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Title: The 21 Minor Chakras
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From: USA

(Date Posted:01/18/2009 18:15 PM)
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There are 21 Minor Chakra centres that are commonly accepted by spiritual healers along with the Major 7.  Other minor points may be found on other parts of the body between the cris-crossing of lights.
The Major Chakras can stretch as far as 10 - 12cm from their heart into the Aura and reach diameters of around 12 - 14cm.  The Minor Chakras only reach about 7 - 8cm in diameter.
Chakras are based upon the premise that our entire bodies are made up of various layers of light and where these rays overlap 14 times, we find the energy centres of the Minor Chakras.
There is a Minor Chakra just behind each of the eyes, these are closely linked with the 3rd Eye Chakra.  The eyes are the windows of the soul and as such act as a gateway between the outside world, or what we see and the way we feel about this on the inside.
Near-sighted people usually prove to be more withdrawn, while far-sighted people tend to be less orientated towards their inner self.  By stimulating and channelling energy through these Chakras we can help address these balances.  This improves the way we look at the world and in return, the way we see other people when they look us deep in the eyes.
These are located on the cheekbones, in front of each ear.  These Chakras relate strongly to the role that the ears play in balancing the two sides of the body. 
Stimulating these Chakras works well to relax the nervous tension around the face, helping to keep your emotions buried when in public if you need to.
Located just below the Throat where the Clavicles meet, this Chakra is associated with the windpipes and bronichial tubes.  It is specifically used in the treatment of bronchitis, diseases of the oesophagus and other respiratory complaints.
The Thymus gland relates to the Heart Chakra, but as this gland is so important to the immune system of the entire body, it is connected to it's own Minor Chakra.
Stimulating the Thymus Chakra directly influences the performance of the gland, strengthening the body's defences and enabling greater feelings of security and well-being to take hold, particularly in the chest area, where our heartfelt emotions are held.
Located just above each breast, these Chakras relate to nutrition and responsibility, if healthy they represent a good balance between the two.  Treatment can improve our relationship with what we take into our bodies and how we convert that into action through responsibility.
Found directly below the Major Chakra, the Minor one relates to the various major glands found in this region of the body.  In particular the purifying qualities of the pancreas are affected by stimulation of this Chakra, improving the quality of the blood and thereby it's circulation around the body. 
This area also governs the mental aspect of the lower body that helps us become more aware of who we are within the universe.
There are two Minor Chakras connected with the spleen, one above the other.  These influence the balance of toxins entering and being released from the body.
Stimulating them influences the spleen through the Chakra, promoting the ability as far as our digestive system is concerned.
This Chakra represents the liver, the largest inner organ in our bodies.  It is absolutely vital in the removal of toxins and waste products and also produces the new chemicals necessary to balance the functions of the other glands of the endocrine system.
Continued Reiki treatment of this Chakra helps to prevent the liver from getting damaged or in the case of an already damaged liver, aids the regenerative process.
The Minor Chakra associated with the stomach relates to the upper and lower side of the large intestine.  Reiki energy helps clear harmful substances that have become deposited in the curves and bends of the intestine that were not eliminated during the digestive process.  Stimulating this Chakra can also aid the digestive process.
Each ovary or gonad has a Minor Chakra, these relate to the emotional aspects of our sexuality and our level of fertility.  As this is a very sensitive area imbalances are quite common.
By opening these Chakras through stimulation, we allow energy to flow at deeper levels in this area, increasing our sexual confidence and promoting the production of healthy eggs and sperm.
Probably the most important of the Minor Chakras, they are essential to the practice of Reiki healing.  It is through the two palm Chakras that Reiki healers give and receive energy and as such their development is a direct influence on our healing abilities.
By opening these Chakras, we are also increasing their connection with the Heart Chakra and thereby increasing our capacity to love and express emotion.
Located in the hollow of each knee joint, these Chakras are associated with certain fears that influence our progress in life.  These can include fear of death, fear of change and fear of losing control over our ego.
Such negative emotions can all be treated through the knee joints, stimulating them increases our flexability and the ability to move forward towards our goals.
These Chakras influence our contact with the Earth and on how connected the rest of our body feels to it.  As well as receiving the energies that keep us grounded, the Chakras also deliver unwanted energies and emotional rubbish back to the Earth.
The more open and stimulated these Chakras are, the more consistent this energy transfer becomes, creating balance and well-being across our entire bodies.  Good stimulation also promotes the growth of the Aura.
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