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NyghtOwl's Woods
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Title: Ghosts Are Merely Lost Souls
NyghtOwl's Woods   Ghosts
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(Date Posted:02-12-2009 15:22)
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Ghosts Are Merely Lost Souls
 by Echo Bodine PM, Winter 1996-97
"The caller said something was jumping up and down on her bed and knocking books off shelves. She said it felt as if something or someone was attempting to take her breath away whenever she tried to sleep."

When I got to her house, I saw a faint appearance of a young man in an Army uniform.

I asked why he was here and why he was bothering this woman. He said he came home from Vietnam and found this woman living in his home.

He was trying to get her out. At that point, I realized Kenneth didn't know he was dead. There are many reasons why souls inhabit homes on earth. Some say they don't want to see their deceased relatives.

Others say they did something in their life of which they are not proud and are afraid to come face to face with God.

Some are afraid if they let go of the earthly plane they will be condemned to hell.

Still others don't want to let go of loved ones here on earth, such as children or a significant other.

We have met several male ghosts who are the original builder of a home and they want to stay to protect it from being changed.

The first assumption about ghosts is that they are evil.

In all the years of ridding homes of unwanted spirits' I have never met an evil spirit.

I've met some pretty negative ones, but none I would call evil. Another common assumption is that when we die, our souls become angelic and we take on wings.

When the time comes to let go of our earthly life, move into the light and then to the other side, we take on a different energy, feeling and consciousness, but we remain somewhat the same as our personality on earth.

If we were  Cantankerous, Unhappy, Depressed, Rebellious, Resentful, Angry, Hateful, Loathsome, Blaming or Mean-spirited when we were in our bodies, we will be somewhat Similar in death.

But that doesn't mean we are evil.

Most ghosts are just miserable.

They're lonely and fearful.

They're stuck and they need to move on.

If you have a ghost in your home or office, here are some tips.

Keep it simple.

A ghost is simply a soul whose physical body has died and has, for one reason or another, chosen not to go on to the other side.

Stay clear of the thought that the entity roaming your halls is a scary mass of negative energy.

It's a trapped soul, plain and simple.

You need to stay firm with this ghostly visitor and tell them you want them to leave your home now and move into the white light.

You need to direct them into the light, otherwise they may not know where to go and may leave temporarily, but may be back or may pop over to the neighbors, house.

Remember you are the one with the Power.

They cannot hurt you.

You are in control.

By sending them to the light, you set them free.

After you have firmly told the ghost to leave and go to the white light' burn sage leaves and walk through your home to clear the negative energy, including your fear associated with the ghost.

Lastly, Do Not talk about your ghost for a few days after sending it to the light.

We have found if the homeowners miss their ghost or talk about it a lot while in the place from which it was banished, it pulls the ghost back.

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