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Topic :   December 2015


    Merry Christmas 2015

    I have been busy taking pictures of my New Fur-baby "Waffles" he is already 2 years old,

and soon will be 3 come April of 2016.. He is growing in leaps and bounds some say He looks bigger than he is.. HA!

Wakes up at odd hours in the early morning, which then he wakes me up.. He gives me about 10 min. and then he wants to play.. I tell him NO I need to use the bathroom and Make Coffee. He waits for me to finish then he gets his toy and WE play for about 15 min. and he is off finding a place to take his first Kitty Nap.. He seems to Sleep more than I do.. lol 

12-22-2015 18:19

Topic :   I'm Back

Really Sucks when your PC takes a Left Turn Everything was Deleted from within it.. Had to BUY everything to get it back up and going...  I am back again I hope for Good...



01-07-2015 14:56

Topic :   General


 WOW! Dang-- It took me three days to get back in here, something was going on with Aimoo for sure.. Last night I tried and all I got was the White Page..

  Well today is a Sunny day, I am sure it will be HOT for sure.. kinda of hazy out but a good sign the haze will clear and we will be able to see more Blue sky.. am hoping I'll be back in later to write some more..  

 Bright Blessings 


07-19-2012 10:28

Topic :   General


Another nice day we have today. We had Thunder and Lightening last night. Sure is pretty when the Lightening shows up in the sky. We did have alittle rain run through but not much. Flowers are blooming like crazy and the Grass is nice and green and growing fastly..lol Not much more to say so I am off again till another day.. Have a good one friends

  Bright Blessings


07-16-2012 15:44

Topic :   General


   Loads of Lightening and Thunder around our area. They say More is coming.. love Thunder and Lightening..

  Thunder are the Angels playing with all the Bowling Balls in the clouds, the Lightening are the strikes they are making in their games.. .

07-13-2012 18:23

Topic :   Just a ramble


  I am so slow getting back in here, I was wanting to get here sooner, so I could clean up some junk. seems like I never have time to do want I need to be doing. But don't worry I'll be working in the site soon..

Bright Blessings



07-13-2012 00:17

Re :   Shooting Pictures and sharing them

Lately with the Coons coming in I haven't really been taking Picutres of Orbs within my Yard or going out and finding them somewhere else.. The work load with hubby hasn't been helping either as he likes finding new places also so we are slow on the up take..  Will hope to be doing more once his load is better..

Bright Blessings

07-12-2012 14:40

Topic :   Father Time

Father Time

Cleaning out the dark attic one night,
I came across an old dust-covered book.
No title, no author, no copyright.
Curiosity called for a look.

I flipped the brittle pages one by one,
My eagerness had to be stinted.
Then one page made me come undone,
It appeared to be freshly printed.

Amidst faded, yellow, wrinkled pages-
Smooth, glossy, soft white and sublime,
A full-page picture chronicling the ages,
The caption only read, "Father Time".

I saw a gray-haired man in white-
Standing taller than the skies.
In his right hand he held the sun, so bright.
Yet a more prolific flame glowed in his eyes.

His body stemmed from an hourglass-
Which seemed to have no end.
One through which all eternity would pass-
And all life would descend.

A childlike innocence seemed to anoint-
The wrinkles on his face, so well defined.
His beard running sharply to a point-
Where the shades of silver shined.

His hands were boney, withered badly,
Skeleton-like and pale.
Knotted, twitch-like fingers slithered madly-
Into every tapered, sharp fingernail.

His left hand was clinched tight to a cane-
That a magic aura surrounded.
From it flew forth all wind and rain,
Through it all lightning was grounded.

I found myself lost in this picture,
Staring at it endlessly in awe.
Then it revealed more than art or literature,
I couldn't believe the things that I saw.

The old man pointed the cane towards me,
And lightning whistled passed my head.
Then with a voice quite deep, commandingly,
He stared straight at me and said;

"Time is but the dream of life,
Alas, broken into sections.
For each and all are blessed a lifetime rife-
In memories and reflections.
But you must relish what you have today,
There is no past or future for certain.
You mustn't bury your dreams in yesterday,
Or try to peek behind tomorrow's curtain."

The magic book set me marching in mirth,
It sent my spirit singing to the winds.
I knew it was of unimaginable worth,
I couldn't wait to show all of my friends.

