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NyghtOwl's Woods
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Title: Forcefield Of Protection
NyghtOwl's Woods   Protections
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(Date Posted:08-01-2009 01:01)
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            Forcefield Of Protection
The light that shines around us is our invisible field of protection.
We may not consciously be aware of it, but we are constantly picking up on other people's energy, and the energy that they emit speaks to us.
Over 80% of our communication is non-verbal - we are picking up on people's body language, and the energy signals that they are sending out.
This is part of our intuitive system of protection and self-preservation.
Have you ever had the experience of a person saying and doing all the right things, but you have an uneasy feeling?
Have you ever felt an immediate distrust for a person, even though there is no logical reason for you to feel that way?
Your intuition is reading their energy, and you need to trust yourself, always!
A person who emits a strong field of light exudes power and self-confidence.
Those people who seek to prey on others will avoid someone who exudes this kind of energy and power, and will seek those people whose light is small and dim, because they are lacking power and are therefore vulnerable.
You can increase the light around you with your mind simply by intention (everything in the Universe is directed by intention, because everything is pure energy).
Simply close your eyes and visualize a bubble of white light all around you, even below you into the ground.
I recommend doing this first thing every morning, right after you put on your smile for the day. This will set your boundaries of protection in place all day long.
**I first learned to work with this white light of protection when I was doing My Circles...
**When I started to use this visualization of white light around me, no one touched me anymore, unless I intended it.
**This is true even when walking outside or down town or in Stores- I always had my own space.
This is what your energy field is about - it is your own personal space in this world.
Many people withdraw their light and shrink it when they are afraid, but this leaves them vulnerable.
Your light is your power and your protection in the world.
Dimming your light leaves you vulnerable to being controlled, manipulated, abused, attacked, dominated and overpowered.
Shine your light brightly at all times, especially when you feel frightened or intimidated.
Never dim your light for anyone, and never apologize for how bright you are.
The stronger and brighter your light shines, the safer you will be in this world.
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