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Title: Growing Herbs Indoors
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(Date Posted:01/18/2010 2:24 AM)
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The Herban Corner - Growing Herbs Indoors
By Karen Hegre

Herbs can be grown indoors on suitable window-sills.
When growing indoor herbs be sure there is plenty of
light. If you are using a south facing window, be sure
that the herbs get a little shaded during the middle
of the day in the summer when the sun is shining. On
other window-sills be sure you turn the pots for even
lighting during the day.

Below are a list of herbs for beginners, the
containers that are best to use and a very brief tip
on how to care for them. There are, of course, many
other herbs that can be grown indoors but this will
get you started.

Basil; Grow in Provence pots) Requires the sunniest
position and tolerates dry air. Prevent if from
flowering to get long life from this herb.

Bay; Large pots or tubs; Prefers filtered sun and rich
soil in a cool place

Chervil; Grow in Troughs; Enjoys some sun but not the
hot midday sun. Be sure it has moist cool soil.

Chives; Pots; Keep well fed and watered. You can pot
this up from divisions from your garden.

Lavender; (Large pots or tubs. Buy the dwarf varieties
for indoors. Enjoys direct sun.

Lemon Verbena; Tubs; Likes filtered sun with rich soil
in a cool spot.

Marjoram; Pots; Choose sweet marjoram if you are
planning on keeping this herb in a warm room.

Mint; Pots; Enjoys some sun but not the hot midday
sun. Pot in moist, cool soil

Parsley; Pots; Choose the compact variety. It does
well in a room temperature about 60 degrees.

Tarragon; Pots; Takes full sun but will tolerate light

Thyme; Troughs or pots; Keep in full light and water

Rosemary; Large pots; Likes a bright situation so
reflected light can be used. Be sure however, that the
room is cool, about 60 degrees.

Sage; Troughs, Large pots; Select a variegated kind
for indoor color. Sage likes direct sun!

Now that you have chosen which herbs you are going to
grow indoors, here are some tips! The important think
is knowing the temperature, watering feeding and
lighting to give proper caring.

Most herbs prefer a warm temperature about 60-70
degrees. Herbs will tolerate the temperature range of
45-75 degrees, but they will not thrive for long.

Make sure all your containers can adequately drain. Be
sure not to over-water indoor herbs. Water in the
mornings, so that the excess moisture evaporates
during the day. Air is very important for potted herbs
and over-watering can cause root-rot fungus to thrive.
If necessary place a small fan beside your indoor

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From: USA

RE:Growing Herbs Indoors
(Date Posted:06/01/2010 8:02 AM)

Thank you hun for this info. I want to try growing some when I move. I have them outside and loved them. But when I move I am not sure if I will have a downstairs apartment or not.
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