"Slow down dear child.", the voice, again, unfurled.
"A fortune indeed I have shared.
But all the riches of your mortal world-
Won't match the merit of the words I bear.
And the dear secrets I have shared with you ,
I dare not breath to another soul.
Time lie in your hands but silence must construe,
Tell me no other human will know!"

Wealth or immortality? what a quirk!
That geezer really had me perturbed.
I halfway sighed trying to hide the smirk,
But the patriarch, now, seemed really disturbed.

Watching a tear fall from forever,
I was perpetually petrified.
He called to me but I couldn't dissever-
My voice from my inside.

It was then the old man trembled and shook-
And I came to see why it mattered.
As the golden ball fell from the book,
I cringed, watching the glass as it shattered.

He dropped the mighty staff of rain,
His arms collapsing in despair.
The white page donning a yellow stain,
As the corners started to wear.

I watched a sand fall through the hourglass,
Till by a billion others it was swallowed.
It shimmered and shined as I saw it pass,
But as I looked on, no others followed.

It was then the slowly fading vision-
Closed his dimmened eyes and died.
The consequences of my indecision-
Left me grieving inside.

And still the desires in me are burning-
To flip the page, to share his rhyme.
But frozen in a world stopped turning,
It seems there's no more Time.

12-08-2009 13:34

Topic :   How Psychic Are You?

Try this simple Test to see,
 How Psychic are you.

Come Share Your Findings With Us

10-10-2009 16:47

Topic :   Rules

Rules Within My "WOODS"

First I want to Welcome You into our Circle of Friends.  

....Please make yourself comfortable and feel free to explore all the Paths. I have set the Boards up to help answer some of your questions. That you might have, so look around and see what is offered....


We have a few Simple Rules for you to follow...

To All who Step into My Woods this is a NEW BEGINNING, Come forth with Your Experiences and an Open Mind...


1.  All New Members are Required to Check In within the First 3 Days of Joining.

2. This is a MATURE rated community (21+). Parents with children under age, Please be advised this is a Mature site for adults, take heed.

3. You Can Only Post Subjects Pertaining to this Site.

4.  No Profanity  

5. No sexually oriented material. No pornography or otherwise lewd content of pictures reflecting poor taste in "My Woods"..  

6. No Soliciting!!! This is a Free Site... We Do Not  Charge for this Information..  

7. Do Not post any LINKS to any other sites without prior permission from the Manager. Links posted without prior permission from the Manager will be promptly deleted and the members booted Out.

8. Any Members Who Advertise their Paid Sites/Links in this Community will be Automatically Banned..

9.  Please have Respect for all other Members thoughts, Ideas, and Experiences. Any Personal Experience is considered  Personal material here, they also may contain a Copyright..  In order to use it anywhere Outside this site the owner's permission must first be obtained.  If someone is found doing so without prior permission, forfeits their membership here  and will be reported. 

10. All of these rules apply in "My Woods". If You Don't like what You SEE or HEAR then 

 SO BE IT!!... UNJOIN!!!

11. Please Do Not abuse these Rules or your right to share here. Any person found violating these simple Rules, will be subject to banning.

Banning will be taken care of by The Manager
-Thank You - 



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Topic :   About Us

About Us

Please keep in mind that this site is for "Learning" and "Sharing" with our members.

*Our Protections*

*Woods General Board*

*Nature Calls*

*Starfire's Angel Cards*

*Story Board* 

*Grizz's Request Board*

*Woods Prayer Board*

*Rainbows Bridge*

*Spirit Animals* 

 *Spirit Guides* 

*Photography 101*

*Orb Picures* 
*Orb Information*






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Topic :   ! Copyright !

! Copyright !

All General information Posted on this site May be covered by a Copyright!

Any ORIGINAL or PERSONAL work produced in this site by the Managers or Members of this site, May Be or Can Be Identified by a Copyright Symbol..


May Not:

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A written letter requesting use of this work MUST BE sent to the Managers who will decide whether or not this work can be copied and used for PRIVATE Reference.

ANYBODY caught Stealing this work will be banned from the site, and will suffer the full extent of the law, under the 'Copyright Infringement'  notices.

For full understanding of Copyright click on the following link:


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*This  Copyright site is also copyrighted by the Author and owner of the site, who has given  written permission within the site for a link to be made to the site so people can read copyright information.*

I would ask that Folks REFRAIN FROM copying work from other websites and posting it here without permission from the person who wrote it, and under no circumstances will ANY MEMBER try and claim acknowledgement and credit for work stolen from other websites.

