in the murder of a local cop. 
2017.07.04 SomaliaMogadishu20Two guards are killed when al-Shabaab lob mortars at a government residence. 
2017.07.04 IndiaKarnataka10A Hindu activist is stabbed to death by angry Muslims. 
2017.07.03 IraqHawija32Three members of a family trying to flee the caliphate are blown to bits by ISIS bombers. 
2017.07.03 IraqBaghdad10A male model is stabbed and tortured to death after ignoring warnings to dress more conservatively. 
2017.07.03 AfghanistanKabul11Sunni extremists are suspected in a bomb attack that leaves one dead. 
2017.07.03 IraqMosul13Two female suicide bombers manage to take out one other person. 
2017.07.03 IraqHawija120A family of four is among a dozen people forced into cages and burned alive by the Islamic State. 
2017.07.03 AfghanistanKhakrez41Two women are among four civilians torn apart by a Taliban explosive. 
2017.07.03 CameroonHomaka410Four people are ripped to shreds by a Shahid suicide bomber. 
2017.07.03 IraqZanjili740The bodies of 74 men, women and children, shot to death by the Islamic State, are discovered in the street. 
2017.07.02 IraqMosul39A 12-year-old girl is strapped with a suicide bomb and sent to kill three others. 
2017.07.02 NigerNgalewa930Islamists swoop in on camels and massacre nine villagers. 
2017.07.02 AfghanistanQala-e-New20A man shoots his teen daughter and her friend for eloping, then joins the Taliban. 
2017.07.02 AfghanistanChemtal 130Fundamentalists storm a rival mosque and shoot thirteen worshippers to death. 
2017.07.02 SyriaDamascus1820A Sunday morning suicide car bomber sends eighteen souls to Allah. 
2017.07.02 IraqTal Afar10A man is burned alive by the Islamic State for mourning another person's death. 
2017.07.02 IraqVefa1620Sixteen women and children at a refugee camp are massacred by a Shahid suicide bomber hiding beneath a burka. 
2017.07.02 SyriaDeir Ezzor24Two civilians are aerated by ISIS shrapnel. 
2017.07.02 EgyptTala10Jihadis slit the throat of a Christian doctor at his clinic. 
2017.07.02 EgyptHeliopolis10A 55-year-old Coptic jeweler is shot to death in his home by religious extremists. 
2017.07.01 SomaliaElasha26A woman is among two taken down by an al-Shabaab bomb blast. 
2017.07.01 IndiaDailgam20A woman is among two civilians killed when terrorists use them as a human shields. 
2017.07.01 CameroonMora12Four females suicide bombers manage to kill only one other person. 
2017.07.01 PakistanAka Chel40Four people are blown to bits by Islamic militants. 
2017.07.01 SyriaHadar12Jabhat al-Nusra members kill a civilian. 
2017.07.01 SyriaAdra119A woman is killed when Sunni terrorists fire on a prison. 
2017.07.01 SyriaDaraa212An Islamic group sends shells into a residential neighborhood, killing two civilians. 
2017.07.01 IraqMosul280Thirteen children are among two dozen civilians cut down by gunfire for trying to flee the Islamic State. 
2017.07.01 PakistanTirah Valley30Three security personnel are ambushed and killed by radical Sunnis. 
2017.07.01 PakistanKalu Khan10Terrorists gun down a polio immunization worker. 
2017.06.30 SomaliaGalkayo20Islamists are suspected of shooting two security officials to death. 
2017.06.30 IndonesiaJakarta02Two police officers are stabbed outside a mosque in a religiously-motivated attack. 
2017.06.30 CameroonKerawa10Two female suicide bombers detonate at a rival mosque, killing a worshipper. 
2017.06.30 SyriaArsal17A young girl bleeds out from injuries caused by a Fedayeen suicide bomb attack on a refugee camp. 
2017.06.30 AfghanistanAqbalaq100Ten 'heretics' are beheaded by the Islamic State. 
2017.06.30 AfghanistanSheb Koh60Religious fundamentalists murder six local cops. 
2017.06.30 AfghanistanAchin75Two woman and two children are among seven civilians picked off by Islamic State bombers. 
2017.06.30 Iraqal-Walid1040An ISIS attack on a group of border guards leaves ten dead. 
2017.06.30 AustriaLinz20A 'radicalized' Muslim slits the throats of an elderly couple in their home. 
