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Title: Gil Hardy *Adam Cole*
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(Date Posted:08/08/2014 18:04 PM)

Character Information

Real Name: Gilbert David Hardy
Stage Name: Gil Hardy
Face Used: Adam Cole
Hometown: Cameron North Carolina
Height/Weight: 5'11/205 LBS
Marital Status: Dating Maya Lani Spawn

Professional Information

Ring Name: Gil Hardy
Nicknames: The Prince of Extreme
Height/Weight: 5'11/205 LBS
Hometown: Cameron North Carolina
Theme Song: Modest by Peroxwhygen
Alignment: Neutral
Tag/Stable: Damien Hardy/XDI
Marital Status: Dating Maya Lani Spawn
Twitter Handle: @GilHardyBrand

Character Persona
Gimmick: The Prince of Xtreme
Dos and Don'ts: ??????????
Persona: Laid Back but protective of family
Favorite Matches: Tag Team, Singles
Least Favorite Matches: Triple Treat, battle Royals, Elimination Chamber Matches.
Favorite Weapons: Steel Chair, Ladder, Kendo Sticks

Move Set

Moveset (at least 10 or more)
- Irish Whip
- Baseball Slide
- Atomic Drop
- Side Russian Leg Sweep
- Swinging Cutter
- Vertical Suplex
- German Suplex
- Neckbreaker
- Backbreaker
- Leg Drop

Figure Four Leg Lock
- The Ice Pick (Double underhook with body scissors)

Signature Moves
Scoop Brainbustah
- Side Effect

- Xtreme Rising
(Corkscrew Moonsault)
- The Prince Ruling (Reverse DDT)

Ring Entrance


TMWF Accomplishments
North American Champion

General Accomplishments


Gil is the son of Jeff Hardy and Amy Dumas, Gil is the half brother to Ruby Claire Hardy, Christine Nash-Ward, Simon Nash, Bryan Parsons, Chris Parsons, and Sarah Parsons-Ward. Gil is making a return to TMWF after a brief hiatus from wrestling.

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