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Title: Pattern Site
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(Date Posted:10/23/2011 7:49 AM)
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Hello scrollers,
I am finally working on a real site. I have always been set up in the free areas like shutterfly and msn and such but they have really not worked for me. This may prove to be the same but I am giving it a try. I am selling patterns on it.
A lot of scrollers have specific needs for them or a client and sometimes while a book has a ton of patterns it does not contain that one thing they are looking for. It's my hopes that they can find something to help them out and get it without breaking the bank. So many people offer free patterns that a lot are willing to settle for one that is a free quick one rather than fork out $5.00 to $7.00 for a pattern that took a designer hours to make. I am going to try to sell good quality patterns at a very low price to see if it will work that way. People would rather get good quality cheap and I would rather sell one pattern than no patterns so perhaps it will balance out slightly.
Don't get me wrong, you can get good quality from people that are kind enough to take the time to make you a pattern for free. It is however a relatively ethical thing to do in paying for services rendered even if it is a small amount or kind gesture in return. It's kind of like holding the door for someone as they walk into a building behind you. It is lost on some people but those that do it wish to keep honor and dignity alive in some way and it's just how it should be.
My site is paid up for a year so I will give it a shot for that time period. I have an instructional ebook set up for how I make my own detailed patterns but I am not happy with it yet. It will come. I used Wordpress to make my website and if anyone is starting up their own I would suggest going that route. I am also using Ipage as a webhost. The hard part at the moment is how to offer up patterns for sale and have them delivered right to the customer as soon as they are purchased. Payloads is the only good secure way that I have found out to do that so far and its free unless you sell a lot of patterns then they charge you a bit.
Well, hope to see you there. I don't want to start up a forum there because this is the place to be for that. I do have comment areas for short messages.
Thanks for your time,
Gary Browning

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RE:Pattern Site
(Date Posted:10/24/2011 7:21 AM)


Like the site.  Like the patterns.  Like the prices.

Good luck on your venture.

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