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Title: How Spirits Contact Us
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(Date Posted:02-12-2009 14:55)
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          How Spirits Contact Us
Spirits connect to you by affecting one or more of your senses;

Visual: Spirit manifests for you as an ectoplasmic being. You look in a mirror and see an ectoplasmic shape thought the ghost is not visible in the room. Electric lights or appliances flickering on and off in the room Peripheral vision - you see spirit out of the side of your field of vision. A object in the room moves - that is linked to the ghost - such a picture of the ghost when it was in a corporeal body.

Smell: Floral fragrances - which are the most common. A scent associated with the spirit. For example - if the spirit smoked cigars while in a physical body - you might smell a cigar scent in the room.

Touch: A tickling sensation on your body - could be a kiss or a touch by spirit a pressure on top of your head (which means the opening of your crown chakra to receive messages) A chill on the back of the neck or head--hair standing up on your body A cold breeze passing through the room.

Hearing: Noise - Spirit turns on an electric appliance - usually linked to them. Rappings include thumping, knocking, tapping or bumping.

In ancient times rapping was thought of as an omen of approaching death. Spirit phone calls from a deceased soul - usually a family member. It usually means that the deceased soul wants to impart a farewell message. Many such calls occur on days of importance such as Mothers Day, holidays or birthdays.

People who have received phone calls from the dead report that the voices are often exactly the same as when the person was living. The telephone rings normally but the connection has static. The voice of the deceased tends to grow fainter as the call progresses. Sometimes the voice fades away completely.

In some very interesting cases the call is placed long distance and connected by an operator. Checking with the telephone company usually turns up no evidence of a call on their records. Phone calls are sometimes placed to the dead as well. A person places a call to someone only to find out later that the person was already dead at the time of the call.

When presenting your house Spirits,

 with offerings of Incense.

Candles or what not, you can

Say this little Chant:

"Wraith of the house,Take heart and live,

To every chamber This light I give,
To every corner This breath I send
Approve and favor my willing hand."

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