All Credits are to be on the Info-

Only If none can be Obtained then You may Use 'Author Unknown'..


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08-01-2009 17:59

Topic :   Forcefield Of Protection

            Forcefield Of Protection
The light that shines around us is our invisible field of protection.
We may not consciously be aware of it, but we are constantly picking up on other people's energy, and the energy that they emit speaks to us.
Over 80% of our communication is non-verbal - we are picking up on people's body language, and the energy signals that they are sending out.
This is part of our intuitive system of protection and self-preservation.
Have you ever had the experience of a person saying and doing all the right things, but you have an uneasy feeling?
Have you ever felt an immediate distrust for a person, even though there is no logical reason for you to feel that way?
Your intuition is reading their energy, and you need to trust yourself, always!
A person who emits a strong field of light exudes power and self-confidence.
Those people who seek to prey on others will avoid someone who exudes this kind of energy and power, and will seek those people whose light is small and dim, because they are lacking power and are therefore vulnerable.
You can increase the light around you with your mind simply by intention (everything in the Universe is directed by intention, because everything is pure energy).
Simply close your eyes and visualize a bubble of white light all around you, even below you into the ground.
I recommend doing this first thing every morning, right after you put on your smile for the day. This will set your boundaries of protection in place all day long.
**I first learned to work with this white light of protection when I was doing My Circles...
**When I started to use this visualization of white light around me, no one touched me anymore, unless I intended it.
**This is true even when walking outside or down town or in Stores- I always had my own space.
This is what your energy field is about - it is your own personal space in this world.
Many people withdraw their light and shrink it when they are afraid, but this leaves them vulnerable.
Your light is your power and your protection in the world.
Dimming your light leaves you vulnerable to being controlled, manipulated, abused, attacked, dominated and overpowered.
Shine your light brightly at all times, especially when you feel frightened or intimidated.
Never dim your light for anyone, and never apologize for how bright you are.
The stronger and brighter your light shines, the safer you will be in this world.

08-01-2009 01:01

Topic :   Shielding Your Home

Shielding for Your Home

by Estelle Daniels

Nowadays, the world seems to be more psychically and spiritually 'active' than ever.

The level of psychic noise has risen in the past years, and many people find it helpful to psychically shield their living space, especially the room where they sleep.

Some people can shield an area with just energy and intent, but others find it easier to anchor the shielding to objects.

And some objects in themselves help provide shielding and protection, without additional energy.

What area you shield is up to you.

The most basic is to just shield around your bed, so when you sleep you will not be bothered by extraneous "noises" from the other planes.

You can also shield your bedroom, your entire living space (the most practical), or your entire house.

If you live in an apartment or share space with others, it is best to shield only those areas which are yours alone, unless you have permission from the others sharing your space.

If you live in a house, you can extend your shields to the edges of your property.

You can build the shields any way you need to make them fit your requirements.

The basic idea of shielding is to somehow create a "force field" of energy which blocks out unwanted etheric noise, like a sound barrier.

Visualize a golden translucent curtain which allows air to pass through but which will block any energies from other planes.

Once in place, these shields will be there, but probably won't be apparent to guests or others living in your space.

You should be able to notice them if you "look", for you put them in place.

It is easiest to shield if you use actual objects to "tie" the shields into, and also as a memory aid of their presence.

The objects can be open or hidden, what you use and how you place the objects is up to you.

Gather the objects to be used for shielding, and then pray over them, or otherwise put protective energy into them.

You could light a candle and meditate over the objects thinking how strong and effective they will be in keeping unwanted influences out of your home.

Ask your Spirit Guides to help keep your space shielded and clear of unwanted energies.

Ask the Deity to help keep you secure from outside influences.

Any or all of these techniques can be effective.

Once you have somehow put energy into the objects, place them wherever you have decided they will go, and know they are there doing the job you have set them to do.

What objects you use can be varied.

Place a small quartz crystal on every opening in your living space (door and window), and it will block unwelcome disturbances.

Add a clove of garlic, and you have more protection.

Check the garlic often, weekly is best.

If a clove has shriveled or turned black, replace it with a fresh one and discard the old one.

Other pleasant aromatic herbs (sage, mint) can also be used.

