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Title: Strange things N say and do
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(Date Posted:09/17/2012 11:20 AM)

Here are a few of the things my N has said that had left my head on ......  tilt, tilt, tilt!!!!

When we first met, "you are so pretty, I don't even know what to do with ya".

You did that just to hurt me all you want to do is hurt

All you want to do is hate,hate hate.

We just need to stop this, all we do is see who can hurt who the most.

Are you scared of me

You just did that to show you are superior

took an unflattering photo of me and said, I like to look at this when I start thinking you are above me

Must have searched my WHOLE house b/c he found some old love letters saved from an ex in my spare bedroom hidden (that is NEVER USED) and stoled them.

A thought just occurred to me a while back when he was freaking out over some of his socks he said that were missing (I know this sounds funny, but wait).  I wasn't paying much attention to him and not taking it serious, I was just like, have you looked in the laundry room, washer, dryer??  He was kind of freaking out SAYING somebody must be taking his socks.  I was kind of amused by this and was like LOOK.  They are SOMEWHERE.  NO ONE has been taking your socks I can assure you.  You work on the road maybe you haven't brought them in.  Anyway, there is an explanation.  Later of course he found them.  My point is.......  Do you think he thought I was gas-lighting HIM just TO MESS WITH HIM?????   Hmmmmm, I am seriously wondering?????????

Anyway, what are some of the things that your N said that made you think and scratch your head, now that was ODD??????




RE:Strange things N say and do
(Date Posted:09/17/2012 11:49 AM)

"I need a lot of zest and excitement in my life, and if only you could do that, I could give you your heart's desire" This was said in response to my asking "Do you love me?"

"I need a woman who is an extension of me." This was said shortly after he dumped me for married OW.

As for strange things he does, well, YouTube is full of my ex narc.
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RE:Strange things N say and do
(Date Posted:09/17/2012 4:27 PM)

Here are a couple I didnt think of earilier

He said, dont you think I know you are using me as a stepping stone in your life.

Then one time after breaking up he said, Why didnt you want to use me?

I mean WHO SAYS THAT??!!!!!


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RE:Strange things N say and do
(Date Posted:09/17/2012 5:00 PM)

There are so many stupid things, I cannot even remember them all. But this is the one I hear the most and is the most damaging: You must put me FIRST in your life, above your children. 
Do you know how to fix this, that, this that? I am just not good at these things.

I don't know how to turn on the sprinklers. 

This is just the way I dust (with a wet rag on fine wood furniture)

"@@@@@@ Mother's Day" (after I told him I did not want to drive an hour for a MLB game, but would rather go on a picnic or to a museum (FREE, b/c N won't pay for anything. He got the MLB tickets free.)

You have replaced me with your son. 

How many asses are you going to wipe today (regarding my son)

After begging me to spend time with him (see PUT ME FIRST) spends all day at the pool. When I complain about this he says, "I can do whatever I want, sweetheart."

I just really hate him.

There's more. I can't remember all of them. They are every day, every moment. 

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RE:Strange things N say and do
(Date Posted:09/17/2012 5:11 PM)

Here's more:
During sex once, he asked me to tell him I was a "cock whore."

Thinks the HBO show "Girls" is "immoral" but LOVES very nasty porn (where the woman is ALWAYS demeaned and devalued).

"I will not answer any questions of yours that begin with the words 'Why." 

"I cannot be convinced of anything."

He was lost once while I was in the car with him. He made a U-Turn when he saw a police officer on the other side of the road engaged in writing a ticket. He thought his need for directions superseded the police officer writing the ticket. 

When I had an opening day party for my business, he remained in the background for much of it. He told me none of this was important. The only thing that was ever important was the day he was ordained as a priest. 

"Whenever we go anywhere, you always forget about me." (This is because I am actually talking and engaging with other people!) This just happened last week at a school function for my son.

I'll think of more. . . 
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RE:Strange things N say and do
(Date Posted:09/17/2012 5:22 PM)

He can also cry at will.  He does this after EVERY NI episode. 
A very good friend of mine died 2 years ago. N did not know her. Yet, when we went to the wake at the house, he started blubbering and crying. It was really embarrassing for all of us. 

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RE:Strange things N say and do
(Date Posted:09/17/2012 5:37 PM)

Khaleesi wrote: "He can also cry at will."

My ex narc also. He was very proud of how "sensitive " he was, and he always cried at even the most slightly sentimental movie or even TV commercial. He would turn his head so I could see the tear glinting at the corner of his eye, and there would be a little smile on his face. It was absolutely fake, no question about it.

He wrote on Facebook once bragging about how lucky it is that he can cry at will, because that was handy in some pathetic part he played in some student film. That gave me a chill, because it immediately made me remember a time near the end of our reconciliation when he stood in front of our marriage group, and cried as he told everyone how he was going to watch our wedding video and remember his vows, and how thankful he was that we were back together restoring our marriage. How disgusting to know now that he was entirely faking and loving the attention and admiration he was getting for his "renewed devotion" to our marriage. Puke.
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RE:Strange things N say and do
(Date Posted:09/17/2012 10:29 PM)

OMG  Khaleesi,  my hair just stood on end reading your posts!  This man sounds like a total tosser.  Believing he is sooo bloody important!  He will never change K, believe that.  His sense of entitlement goes very very deep, by the sound of it.  If anyone ever said to me they come "first" before my kids I would laugh outright in their face. Sorry for being so honest but I found the "First" business just outright outrageous!  So glad you are back posting.

You are strong, you know,  it just takes a while to recognise what our strength is needed for.  Please put YOUR needs first and know that you deserve happiness.  I am soooo over being miserable.


Lizzyd  xxx


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RE:Strange things N say and do
(Date Posted:09/18/2012 6:45 AM)

Here's a great one I just thought of... When my father passed away in January (my mother had predeased him at 47)

He said, OMG you are a orphan now, you dont have anyone!!!!  Over and over about 3-4 times...



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RE:Strange things N say and do
(Date Posted:09/18/2012 6:40 PM)

too many to even get a list going...some I see already posted..
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