2017.06.29 NigerKabalewa211Two young refugees are killed in their own camp by Shahid suicide bombers. 
2017.06.29 NigeriaKangarwa40Boko Haram kill four Nigerians with a roadside bomb. 
2017.06.28 IraqMosul50An ISIS car bomb lays out five Iraqis. 
2017.06.28 AfghanistanBadakhshan20Two sisters are brutally shot to death by Islamic 'insurgents'. 
2017.06.28 YemenQatn30Three local security personnel are murdered by al-Qaeda. 
2017.06.28 PhilippinesMarawi170Seventeen more villagers are found murdered by Islamic militants, including five who were beheaded. 
2017.06.28 IraqDolab20Two children are strapped with bombs and sent into a wedding. 
2017.06.27 AfghanistanZabul20Two police officers are ambushed and killed by the Taliban. 
2017.06.27 KenyaLamu817Four children are among eight people laid out by an al-Shabaab IED. 
2017.06.27 PakistanKaday10A 12-year-old girl is honor killed by her family. 
2017.06.26 AfghanistanAlisher Tirazai10Fundamentalists are suspected of gunning down a tribal elder at a mosque. 
2017.06.25 IraqAlam140Fourteen women and children are found gunned down by caliphate members for trying to flee. 
2017.06.25 NigeriaMaiduguri10One other person is killed when a Shahid suicide bomber explodes at a university. 
2017.06.25 NigeriaZannari813Four female suicide bombers lay out eight innocents. 
2017.06.25 Syriaal-Dana1030Terrorists set off a car bomb at a market, bringing down ten patrons. 
2017.06.25 PakistanSpeenmark62Six young children are killed, and two others badly maimed, by a 'toy' bomb. 
2017.06.25 IraqHawija70Seven civilians are slaughtered by the Islamic State and then cut into small pieces. 
2017.06.25 IndonesiaMedan11A policemen on a rest break is stabbed to death by religious extremists yelling praises to Allah. 
2017.06.24 Saudi ArabiaMecca011A suicide bomber targets the Grand Mosque. 
2017.06.24 IndiaSrinagar11A Lashkar-e-Toiba attack leaves one dead. 
2017.06.24 IraqHimreen106Ten women and children are disassembled by a targeted Islamic State bomb blast. 
2017.06.24 IraqMosul39Shoppers at an arcade are blown to bits by two suicide bombers. 
2017.06.24 AfghanistanSalma Dam104Ten guards at a dam are machine-gunned point-blank during a surprise Taliban attack. 
2017.06.24 IraqQaratapa20ISIS shrapnel claims the lives of two women. 
2017.06.24 EgyptMinya10A Christian artist is beheaded by Religion of Peace advocates. 
2017.06.23 ThailandNarathiwat014A 4-year-old girl is among the casualties of a Muslim cylinder bomb. 
2017.06.23 Syriaal-Dana20Two people are wasted by a Sunni explosive. 
2017.06.23 SyriaAleppo412Sunni militants send rockets into a residential area, pulverizing four civilians. 
2017.06.23 IraqMosul49Suicide bombers attack a mosque, killing four. 
2017.06.23 IraqMosul1040Ten people are reportedly killed when an ISIS rocket hits a rocket. 
2017.06.23 PakistanQuetta1216A dozen people are pulled into pieces by a Fedayeen suicide bomber. 
2017.06.23 IraqMosul1320A suicide bomber detonates amidst a group of families fleeing the caliphate, killing at least a dozen. 
2017.06.23 PakistanTal Adda72261A vicious double-bombing in a Shiite shopping district by Lashkar-e-Jhangvi claims over seventy shoppers and first responders. 
2017.06.23 PakistanKarachi41Terrorists gun down four off-duty cops at a restaurant. 
2017.06.23 KenyaElwak33Three people at a bank are murdered by Islamic extremists. 
2017.06.23 Iraqal-Baghdadi64Four women and a child are among six civilians blown away by four suicide bombers. 
2017.06.22 IraqBaghdad24Caliphate car bombers take down two Iraqis. 
2017.06.22 IndiaKrishna Ghati20Two border guards are killed during an infiltration attempt by Muslim terrorists. 
2017.06.22 AfghanistanLashkargah2960A suicide car bomb outside a bank lays out thirty customers. 
2017.06.22 SomaliaMogadishu84Eight bystanders are reduced to pulp when a Shahid suicide car bomber rams a police station. 
2017.06.22 IraqMosul10A religious cleric is assassinated by sectarian rivals. 
2017.06.22 IraqMosul50A bomb targeting displaced persons kills five. 

