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Topic :   Crisis actors

'Crisis Actors,' Conspiracy Theories, and the Fear of Social Media

I read that facebook or google is going to act to squash reports of 'crisis actors' claiming the reports are nefarious, the deliberate propaganda of some unnamed villain. 

If either intend upon making themselves judge and jury over what is 'real', acting as judge, jury and executioner of censorship... I'm not really okay with that.

Whether or not 'crisis actors' exist is not really relevant, I think, it's the censorship imposed that is the issue.  I think this is an action against alternative media that is challenging the control of information.

For example, here is a report that would never, ever see the light of day through the traditional media controls.  Firstly, it's a lengthy report and second, it's challenging some sacred cows.

02/23/2018 9:15 PM

Topic :   What do we owe society?

I suppose first off, some clarification is in order.  By, "society", I mean, 'our fellow citizens'.

Perhaps also worthy of investigation is, 'what do we owe the state'?

02/23/2018 9:09 PM

Re :   SSRI's connected to suicide & mass homicide?

I have been watching the mainstream media on this topic & they seem to think young men do not shoot up schools but rather AR-15's do. I keep mine locked up so it doesn't go out & do harm to others.

02/19/2018 9:58 AM

Re :   SSRI's connected to suicide & mass homicide?

Paraphrasing Dr. Peterson here... if we want to know why young men shoot up schools, maybe we should ask them.  Many have said or written why they did it, maybe we should listen to them and assume it's the truth?

In the past, I've looked for common characteristics among these shooters and thought I'd figured it out;  SSRI's.  Most of them, if not all, were on SSRI's or just coming off them.  Hell, the warning labels on SSRI's state plainly, may cause aggression, suicidal thoughts or actions, rage' etc., etc., etc.  Seemed like a solid possibility.

However, I think I was guilty of what I accused the honorable opposition of; lazy thinking.  Why are SSRI's prescribed?  Well, for depression, of course.  Anxiety.  Obsessive/compulsive disorder.  Probably other reasons.

These shooters... they're young guys.  What in the world do they have to be depressed about?  Anxious about?  O/C about?  Well, that's a good question, I think. 

At the moment, our society seems to hate men and not give a fuck about why a few of them go off the deep end.  Doesn't matter, they're worthless.  Rapists and killers the lot of them, seems to be the unspoken consensus these days... particularly among the media and the left-wing cultural marxist crowd.

Boys are not stupid.  Crazed from testosterone, yes.  Desperate for female attention and approval, yes.   Keenly aware of their social status, yes.  Young men have always been that way, though, so that's not the answer, either... testosterone, being ignored by women, societies contempt for them... that's not enough to explain why.  I mean... it's been that way a long time.  What's changed?

So then I thought, well... maybe it's all that plus SSRI's?  Maybe all of those things combined are too much for a very small percentage of young men.

But I don't think so, I don't think that's the case.  Men are strong, we were bred to be fighters for most of our species existence.  SSRI's are prescribed like candy these days... wouldn't there be more of the attacks?   A lot more than there actually are?  Plus, to get an SSRI, you have to be under a physician's care and we have to assume that they are not all incompetent and that parents are present who actually care enough about the boy to take him to a psychiatrist...

And that's where I realized there was another factor, like SSRI's, that was not being talked about... unless you dig for it.  Fathers, or more specifically, the lack of a father.

Turns out, if you look into it, most, if not all, of the shooters not only were on SSRI's but they also came from broken homes... no fathers. 

Here is where the radical and deranged feminist crowd will jump in with cries of,  'how dare you blame the mother, you patriarchal oppressor rapist!' or some such nonsense.

No.  We already know boys and young men aren't doing very well in this society... in western society, really.  They're treated like girls in the public schools.  They're drugged to keep them in their seats.  As they grow up, they learn that they're rapists and oppressors and that all the ills of the world are the fault of white men just like them, they should be ashamed, admit their guilt and do penance for their sins. 

A father would counter that narrative, reveal the snake oil that it is.  Good fathers counter that narrative and help their sons step up and take their place in the world rather than retreating into a basement and turning into Gollum.

Maybe that's it.  Want to stop mass shootings?  Keep our boys close and treat them well because if we don't... men were bred, for most of our species existence, to be fighters.  If they are not taught and guided into the role of guardians, then some of them go down the other path.  

02/15/2018 10:05 PM

Re :   Reply To Hayekian

Reply to Hayekian (02/02/2018 4:57 PM)

 Wow - this guy is great!  I hope he inspires a movement of self confidence and self reliance.

Seems like he is.  A couple generations of boys have been raised told they are racist homophobe, toxic, privileged, rapists and that self esteem has nothing to do with merit... they’re “special” apparently only because they draw breath.

Peterson says when he talks of personal responsibility and competence he can see the young men in his audience spellbound and wide eyed like they have never heard anything like it and are starving.

02/07/2018 6:39 PM

Re :   Reply To alaskaone

Reply to alaskaone (02/01/2018 11:18 AM)

Got his book today.  Hard to tell if it's a deep read or I'm just stupid.

Yes, T-dog, we know which one you'll say it is...

I have always given you credit for espousing some really "deep" thoughts, AK.

You certainly not stupid, but rather a very good bad example.

The admiring T-Dog

02/04/2018 3:20 PM

Re :   Post-Election Stress Disorder is a real thing

You only have to watch the first 90 seconds but the rest is ok if you have the time;

02/03/2018 4:24 AM

Re :   Jordan Peterson stuff

 Wow - this guy is great!  I hope he inspires a movement of self confidence and self reliance.

02/02/2018 7:57 PM

Re :   Jordan Peterson stuff

Got his book today.  Hard to tell if it's a deep read or I'm just stupid.

Yes, T-dog, we know which one you'll say it is...

02/01/2018 11:18 AM

Re :   Jordan Peterson stuff

Karen Straughan, yes she is worth the time.

01/29/2018 10:17 AM

Re :   Jordan Peterson stuff

Some good comments and observations from Karen Straughan

01/25/2018 4:13 PM

Re :   Jordan Peterson stuff

Milo deconstructs the infamous interview...

01/23/2018 3:34 PM

You'll never get out of this world alive
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