Rocks work well for shielding; tourmaline, jade, granite, fossils, agate are all good stones to use.

Any sturdy black stone can be absorptive of unwelcome energies.

Stones gathered from a river or stream (water washed) as well as stones from deep in the Earth, as from a mine or quarry, also work.

Some people use plants to shield, either inside or outside the space.

Use existing trees or bushes, or plant some for the purpose.

If you use plants, check them often, if they become distressed, replace them or change your anchors.

Make sure the plant is strong and healthy, don't start a small new plant and attach your shields to it.

Wait until it has grown and matured and is strong before using it as a shield anchor.

Keep the plants properly fed, watered and healthy and they will shield very effectively.

Made, bought or found objects also can work for helping anchor shields.

Generally, plastic is not a good material to use as it does not absorb energy well.

Metal conducts energy well, but may not block unwanted influences.

It is best to experiment, and see what works well for you and your individual space.

Natural materials work well as they are good energy conductors.

You want something which is solid enough to take the energy, and which will stand up to the elements if you put it outside.

Religious objects have been used for centuries as a form of shielding. Using religious statues, pictures or icons can be very effective.

Experiment with various materials and placements. If something doesn't work, try changing the placement or use something else.

Some place objects over doors and windows, some use the corners, some use the four walls. Don't forget the ceiling and floor.

You can place objects inside your space, or outside. Whatever is most convenient and practical.

Once you put up shields, monitor them every so often. Take a feel and see if they are working and still there.

If they seem to be weaker in one direction, reinforce that direction.

Energies change with the seasons, so you may have to change and adapt throughout the year. You can incorporate your shields into seasonal decorations.

If you move your furniture around, you should also check your shields and see if they need readjusting.

If you hold a party, you will want to reinforce the shields afterward, as part of the cleanup.

Make checking your shields part of your cleaning routine. You can make sure your space is psychically as well as physically clean.

If you do yard work, or household repairs, check your shields then also. If you have nightmares or trouble sleeping, check the shields.

You may need temporary or more permanent reinforcement. You may have to change your shields; whatever you chose may not be working.

Shielding your living space can aid in keeping your equilibrium in a psychically active world.

You want your own little corner to be as peaceful and quiet as possible.

If your living space is shielded, then it is safe for you to drop your own barriers and relax at home.

08-01-2009 00:54

Topic :   Shields


For those who are empathic and very sensitive its always best to also use a shield of energy.  This allows you to keep all energies on the outside of your own.  You will still be able to sense and know what those outside energies are.  In fact you will pick up more information that may help you and others by doing this.  If you allow energies to enter you from others, you may not always know for certain that they aren't yours.
Shields- are needed in early development and particularly when shopping.  A shopping mall can be a frightful experience for a sensitive empath!  They can easily get an immediate headache, pains very sharp in the head/brain area.  Nausea, confusion, dizzy, tiredness, and often depression.  They may sense and feel some of the things others are emanating so deeply and think that their coming from themselves.  So until you reach a certain point that you keep these energies outside of yourself, and do it automatically its best to use shields. 

Their easy to put up and only takes seconds.  In certain work we do, even those advanced will use shields. 
You can program a shield to do whatever form of protection you wish.  Always state to the shield, "Only Pure Love may enter and only Pure Love may leave from me."  Understand too what the last means.  For instance if for some reason you become upset and/or negative, you will need to reinformce that shield after ridding yourself of it. 

Remember you've told the shield that only 'Pure Love may leave me,'  so anything not of Pure Love will remain in your energies.  You can also program the shield to allow these ill-feelings/thoughts to be sent out by you to be purified, and then reinforce your shield. 
Also warnings can be programmed in them to let you know when outside energies are coming to you.  Programming them to let you know when theres a message from your Guides, Teachers, Angels or information in Channeling is coming through.
Program your shields to let you know when theres negativity around or in a room that your in or will be entering.  As soon as you receive information of outside energies coming your way, then reinforce your shield/s.  Understand energy itself can be used to perform all kinds of tasks, and all you have to do is tell the energy what to do.  Thats what we do in healing, or sending Love and thoughts/feelings to another.  All in existence is basic energy. Shields themselves do much to protect us and keep vibrations from penetrating to our Auras. 