22-07-2017 2:17 AM

Re :   Week Beginning Monday 16 July 1917

Sunday 22 July 1917.
Western Front. A heavy German attack on French lines north of the river Aisne gains some ground. 
Eastern Front. In Galicia the Russians continue to fall back in disarray. On the Baltic Front their depleted attack surprisingly advances two miles before the Germans take control.
Gotha raid on the east coast ports of Harwich and Felixstowe, 13 killed and 26 wounded in Felixstowe including eleven soldiers. One Gotha shot down over Belgium on the return journey.
Siam declares war on Germany and Austria-Hungary.

22-07-2017 1:46 AM

Re :   Donald 'J for Jerk' Trump

Even now eight months after the Election I still find myself agog at the mere notion of Trump as President, did they really do that? His approval ratings are the lowest on record, at least Sean Spicer won't have to argue black is white anymore. And crying fake news has long since lost its value. 

22-07-2017 1:35 AM

Re :   Donald 'J for Jerk' Trump

It gets worse every day. You soon will hear about the money laundering that was going on. Why the Republicans are allowing this group of crooks to ruin their party is beyond me.

21-07-2017 5:30 PM

Re :   Week Beginning Monday 16 July 1917

Saturday 21 July 1917.
Eastern Front. In Galicia the Austro-Germans near Tarnopol. On the Baltic Front only two of six Divisions of Russian troops are able to mount an ill-planned offensive.
Russian Revolution. Prince Sergei Lvov, Prime Minister since March resigns, his deputy and the real holder of power in Russia, Alexander Kerensky, takes over.  

21-07-2017 12:02 PM

Re :   Donald 'J for Jerk' Trump

It's all going wrong for the dozy old sod. No agreement on the wall, no replacement for Obamacare, no significant travel ban, more resignations and sackings in six months than most Presidents see in four years and the Russian connection getting ever closer. And it's all his own fault! Making stupid promises he can't keep and telling so many lies he now no longer knows truth from fiction. At first we were told there were no meetings with the Russians; then there were meetings, but no-one important was there; then his son was there and the list of shady figures who also attended gets longer. Every denial is followed by a reluctant acceptance that there is something in it after all. Won't be long before the full story comes out and the old sod is a goner. 
He says he won't come to GB until he's sure of a good reception, which of course means he'll never come.   

21-07-2017 11:52 AM

Re :   Don't start another.

Pete, spelt is spelled wrong.

21-07-2017 4:54 AM

Re :   Don't start another.

I have seen the movie several times and enjoyed it. I have also flown over the sunken Turpitz by chopper. We use to go to the Monisee dam (spelt wrong) for picnics when we were stationed in the north in Iserlohn. Apparently the Germans salvaged the guns off the Turpitz soon after it sunk.            
Scratched Hinton off the list of places to stay because of the smoke. We are staying one more day in Drumheller which is in the bad lands and where they find all the dinosaur bones. Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump was very interesting. We had ashes landing from the fire near Banff on our car while in Canmore. They were still in the shape of pine tree needles but only ash. Ashes weren't still hot though. Crows Nest pass was scenic to drive through.

21-07-2017 1:03 AM

Re :   Week Beginning Monday 16 July 1917

Friday 20 July 1917.
Eastern Front. The Russian retreat continues as the Austro-Germans push eastwards on all fronts.
The Declaration of Corfu - The governments in exile of Serbia and Montenegro agree on a united Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes to be carved out of the Austro-Hungarian Empire after the war.  

20-07-2017 11:38 AM

Re :   Week Beginning Monday 16 July 1917

Thursday 19 July 1917.
Eastern Front. The Austro-German counter-offensive begins, it has an immediate effect with the mass surrender of thousands of Russian troops and a rapid advance eastwards through a 12 mile mile breach in Russian lines at Zloczow.

19-07-2017 11:40 AM

Re :   Don't start another.

Yes, I have seen the movie.

19-07-2017 3:26 AM

Re :   Don't start another.

I suspect old age and ill health has rendered him AWOL. Shula doesn't post like she used to either. We're down to four regulars, when we're all at home.  

19-07-2017 1:37 AM


19-07-2017 12:58 AM

Re :   Don't start another.

I've no doubt PB has seen the film, The Dambusters, but I was wondering if Shule's and Tom had. I ask this because this morning I have been watching a report on tele telling how today, they are going to lift some of the bombs off the bottom of a loch in Scotland, where they were originally tested. These are 'highball' bombs, which are the anti shipping bouncing bombs, not the dam buster variety. They intended to use them against the Turpitz, but another of Barnes Wallis's little gems saw it off first, the giant, ten ton 'Grandslam' bomb.

19-07-2017 12:57 AM

Topic :   Jane Austen

200 years ago today, on 18 July 1817, one of GB's most popular and enduring novelists died, Jane Austen.
Her short life, she died aged just 41, is notable for its lack of activity, she never married and lived with her widowed mother moving from house to house in either fashionable Bath when they had money or back in the County of her birth, Hampshire when they had not.
She published four novels during her lifetime - Sense and Sensibilty, Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park and Emma; two more appeared in print within a year of her death - Northanger Abbey and Persuasion; a final novel was published in 1871 - Lady Susan. She also left two unfinished works - The Watsons and Sanditon.
Her seven completed works have all been made into film or TV dramas, some several times over.  
She will appear on the new polymer £10 note from September.   

18-07-2017 11:56 AM

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