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Title: Touching Your Core of Power
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(Date Posted:02/03/2015 02:24 AM)
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Touching Your Core ofPower

To touch your core we must get into a relaxed state. Forthis exercise you will need the following things:

1. Straight back chair
2. A coffee table (that is free of clutter)
3. A glass of water
4. Incense of any kind and a holder
5. Tranquil (instrumental) music.
Before you begin this meditation, make sure that you start your music, sit inyour chair and light your incense and place it in the holder and then place iton the coffee table, yet out of your direct line of sight.

Place the glass of water before you, and begin to relax.Take as much time as you need to relax before beginning the meditation.

Now we are ready to begin.

Sitting in your chair bring your attention to the glassof water before you. Breathe at your normal pace. Gently gaze at the wholeglass, as well as its contents. Do not strain your vision simply acknowledgethe glass of water with your sense of sight.

As you are gazing at the glass of water, also becomeaware of the music that is playing, as well as any other sound that you mighthear in your surroundings. Simply hear the music while you are staring at theglass of water.

As you are gazing at the glass of water and listening tothe music, also notice the smell of the incense, simply notice that you smellthe incense while gazing at the glass of water and listening to the music.

As you gaze at the glass of water, listening to the musicand smelling the incense, also become aware of your whole body. Simply feelyour whole body, while gazing at the glass of water, listening to the music andsmelling the incense.

Continue in this fashion, seeing the glass of water,hearing the music, smelling the incense and feeling your whole body. You willbegin to feel as if you are being pulled in every direction, while at the sametime your senses will feel as if they are revolving around some unknown center.

Close your eyes and sit in this relaxed state. Let go ofthe senses. Simply sit in this space. You have entered into the core of yourbeing. Don’t think; simply be in this space.

Bring your attention back to your body, and slowly openyour eyes. When you are ready, take a drink from the glass of water and thiscompletes the exercise.

Once again , the goal of touching your core is to linkyou to the source of your power. Overtime and with a little practice, you willbe able to bridge into your core vibration within seconds. Often times, I cantouch my core, simply by hearing everything in my surroundings. I will usuallyfeel a sensation of lightness and hear a static sound in my inner ears, whichlets me know that I have touched my core.

The glass of water at the end of the exercise was onlyutilized to bring the sense of taste into the practice. If you choose to youcan completely forgo this step, however you could also use this final step as amagical spell in its own right. For your first bit of magick, think of aspecific goal, while focusing on the glass of water; see the water as yourgoal; as one and the same. Perform the rest of the exercise the same as before,but around your specific desire, represented as the glass of water.

When you take in the water you will take in your desire,which in time will be fulfilled.

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Jamie Assiah

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