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Title: XWF
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(Date Posted:07/04/2013 12:10 PM)

Christine had woke up a little late this morning, later than normal. She looked at the time. “Oh shit!” She thought. She hadn’t check on her pet sense she took him dinner. She hurried and dressed and went to the kitchen to make some breakfast. She decided he should have a good breakfast sense she was taking him out for a little while today. She scrambled some eggs and made some ham and hash browns and 2 pieces of toast. “Wow, seems like old times.” She thought. She poured some milk and put it on a tray. She then headed to the door and sit’s the tray on a table as she unlocks the door.

Inside the room was a Queen sized bed and a night stand. In one corner, had a small table with a couple of chairs. There also was a small bathroom in the room. Matt was sitting at the table looking at a small window that wasn’t big enough to get out of. He was wearing a White Muscle Shirt, Blue Jeans Shorts, and gym shoes with the collar Chris had put on him. He looks over at the door as she walks in.

Chris: Sorry, Breakfast is late.

Matt: It’s ok

Chris: I brought you something good. One cause I am late and two… cause we are going downstairs to work out.

She brings the tray and places it in front of him.

Matt: Looks good.

Chris: Yeah, cooking for you is like old times.

Matt looks confused as he looks at her. He scratches his head trying to figure her out.

Chris: Oh don’t give me that look.

Matt: What look?

Chris: You know what look. You know what is going on.

Matt: No Chris, I am sorry, I don’t.

Chris: You brought this on yourself. Don’t say you didn’t, cause you know you did. Don’t worry, you aren’t dealing with the Angel at the moment. Just me… but she ain’t far. She is watching and she will know when you come out and she will punish if she has to. But for now… you have little old me. Now come on… be a good boy.

She walks over to him and pats his head and he looks at her like she has lost it.

Chris: Eat it all up. We want you to not keep your strength up now don’t we. Unless you want me to feed you. I would do that as well

She smirks as she stand over him.

It isn’t like you aren’t going to get to have fun or anything. We get to go play in the gym. What better place to play. I know Matty likes the gym and likes to work out and be big and strong. Oh yeah… and we have to prepare. Oh yes, prepare for matches. Prepare to play with others. Don’t worry, I am going to keep a close eye on you and make sure my precious pet is take good care of. Oh yes. I will.Matt starts to look concerned. This isn’t the same Christine he was married to. Has she finally fallen off her cracker? He didn’t know what to say or how to react. He was almost afraid of her or what she might do if he even did try and fight her. He finished his breakfast, and Christine smiled.

Chris: Very good boy.

She pats him on the head again.

Chris: Now I will give you a little bit to take care of personal issues while I clean this up. I will be right back. Be a good boy.

She smirks as she grabs all the dishes and puts them on the tray and walks out of the room relocking the door.


(Date Posted:07/04/2013 14:14 PM)

After cleaning all the dishes and eating her own breakfast, Christine pulled her hair up in a ponytail and went back to Matt’s room with the leash in hand. She unlocks the door and walks in.

Christine: Matty, are you ready or do I need to give you a few more minutes?

Matt: Almost done.

Christine: Oh good. I am ready to get down to business. Very serious business.

She cocks her head as she looks at the bathroom as he comes out. She walks over to him and smiles sadistically as she attaches the leash.

Christine: Can’t have you wondering away now can I? Oh no… We must not have that.

She touches his cheek a moment.

Christine: Ok, shall we go!

She turns and starts to skip across the floor pulling Matt behind her. He swallowed hard as he walked behind her wondering how he got into this mess. Was this really his ex? Was this really the women he walked out on for another? She was a nut.

Christine: Oh this will be fun. Just like the old days… working out and getting into the ring. Who knows… maybe the Angel will come out. Oh won’t that be fun. Your old friend surface. Oh but… she ain’t to happy with you. Oh no, no, no… she got angered the moment her mate was ripped away. Yip that she did.

They go into the gym and Christine locks the door placing the key in her shorts. She then turns to Matt.

Christine: Now I will take the leash off… but you try and leave… the angel will come out and you won’t like her when she does. Nope that you won’t.

She reaches up and unhooks the leash and hangs it on a hook by the door before taking his arm and drags him to the back of the gym.

Christine: Go ahead… Free time for Matty! I ain’t gonna let you not have your training time. No, no, no… I am not that mean. I might be a bit crazy… cause I am not that mean. Well, not yet.

She smirks as she goes to do some stretches on the mat as Matt stands there for a moment.

Christine: Go on… We are getting in the ring right now so you might as well use what God gave ya. I plan on giving you a workout in the ring later. Might as well prepare Matty.

She smirks as she Stretches like she is getting ready to run a marathon.

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(Date Posted:07/06/2013 13:04 PM)

She looks down at his hand. He was right, he wasn’t fighting her. He let her put a collar and leash on him and even let her cuff him to the table just to make her feel better. She also knew he was right she needed to eat. She pulled away from him clearing his plate and stuff taking it inside. Then she came back took a couple of bite as he grabs her hand again.

Christine: Yeah I was surprised you didn’t fight more than you did on the roof. But even then… it wasn’t much. Thought it was just cause you thought you would hurt me. Never thought it was cause you gave a damn. I figured you and her broke up. She was a rebound anyway who probably just used you to better her career. But enough about her. Please…still hurts.

Tears roll down her cheek as she talks about that subject. She tries to hide the pain but Matt knew to well it was there. She takes a couple of more bites before pulling away to put her barely touched food up. She returns and walks over to Matt.

Christine: Lets go for a walk.

She leaves the leash on the table, Un cuffs the cuff from the table but attaches it to her right hand. Now Matt was attached to her. He wouldn’t go no where without her. She still didn’t completely trust him yet but Matt notices she wasn’t fighting it as much as earlier when he kissed her. She wasn’t as cold either. She was on the border of his Christine and this new one she had become. She took a deep breath as they walked off the deck and down the path to the lake out back.

Christine: I couldn’t stay at the house anymore… to many memories. Simon saw how I was slipping into this and offered to take the kids. I go check on them… but on days when I can control this. I make sure they want for nothing. I haven’t said anything to them bad about you. I moved out here on the middle of nowhere. To this huge place. I hoped one day… I could bring the kids here. But I had to get past this first which hasn’t happened. I know I haven’t really let you out of the room sense we have been here and I have barely stayed in there sense I brought you a few days ago. But knowing Matt how hurt I was… I really didn’t want to take a chance to get hurt again.

They stop a moment and she looks at him.

Christine: I ain’t saying I am over what happened. It hurt a lot and still does. It isn’t something that goes away just like that. It isn’t like breaking a toy or tool that you can fix easy. No this is deep, very deep. What happened in USW… even FWAR… that wasn’t half as bad as this. We were married either of those times and the situation was so different. No this one was worse cause I was already hurt before and with everything that happened, just confirmed Vince was right. Who would want someone that was broken, Beaten, Bruised and used. No One. You try going thru what I did and the get rejected and see how it feels. You thought USW was bad. No Matt… this was worse. Way worse.

Tears rolled down her face as the pain was coming back… all of it. The rejection, The rape, the beatings she endured while away. She was hurting all over again.

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