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Title: How I Struggled With This!!
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(Date Posted:06/25/2013 11:14 AM)

In the beginning, it was a question I asked -- how could he POSSIBLY be pathological??  He holds the lives of people in his hands every day!   This, from Sandra Brown:


The Successful Pathological

By Sandra L. Brown, M.A.

Pathology Education teaches that pathological partners come in all levels of social and economic success.

Survivors say, "He's a doctor" to which I respond "SO?" So what. Doctors, attorneys, clergy, law enforcement---it's not the job that's pathological--- it's the character and personality disorders underneath.

Pathologicals flock to all types of careers. Those with high levels of narcissism and psychopathy flock to areas where they are experts, heroes, or are able to climb high up the career ladder. These disorders 'want' adoration. You don't get a lot of that on the back end of garbage truck as a worker.

Paul Babiak and Robert Hare wrote about this in their book 'Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths Go to Work.' The book examines the rise of white collar psychopathy in our country and in the work place. Some forms of pathology hide very well within their careers and success. A subconscious belief system is "If they are successful, they must be ok."

A degree from Yale means he's smart. It doesn't mean he's safe. A doctor that saves 'others lives' doesn't mean he won't take yours. Clergy who will pray for others souls doesn't mean he isn't soul-deadening in a personal relationship.

We only have to look at the nightly news to see examples in our culture of those within the 'helping profession' who were really predators. Pediatricians who sexually abused children, religious leaders who led the sheep astray, psychologists who had sex with their clients, trusted financial advisers who stole people blind, loving partners who murdered their wives and children.
People who appeared 'normal' or 'successful' to others were disguised dangerous and disordered persons.

Pathologicals with a lot of success and money are often the hardest ones to leave according to their partners. They have more connections, can pay off more bribes,get better outcomes in court, skip on retraining orders, talk their way out of all sorts of legal issues because of who they are, what they have, or who they know. Partners are at a disadvantage when leaving the wealthy pathological.

'They are sicker than we are smart' is a logo we have long taught in Pathology Education. Leaving a successful pathological is often difficult because non-pathological partners can never be as deceitful, conning, or manipulative to fight on their turf. Non-pathologicals don't think in those terms so their sickness ends up as gain for them--up the career ladder, out of the marriage, or anywhere else they want to go.

In the end, success, career, or wealth has NOTHING to do with mental health or your safety. Career is just that. It's what they do for a living or the vehicle in which they hunt their prey.




RE:How I Struggled With This!!
(Date Posted:06/25/2013 4:40 PM)

Thanks HMR. This is an excellent article and really helps.

I always doubted myself while with him because I used to think if he was as crazy as I believed him to b,e how would it be possible for him to have such a high profile job and education. Sometimes I would convince myself(with his encouragement) that I was the crazy one or the unreasonable party.

Well today I can say without a doubt that although he has a high profile position he his bat-@@@@@@ crazy.

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RE:How I Struggled With This!!
(Date Posted:06/28/2013 5:10 AM)

Loved this article HMR.  I have never met so many tossers (don't know if you use that word in your country, sort of similar to w...kers but I just love the word :) ) as I have in the so called "professional fields" and yet the general public are so na├»ve to this.  Having good intelligence (and I even question that) doesn't mean you are mentally healthy.  Far from it I reckon.  Most of them are self delusional and puffed up idiots and trust me, I have sat in many meetings curling up my toes and trying not to vomit.  :) :).  Heaven sent!!!  And yet the idiot I got involved with was none of the above and still I got caught!  In fact, he imitated my disenchantment with these people...... what a move!! 

Feeling very irreverent and cheeky tonight and your post was great!  (Where did it go??) lol

Love to all

Lizzy    xxx

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