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Title: Bryan Russel (Justin Gabriel Face)
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(Date Posted:04/04/2013 10:59 AM)

Please fill everything out, the best you can

Character Information


Bryan Russel


Miami Finest


Justin Gabriel






213 LBS


Born in South Africa but raised in Miami Florida

Theme Song:

Remember The Name by Fort Minor

Marital status:


Twitter name:


Position in the company:


Current Crowd Status:


Character Biography: Bryan Russell is the son of Kevin and Diane Russell, Bryan has a younger brother named Daniel. Bryan is coming to WWEA to work with his close friend Raquel Burke.

Moveset [Minimum of Ten Moves]
2]Spinning Axe Kick
3]Spinning Heel Kick
4]Inverted Face Buster
5]Strong Irish whip
6]Flying Forearm
7]Multiple Elbow Drops
8]Indian Deathlock
9]Mounted Punches
10]Grapevine Choke
11]Springboard neck breaker
12]spinning leg drop
13]Spinning Back Drop
14]High angle sitout powerbomb
15]Canadian Backbreaker
16]The Kojo Cutter
17]Airplane Spin
into Samoan Drop
18]Triple Jump Double Moonsault
19]Hangman's Neck breaker
21]Russian Leg Sweep
22]Flying Leg Drop
23]Standing moonsault
24]Springboard clothesline
25]Multiple kick variations(Big boot, Drop, Jumping corkscrew roundhouse)
26]Inverted hurricanrana
27]Diving splash
28]Sliding Power slam
29]Running European Uppercut
30]Gutwrench Suplex
31]Abdominal Stretch
32]2nd rope Front Dropkick
33]Hangman's Clutch
34]Senton Splash
36]Stiff Knife Edge Chop
37]Back Kick and Downward Lariat
38]Top Rope Lariat
39]Jawbreaker Lariat
40]Slingshot summersault Senton

Submissions [Minimum of Five Moves]

Indian Death Lock
Ankle Lock
Over the Shoulder Leg Lock

Trademark Moves [Minimum of Four]
Springboard Neck Breaker
Over The Shoulder Gut Buster
Jumping Cutter
360 Standing Moonsault

Finishing Moves [Maximum of Two]
Pain Flight (450 Splash)
Miami Driver (450 Leg Drop)

Raquel Burke
Enemies: ???

Detailed Entrance: Remember the name by Fort Minor begins to play as Bryan Russell makes his way out to the ring as the fans Cheer as he makes his way to the ring. As he gets into the ring he taunts the fans as he embraces the cheers from the fans as he smirks as he waits for his opponents.

Additional character info
Cool person

In Ring: Hard worker in the ring that will try to outsmart his opponents

Backstage: Laid back, smooth, swave, he has a confident style but he is down to earth.

Weapons: Ladders, Chairs, Singapore Cain's, Tables

Favorite/Least favorite matches:

Three types of matches the character will excel in.
1. Extreme Type Matches
2. Tag Matches
3. Singles Matches

Three types of matches the character will avoid at all costs.
1. Handicap
2. Battle Royals
3.  Elimination Matches

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