When you form a shield it is best to understand precisely what it is your doing.  You don't just say the words out loud or to yourself and see the shield as it is forming by you.  You 'feel' it, the shield itself as well.  You 'mean everything you are saying', literally 'mean' it.  Say it with emotion, and desire to be protected fully and completely and have the shield give you information about the incoming energies.  

Now you can program these shields to keep all energies outside for you to view.  Just say that, "Keep all energies outside of the shields for me to view".  You can also make up a signal of some kind for the shield to know when you have 'incoming' vibrations coming to you.  This too will give you time to reinforce the shield and also to make it stronger while you ascertain the energies, their source and problems connected with them.
Remember energy programming can be compared to programing a computer.  It will do precisely what you program it to do. 

So be exact in what you want.  
You can create a shield to help enhance your abilities too!   You can use the shield to send out energy to sense another with ... picking up from their energies what they need to learn for their growth at this time.  Once those energies are brought back, you can view them and use your intuition in sensing.  All these energies remember are on the outside of your own.  So you won't be affected by anything negative. Remember your Guides can give you messages at anytime when you are open to them. 

They can also send a message to your shield, letting you know they have a message for you.  So even if we're busy at the moment we'll know our Guides are wanting to communicate with us.  This helps us when we begin to Channel information. 
All of the Higher Aspects of yourself on up to your Higher Self will still be able to give you messages and help you.  Remember they are spirit and of Pure Love.
Creating Your Shield-
You need to be shielded 24/7.  Do this first thing in the morning, reinforce it around noon and redo it again just before bedtime. You can use any of the color shields and put one over the other.  Like at bedtime you can use the Blue shield and put the Indigo over it to shield your Light.  It also may help in remembering your dreams and where you've gone to.  You can put one around and each of your family members, also around your bedroom and theirs, as well as all the rooms in the home if you wish.  You don't have to be in each room to do this...see it in your "Mind's Eye" and create it.  You can also put one around the house, just remember to start the sphere under the house next to the ground.  The same can be done with your car and any vechicle, start on the ground underneath them.
Meaning of Colors In Shields
Blue Protective Shield- usually used for Protection You may sit, stand or lay down while doing this.  Close your eyes and in your mind's eye see a sphere of Royal Blue color of bright Light under your feet.  Now expand this sphere outward and upward to the top of your head to encompass you totally like a sphere or egg shape.  Say this, "Only Pure Love can come to me, only Pure Love can go from me." You will feel the Unconditional Love wrap around you and protecting you.  You may also program the shield at this time too. You are now protected. This color shield is the same color of the Cape that Archangel Michael wears and is one of pure protection.  You may also call upon Him at any time to protect you.  He is the Archangel for the site here and will be instantly by your side if you need Him.
The Indigo- is an excellent color for a shield as it blocks most of your light so that spirits passing by won't immediately see it and go on.  Its good to use anytime your having problems and particularly at night while you sleep.  This color also helps heal the body, and will rejuvenate your energies, its great to use when tired.  Your Guides will have no problem, or Angels, Teachers etc. in connecting with you...It also is one that brings a revitalizing of energy to the person and will amplify their own energy.  Sometimes will put this up over the Blue in preparing for sleep.
The Gold- mesh color is wonderful for a high protection shield particularly if one is having problems with someone sending them unwanted energies of any kind.  It won't allow them to enter.  It too is a high vibratory rate color.  It often will reflect the energies back from where they came from.
The Clear- color which looks much like clear Quartz or the white of an uncooked egg is one of the best to use.  All negative or ill thoughts/feelings sent to a person who has this shield up will bounce right off of it and back to who sent it, and you can ask the energies simply be purified by the Universal Flow Of Energy in stead of sending it back.  Its actually the highest in vibratory rate and is the pure color of the Universal Flow of Energy that permeates throughout all in existence and has absolutely no color to it.  Some Warriors use this as an outside shield over other shields as it reacts similar to the mirror shield.
The Black- as a shield is not used much by anyone as there seems to be so many who think its a negative and bad color.  When in actuality it is one of shielding to be hidden and sometimes used in cloaking ones colors and who they are.  Nothing at all can penetrate it no matter how good the psychic or medium.  It brings a calmness and serenity like a pool of water without waves or ripples in it.
The Silver- is also good to use and is connected to the moon, feminine qualities and its energies of the Mother.  Very nurturing, caring and protective.  It also will bring an enhancement of ones intuition and abilities.  Sometimes this shield and the Gold Mesh is used together.
Using These Colors as Above Or
Putting Them Together To Form Another Color
Yellow- is a color of the early morning sun's rays, casting refreshing light everywhere.  Its also a mental color bringing much enthusiasm.  Helps in creative work, art, writing etc..
Orange- is the sun's color, and also high energy, and a direct connection to the Higher Realms.  It too brings much energy in bursts when needed. 
Green- is one of sensitivity, friendliness and healing.  A nature color allowing direct connections to Fairies, devas and Nature spirits.  Also communication with animals.  It is an attraction color too and a mental one along with emotional.  Good to use when organizing something, starting a new project etc..
Red- is very energizing and much energy with it.  Its also a good color to put over other shields when traveling the Realms/Dimensions and since its a color of the Creation Energy easier access and passage is given.  Its also good for Astral projection.
Brown- is Nature and a direct link to Spirit for earthiness and its connections, also grounds you.  It too is part of the Creation Energy.
Purple- is also one of high vibratory rate and offers connections to the Higher Realms for information.  It too can see through lies and falsehoods. 
Rose- is energizing and harmonious, very spiritual and also offers connections to Spirit.  Its a direct link to family not only here in loving terms, but also our spiritual family.
Pink- is one of Unconditional Love and harmony, bringing us the ability to see beauty in all things.  Its quite calming and serene.
White- of course is purity and protection, a high vibratory rate color.  It purifies other colors too bringing clarity in purpose and abilities.
Warriors, Guardians and Portal Keepers usually have more than one Shield up at all times.

