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NyghtOwl's Woods
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Title: Rules
NyghtOwl's Woods   Preservation within Owl's Woods
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(Date Posted:08-01-2009 20:04)
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Rules Within My "WOODS"

First I want to Welcome You into our Circle of Friends.  

....Please make yourself comfortable and feel free to explore all the Paths. I have set the Boards up to help answer some of your questions. That you might have, so look around and see what is offered....


We have a few Simple Rules for you to follow...

To All who Step into My Woods this is a NEW BEGINNING, Come forth with Your Experiences and an Open Mind...


1.  All New Members are Required to Check In within the First 3 Days of Joining.

2. This is a MATURE rated community (21+). Parents with children under age, Please be advised this is a Mature site for adults, take heed.

3. You Can Only Post Subjects Pertaining to this Site.

4.  No Profanity  

5. No sexually oriented material. No pornography or otherwise lewd content of pictures reflecting poor taste in "My Woods"..  

6. No Soliciting!!! This is a Free Site... We Do Not  Charge for this Information..  

7. Do Not post any LINKS to any other sites without prior permission from the Manager. Links posted without prior permission from the Manager will be promptly deleted and the members booted Out.

8. Any Members Who Advertise their Paid Sites/Links in this Community will be Automatically Banned..

9.  Please have Respect for all other Members thoughts, Ideas, and Experiences. Any Personal Experience is considered  Personal material here, they also may contain a Copyright..  In order to use it anywhere Outside this site the owner's permission must first be obtained.  If someone is found doing so without prior permission, forfeits their membership here  and will be reported. 

10. All of these rules apply in "My Woods". If You Don't like what You SEE or HEAR then 

 SO BE IT!!... UNJOIN!!!

11. Please Do Not abuse these Rules or your right to share here. Any person found violating these simple Rules, will be subject to banning.

Banning will be taken care of by The Manager
-Thank You - 



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