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Title: is my mother and sister Narisstic ?
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(Date Posted:10/13/2010 8:03 PM)

I come from a large family we are all grown with children except my sister who hangs out with my mother 24/7 she is in her 40's lives with mom and dad does not drive has them drive her to work bas all my parents pin numbers and credit cards. She makes trip arrangements for them and goes on them. Well the story is my mother took control of my brothers kid and she has it listed on an ancenstory site that the kid is her kid. I have heard my mother and sister make up stories and "go along" with each others stories. My mother has on several occassions lied straight to my face. She often yells at me for talking saying I talk too loud yet my sister can do anything and I can here her talk real loud and yell at workers and my mom just laughs.  Everytime I laugh or smile at a text for me she seems to get mad often slamming doors. Shehas torn pictures off the wall and thrown them at me. In a rage and to get the last say she even e-mailed my adult daughter telling her I kept her out of my moms life which is so untrue I have tried to get her to be involved in my daughters life and she would always dismiss ALL events sports, band etc. My mother laughed at my daughters face at her graduation party saying I wont be able to make the graduation I have a trip and your mother did not tell me you were graduating., She always blames me. Then she goes around saying I am disrespectful. I guess she is referring to me not answering about my daughter anymore cause for years I would try to get her involved and whenever I say something about my daughter she would cut my sentences off. So I just stopped cause it hurt so much. Whenever she hurts me I would cry and her and my sister would laugh and say I am having a pity party. They both call me horrible names like abuser (the school called cps on her I have never had cps called on me_ or drama queen (yet it is my mother and sister who are always causing trouble with people) so so my point is most of those names they call me it seems like its them. My mother and sister have not talked to my other sister for over 15 years. Now my mother is reaching out to my sisters kids and once told me my sister kept her grand kids from my mother but thats not true . She gave really nice gifts to all the grandkids except my daughter she waited till the middle of January to send a three dollar pair of walmart pants to my grandson and a christmas statue to my daughter. Mind you its not the gifts it is the fact that the other grandkids have told my daughter of their gifts and my daughter feels hated by her grandmother. The last time I talked to my mother she blew up at me totally out of the blue and told me she is done and to never speak to her again. I have abided by her wishes. Is this narisstic or emotional abuse or what is going on I do not understand why so many peopleare treated like this by my mother and sister.............


RE:is my mother and sister Narisstic ?
(Date Posted:03/31/2011 1:36 PM)

Hi Natasha,

Are you still around??? I have a few family members who sound just like your M and S. It's wrong... whatever it is it is unhealthy.

Hope you are doing better, because I know it can really hurt.

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RE:is my mother and sister Narisstic ?
(Date Posted:03/31/2012 6:07 PM)

Yes they most likely are. This sounds very familiar. It will only get worse. The more you challenge them the further you will be pushed out of their alternative reality.
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RE:is my mother and sister Narisstic ?
(Date Posted:03/31/2012 6:47 PM)

So true Horhey. You are a wealth of wisdom about N Parents. I'm sure all learned at the School of Hard Knocks we go through.

You wrote...
The more you challenge them the further you will be pushed out of their alternative reality.

I've learned that Ns and other of life's bullies are well prepared - especially for 1 to 1 confrontation with an arsenal of weapons to use to discredit the accusor. They have anticipated well in advance and know long before we do how to attack. They knew it was coming, how it would arrive, who would challene and they had their defence arsenals ready to sling.

Sad, but true. It's often very effective too.

...enough said I guess

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"Why does he treat me so bad? Then it hit me - why was I allowing it?"



Re:is my mother and sister Narisstic ?
(Date Posted:04/01/2012 8:57 AM)

 My mother was also a narcissist however I never realized it until after she passed away some 6 years ago.

There was always drama in our house and always one sibling being favored over another.
Whether intentional or not she did a lot of damage to me and set me up for a life time of poor relationship choices.....not strange at all that I ended up married to a malignant narcissist!

I have always said we can pick our friends but not our families. I think the only way to deal with this is to have very limited contact with these people, never argue with them and most of all never expect anything from them ever.

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RE:is my mother and sister Narisstic ?
(Date Posted:04/01/2012 10:00 AM)

Yeah, wish I was not. Haha. Weird thing it took me 47 years to figure it out. I knew something was wrong but they laid it all on my father after my parents divorced in 1985. He was a big time N. But recently I figured out my mother is even worse if that is possible? But at least I understand it now. Wish I had paid more attention and keep better records/notes etc. Would be useful considering that the history and reality she and my sister preach is not entirely accurate. But yeah that is all you can do is just not get sucked into the vortex. It's difficult. Also don't expect anything.
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