08-01-2009 00:46

Topic :   Psalms 23rd Prayer

Psalms  23rd

The Lord is my Shepard, I shall not want,
He maketh me lie down in green pastures;
He leadeth me beside still waters.

He restoreth my soul;
He leadeth me in the paths of rightousness
For His name's sake.

Yea, though I walk in the valley of the shadow of death,
I fear no evil, for thou art with me;
Thy rod and Thy staff, they comfort me.

Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of my enemies;
Thou annointest my head with oil;
My cup runneth over.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life,
And I will dwell in the house  of the Lord for ever.


08-01-2009 00:30

Topic :   Shielding


Well this I do know a lot about.

Shielding is the act of blocking off psychic energies from entering your body.

Shielding is VERY important.

Especially when working magickally on other people and in Astral Projection.

There are probably thousands of ways to shield, and you will probably discover a lot of them.

One method is very similar to grounding.

Put your feet on the floor and feel the energy rise up over your head.

Keep this energy coming until you feel safe and at peace.

Instead of visualising the energy as White, visualise it as Blue.

This method of Shielding may not be enough if you are dealing with serious things or you want to be absolutely safe, do a couple of methods.

Another is to create a Sphere of energy around you.

Another is to create lots of Spheres in varying sizes around you.

Another is to create an Amulet and use that whenever you need to be shielded.

 Just think up something that you think will protect you and then do it.

08-01-2009 00:26

Topic :   Protection Prayer

~Colorful-Light~ Protection Prayer

I ask for the Loving Colorful-Light,

 to shine down on me and surround me and my surroundings in the name of,

( God or Goddess )..

 I ask that all Negative Energies,

and Vibrations to be taken up by the

 Powerful White Light,

where they are changed into,

Positive Energies Vibrations.

I ask my Spirit Guides for Protection and Help,

and to only allow Positive and

Loving messages and Spirits,

that come with Love.

 I ask for Protection for all those,

who are working with me,

and all that is around me.

I ask for Gods Love and Protection,

to be with me and given to all.

08-01-2009 00:23

Topic :   3 Foot Light PROTECTION


Say out loud,
“3 feet protection of the golden light”

Surround yourself and keep it there.

Then change it to Amber/Red, then to Blue light.

Call it loud, call it true.

Let it come forth freely.
(Copyright By: Smiling Nexus 2/2009)

A crucial way to defend from low vibration spirits, entities, negative influences, as given by an element guide. This should be done before any type of energy healing and would be beneficial to do daily.

When I used this protection, I recited all parts.

I slept very well and awoke more relaxed than I have in a very long

time. As I sat up in bed, I was told I was “highly magnetized”.


I was reminded that “we attract the kind of indifferences we give out (project)” and “why not simply be humbly forgiving, chastely loving”.

08-01-2009 00:17

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07-31-2009 23:50

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