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Hep C PathLights
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Title: Hepatitis and Cirrhosis have different stages
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(Date Posted:11/09/2008 17:46 PM)
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When someone has hepatitis, and the doctor says that you're end stage (hepatitis)---------that's totally different than end stage cirrhosis.

Here's what I mean.

Hepatitis has four stages
(Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, Stage 4).
The last stage of HEPATITIS (the 4th stage of hepatitis) cirrhosis.

THEN----Cirrhosis has three stages.
(Stage A, Stage B, Stage C.)

In other words-----You could look at it like this. Here's the order that the stages would go:

Stage 1 Hepatitis- is not cirrhosis

Stage 2 Hepatitis- is not cirrhosis

Stage 3 Hepatitis- is not cirrhosis yet

Stage 4 Hepatitis- is the beginning of cirrhosis

Stage A Cirrhosis- is compensated Cirrhosis (liver is still doing it's job)

Stage B Cirrhosis- is the start of decompensated cirrhosis ("decompensated" means that complications like ascites, encephalopathy, varices, are beginning to happen)

Stage C Cirrhosis- is decompensated, end stage cirrhosis

A person has to be at least Stage B or Stage C cirrhosis, to get "evaluated" for the liver transplant waiting list.

In other words------

Here's two very important things to keep in mind:

Hepatitis has 4 stages (stage 1, stage 2, stage 3, stage 4).......the 4th stage of hepatitis is "cirrhosis". Many people refer to stage 4 hepatitis as "end stage". (But you need to keep in mind that stage 4 hepatitis is just the BEGINNING of cirrhosis)


Cirrhosis has 3 stages (stage A, stage B, stage C)

stage A cirrhosis = compensated cirrhosis
stage B cirrhosis = beginning to decompensate
stage C cirrhosis = decompensated cirrhosis (end stage cirrhosis)

Stage A cirrhosis (compensated cirrhosis) means that the liver is still doing enough of it's keep you relatively well. No "complications" happening.

Stage B cirrhosis (beginning of decompensation) means that "complications" are beginning to appear. Examples of "complications" are ascites, or varices, or encephalopathy.

Stage C cirrhosis (decompensated cirrhosis) means that the liver is not able to do it's job......."complications" (ascites, varices, encephalopathy) are worsening.

Doctors use a CTP Scorecard to determine what stage of cirrhosis that a person is in. The CTP Score is based on 5 questions (and gives you a point value for each of your answers).
CTP scores range from 5 to 15.
A person must have at least a CTP score of 7 or higher, in order to get referred to a liver transplant center for an Evaluation.

The evaluation is a series of tests and interviews, to see if a person is a good candidate for transplant.

If a person passes their Evaluation, they are placed on the liver transplant waiting list.

Once a person is on the Waiting List......another scoring system is used (MELD score). The MELD Score is for donor liver allocation.
(Used to see who gets the next available liver) Source:: Hepatitis C outreach project


"By the love of those I've been privileged to rescue, I have been rescued"

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Re:Hepatitis and Cirrhosis have different stages
(Date Posted:11/11/2008 04:09 AM)

Thanks Cj, that is good information (easy to understand) !

I just want to say a few words about Hep-C and drinking alcohol if I may...
People with liver disease (Hep C) should not drink alcohol !
Drinking of alcohol can and will cause further damage to the liver. There are 3 types of damage drinking alcohol causes... alcoholic fatty liver, alcoholic hepatitis, and alcoholic cirrhosis. The amount of damage depends on the amount of alcohol used and how long the drinking continues. The type of alcohol is not important. Beer and wine can be as bad as grain alcohol or liquor.

Alcoholic fatty liver is found in most heavy drinkers. It is the most common liver problem in people with alcohol dependence. The liver is enlarged, firm, and yellowish. The liver cells are swollen with fat. This fat comes from the diet and the body's fat cells. Alcoholic fatty liver is reversible if a person stops drinking alcohol.

Alcoholic hepatitis is inflammation of the liver from alcohol, which can be severe. The liver is enlarged, firm, and yellowish. There is also death of liver cells. Alcoholic hepatitis is the middle step between fatty liver and alcoholic cirrhosis.

Alcoholic cirrhosis is an end-stage disease. If drinking is not stopped, more liver cells die. Scarring occurs throughout the liver. With continued scarring, the liver shrinks, becomes firm, and is no longer able to function. Cirrhosis is permanent, even if a person stops drinking.

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From: USA

Re:Hepatitis and Cirrhosis have different stages
(Date Posted:02/01/2009 15:29 PM)

 I learned something...... cool.!

Back in 1992 or 93 My mother lost weight .She got down to 105.
Trust me that is very,very,very small for my Mother.
She drank a lottttttttt.
Her Doc.told her (after labs)if she did not stop drinking she would die.
Thank goodness she did stop and she has been back to her normal weight since that time.
I never understood how that could happen............Now I do!!!!!!!!
Do not get me wrong I am so thankful that she got better instead of worse.But at the time I had buried my husband in 92 from liver failure.So I was just amazed that she did get better.I had never heard of such a thing at the time. 
 Thanks for the info!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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