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Re :   Britain's N.H.S.

There are hospitals in the US who have done equally shameful and reprehensible things, WRS.

04/26/2018 7:35 AM

Re :   Jordan Peterson stuff

Yes, rules.  Sorry.

AA meeting going on down the hall.

04/25/2018 10:45 PM

Re :   Reply To alaskaone

Reply to alaskaone (04/25/2018 6:20 PM)

 12 steps


Not "steps."

04/25/2018 6:37 PM


04/25/2018 6:20 PM

Re :   Britain's N.H.S.

I am not sure why the judge does not let the infant go to Italy - the reduced air pressure in the airplane could well finish him off and save the taxpayers a bundle. 


What illness does Alfie Evans have? Why baby Alfie is in Alder Hey hospital

Why Americans don't live as long as Europeans

February 9, 2016

........Fenelon and his colleagues took their investigation one step further and asked what is killing Americans. They focused on injuries, which are the leading cause of death for Americans between 1 and 44 years of age. Among injuries, those that are responsible for the greatest number of deaths are drug poisonings, gun injuries and motor vehicle crashes.

They found that these three causes of death were responsible for 48% of the gap in men's life expectancy between the United States and similar countries, and took about a year off their lives in the United States. For women, they accounted for 19% of the discrepancy, costing them about half a year of life...........>

Why Giving Birth Is Safer In Britain Than In The US
The numbers reflect the difference in national priorities. Today in the UK, 8.9 women for every 100,000 live births die from complications of pregnancy or childbirth, according to the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation. In the US, this figure declined in tandem with Britain’s until 1990. It then reversed course, rising to 25.1 women per 100,000 in 2015, almost three times higher than the UK, and among the worst in the Western world.

These US deaths are not spread equally. Women who are poor, African American or live in a rural area are more likely to die during and after pregnancy. In the UK, while inequalities persist when it comes to serious complications, according to 2012-2014 data, there is no statistically significant difference in mortality rates between women in the highest and lowest socioeconomic groups. All British women have equal access to public medical services, including free care and prescriptions from pregnancy through the postpartum period.

There is a significant gap between the UK and US in outcomes for pregnancy-related conditions that are highly treatable but can lead to death if they are not recognized and managed in time. One in 1 million women die of preeclampsia in the UK; that’s less than a single death per year. By contrast, preeclampsia killed an estimated 50 to 70 women in the US in 2016, accounting for 8 percent of maternal deaths. According to the most recent data available, hemorrhage is responsible for 6.5 percent of maternal deaths in the UK versus 11.4 percent in the US.

The UK has achieved these results while spending less on delivering babies. On average, the total price charged for a vaginal birth in the US is $30,000 (£24,000), which rises to $50,000 (£39,000) for a cesarean section, according to Truven Health Analytics, a New York firm that collects health care data. The BBC reported that in the UK the average cost for a normal delivery or planned cesarean section on a hospital labor ward in 2016 was $2,300 (£1,755), while a complicated case like Helen’s rose to $3,400 (£2,582).

Ironically, the centerpiece of the UK’s strategy to reduce maternal mortality is an American import. In 1949, the British Congress on Obstetrics and Gynecology suggested adopting a new method for reviewing maternal deaths that was already practiced in some parts of the US Fatalities in those regions were assessed by local committees of experts, who published reports in medical journals to educate the profession. The British minister of health agreed to try it. The result was the Report on Confidential Enquiries into Maternal Deaths in England and Wales, established in 1952...........>

04/25/2018 2:28 PM

Re :   Reply To alaskaone

Reply to alaskaone (02/01/2018 11:18 AM)

Got his book today.  Hard to tell if it's a deep read or I'm just stupid.

Yes, T-dog, we know which one you'll say it is...

Which book--old or new?

04/25/2018 1:52 PM

Re :   witchhunting

First came the failed lawsuits after the election alleging voting-machine tampering. Then there was the doomed celebrity effort to convince some state electors not to follow their constitutional duty and to deny Trump the presidency — a gambit that, had it worked, would have wrecked the Constitution. Then came the pathetic congressional boycott of the inauguration and the shrill nationwide protests against the president.

Next was the sad effort to introduce articles of impeachment. After that came weird attempts to cite Trump for violations of the emoluments clause of the Constitution. That puerile con was followed by plans to declare him deranged and mentally unfit so that he could be removed under the 25th Amendment. From time to time, Obama holdovers in the DOJ, National Security Council, and FBI sought to leak information, or they refused to carry out presidential orders.

