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NyghtOwl's Woods
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Title: Question?? Needs Input
NyghtOwl's Woods   Paranormal Subjects
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(Date Posted:02-24-2009 14:09)
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Question was asked to me, and I would Like Your Input on this as to What You think about it..

I wonder why some ghosts show up as orbs and others show up as mist, etc. There is something very unique about orbs, their structures, their colors, brightness, intensity that seems more ascended than other ghost spirit forms.
Maybe it's a process that ghosts go through when they are open enough in order to transition out of earth boundedness.
Or perhaps orbs are a higher frequency signature entity that attach to ghosts as part of a function to help them ascend. It makes sense that the ghosts within the orbs would be protected or shielded from negative ghost entities. So what I'm saying is that orbs themselves may originate separately from ghosts...or...that these particular ghosts inside orbs may still be learning and ascending while in the earth/astral realm.
Other ghostly forms seem to be very individual as to what they project as their identity. I seems unlikely that ghosts would naturally project their appearance as an orb with a face in it or no face.
Maybe orbs are ghosts that were already very ascended from other lifetimes, but for some reason in their last life/death were unable to crossover...and the orb structure is representative of the DNA, cell structure, and aura all in one.
What do you think about those possibilities? For some reason it really struck me and now I want to know...And guess what? Now that I really want to know, I know the truth will come forward. Want to place any bets  ? lol!
okay, well that's all for now.

By SmilingNexus...

PS.. Refer to the Orb Pictures that have Been Shared...
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