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NyghtOwl's Woods
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Title: Shooting Pictures and sharing them
NyghtOwl's Woods   Photographs
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(Date Posted:03-07-2009 22:44)
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 OK here is a Idea for all Members to do while sitting around in the Evening Hours..

IF you have a Camera or maybe a Digital Camera Come on out side and Take some Shots around Your Yard..

Lets see what Type of Pictures Everyone gets from Your Yard, from a Haunted place or a Non-haunted Places..

I am asking for either Ghostly Orbs, Squiggley lights, or Mistyhazes..
Come on folks do Your Best and show us what You get..

1. Don't take pictures towards street lights.

2.  Becareful of Stop signs, or reflectors maybe even taillights on a car or truck..

3. When shooting a Picture take a deep breath hold and snap the shot let out your breath..

4. Download all pictures - lighten them up a tinybit to see what You got and then Show case them in here..

5. If in doubt go to the "Owl's Woods" front page and Look for Photographs this will tell you what to Look for while taking a Picture or what Not to do while taking a picture..

Sure Would Like to SEE more of these types of pictures....

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Status: Comfortable in being Crazy
From: USA

Re:Shooting Pictures and sharing them
(Date Posted:07-12-2012 14:40)

Lately with the Coons coming in I haven't really been taking Picutres of Orbs within my Yard or going out and finding them somewhere else.. The work load with hubby hasn't been helping either as he likes finding new places also so we are slow on the up take..  Will hope to be doing more once his load is better..

Bright Blessings
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