Robert Mueller and his “dream team” were long ago supposed to have discovered proof of Trump’s collusion with Russia. A year later, they have found nothing much to do with this mandate. Then the alternative scent was obstruction of justice. Then the chase took another detour to follow some sort of fraud or racketeering. Now the FBI is reduced to raiding Trump’s lawyer in an effort to root out the real story on Stormy Daniels. One wonders what might have happened had Michael Cohen panicked and destroyed 30,000 emails before Mueller seized his computers. No matter, Mueller’s legal army presses on, even as it leaves its own wounded on the battlefield, as resignations, reassignments, and retirements for improper conduct decimate the Obama-era FBI and DOJ hierarchies.


04/25/2018 1:45 PM

Topic :   Britain's N.H.S.

The UK's National Health Service has done some weird shit over the years... but this has got to be in the top ten on the weird shit o'meter.

Judges reject latest appeals to take Alfie Evans for treatment in Italy
Live Updating-Metro-1 minute ago

Meanwhile, most of the US press pretends it isn't happening because, I speculate, they loathe mentioning anything negative about any socialized medicine scheme.

Nets Spent 28 Minutes on Royal Baby, Still Silent on Dying Toddler

04/25/2018 1:16 PM

Re :   Reply To Punkoidragon

Reply to Punkoidragon (04/23/2018 2:16 PM)

Push Back just isn't enough. 

You have 10 apples.  The left comes and takes 9 apples.  You "push back" and take 2 apples back.  The left has still stolen 7 apples and is waiting to take those last 3.  Violence will arrive soon.  Its why they want the guns so desperately. 

An interesting analogy but perhaps it's slightly off the mark.  We didn't know who was stealing the apples or how, only that apples were disappearing.  The missing apples are less important that who was doing the stealing and how.

Or have I taken the metaphor too far?

04/24/2018 1:20 PM

Re :   Reply To alaskaone

Reply to alaskaone (04/19/2018 8:36 AM)

Reply to Punkoidragon (04/18/2018 2:17 PM)

 No, i think your post is completely accurate.  But how to remove this left wing cancer?   

Well, I think we're seeing the beginning of pushback, at least in the US & Canada.  Peterson appears to be the leader however there were a lot of people before him, each pushing back at pieces of the puzzle.  Lauren Southern, Crowder, Shapiro, Milo, Mark Dice, Karen Straughan, Blonde in the belly, Roaming Millennial, Walther Williams, Thomas Sowell, Cassie Jaye, Sargon of Assad, Tommy Robinson... there are many, many more.

But Peterson seems to be gaining the most traction with his rational analysis, his ability to think on his feet and to articulate, calmly, replies to hostile questions.  While the others went after symptoms of the problem, Peterson seems to have identified the disease and given it a name:  Post modern, neo-marxism.

Push Back just isn't enough. 

You have 10 apples.  The left comes and takes 9 apples.  You "push back" and take 2 apples back.  The left has still stolen 7 apples and is waiting to take those last 3.  Violence will arrive soon.  Its why they want the guns so desperately. 

04/23/2018 5:16 PM

Re :   What seems to be happening

A comparison...

CNN has now topped MSNBC during the daytime hours for 47 straight months among adults 25-54.

The ratings for January, 2018 (Nielsen Live + Same Day data):

  • Prime time (Mon-Sun):  927,000 total viewers / 329,000 A25-54
  • Total Day (Mon-Sun): 713,000 total viewers / 237,000 A25-54

January 2018 Ratings: CNN Has Third Best January In Network ...

Jordan B Peterson

1,057,415 subscribers ~ Youtube.

612,616 Twitter followers ~ Twitter

04/23/2018 8:42 AM

Re :   Trust and the federal government

Lying by omission is also lying.

Many people who support gun control are angry that the federal Centers for Disease Control (CDC) are not legally allowed to use money from Congress to do research whose purpose is "to advocate or promote gun control." (This is not the same as doing no research into gun violence, though it seems to discourage many potential recipients of CDC money.)

But in the 1990s, the CDC itself did look into one of the more controversial questions in gun social science: How often do innocent Americans use guns in self-defense, and how does that compare to the harms guns can cause in the hands of violent criminals?

Florida State University criminologist Gary Kleck conducted the most thorough previously known survey data on the question in the 1990s. His study, which has been harshly disputed in pro-gun-control quarters, indicated that there were more than 2.2 million such defensive uses of guns (DGUs) in America a year.

Now Kleck has unearthed some lost CDC survey data on the question. The CDC essentially confirmed Kleck's results. But Kleck didn't know about that until now, because the CDC never reported what it found.

Cont...CDC, in Surveys It Never Bothered Making Public, Provides More Evidence that Plenty of Americans Innocently Defend Themselves with Guns

04/23/2018 8:23 AM

You'll never get out of this world alive
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