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Title: The Proper Timing for Magick
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(Date Posted:03/06/2014 01:48 AM)
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The Proper Timing for Magick

Author:   TaliesinMcKnight   

Timing is one of the most importantthings to consider when doing magick. Astrology can be likened to a greatcosmic clock. It reflects the cycles and rhythms of nature. The properalignment of the stars, the sun, the moon, and the planets should all be takeninto consideration. Does this sound complex? I assure you it is not ascomplicated as it may sound. In fact, this may reduced to two things: the daysof the week and the cycles of the moon.

The seven planets rule the seven daysof the week. The names even derive from the planets in many differentlanguages. In English these come from the names of the Norse planetary deities.Sunday is the day of the Sun; Monday is the day of the moon; Tuesday is the dayof Tue (Mars) ; Wednesday is the day of Wodan (Mercury) ; Thursday is the dayof Thor (Jupiter) ; Friday is the day of Freya (Venus) ; and Saturday is theday of Saturn. Therefore, for maximum astrological benefit, a love spell shouldbe done on Friday, the day of Venus (planet ruling love) . In the same way,magick involving education may be done on Wednesday, which is ruled by Mercury.The planetary correspondences are as follows:

The Sunrules Sunday and is good for Success, luck, spirituality, knowledge, andhealing. The moon rules on Mondays. This is a good time to do spells forintuition, dreams, astral travel, and communication with spirits. Mars rules onTuesdays. It is a good time for effective magick involving battle, conflicts,protection, strength, overcoming adversity, and binding.

Mercury isthe planet presiding over Wednesdays. This is a time for rituals for education,knowledge, divination, communication, and healing. Thursday is the day ofJupiter, and governs success, prosperity, luck, and leadership. Venus dominatedon Fridays and can bring love, romance, heal relationships, and grant newfriends. Saturday is governed by the baleful influence of Saturn. This planet grants protection, destruction, binding,curses, purification, and overcoming weakness.

Inaddition to the seven days of the week, the seven planets also rule the hoursin the day. There are several different methods to calculating the planetaryhours. One of these involves following the hours from sunrise to sunrise;another divides the hours between sunrise and sunset and divides them into 12sections and the same is done for the period between sunsets. To avoid all themath and difficulty, a very simple and effective system omits this and simplyuses the 24 hours from midnight to midnight. This has worked wonderfully for meand I see no reason to list the other methods. If you would like to examineother methods for calculating planetary hours, that information is readilyavailable online or in other books on magick. For simplicity, just know thatthe planet for the day also rules the hour at 6 am, 1 pm, and 8 pm.

Now, toillustrate this, let us take an example. If you wanted to do a love spell, itwould be a good idea to do this on Friday (the day of Venus) at 8 pm (the hourof Venus) . This acts as a magickal doorway in which the proper astrologicalconditions are right. In this way the magus moves with the cycles and the rhythmsof nature. If one were to bind (or restrict) someone from causing harm toothers, Saturday at 6 am would be a good time. The days and hours should be atleast partially memorized. The easiest way to do this is to simply memorizewhich planets rule each day and to simply remember that the planet for that dayalso rules at 6 am, 1 pm, and 8 pm. In this way, it will not be necessary tolook this up every time one wishes to do a spell!

The phasesof the moon also have an important impact on the effectiveness of magick. Thewaxing (growing) phase and the full moon are good from creative magick andbringing things into your life; the waning (decreasing) phase and the new moonare used for destructive spells and getting rid of things in your life. This isthe most stressed point in ritual timing in the Wiccan tradition.

Theconcept of moving with the phases of the moon is very ancient and is found inmany different cultures. This can be seen as a more important element in timingthan anything else. It is much better to go with the phases of the moon on thewrong day than to do it on the right day of the week and the wrong lunar phase.This aspect of magickal timing should not be over-looked. The full and newmoons are peaks of the creative and destructive cycles. The mid-way points (thehalf moons during increase and decrease) are also times of great magickalpower.

The lastaspect of ritual timing is the moon sign. The moon passes through the 12 signsof the zodiac, remaining in each sign only for a few days. This is not asimportant a consideration as the other 2 timing concerns. Nonetheless, this canlend power to rituals and spells. When the moon is in an Earth sign (Taurus,Virgo, and Capricorn) are good for financial concerns; when the sign is in anAir sign (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius) are ideal for education and spellsconsistent with the characteristics of the element of Air. When the sign is ina Water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) it is a great time for spells thatare connected to the Element of water and to emotions, artistry, andrelationships; While the moon is in a Fire sign (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius)it is a good time to do rituals of a fiery nature.

Theindividual characteristics of the sign (rather than just the element) shouldalso be considered. This is not a very important aspect to magickal timing, sodon’t stress too much over it. As I said before, though, utilizing this canonly help and never hinder!

There areother lesser aspects to astrological timing. These would include the weatherand the current Sun sign. The reason Sun signs are rarely considered is not somuch that it is a weak influence, but rather that it is not practical to waitmonths just to do a spell, when it will probably no longer even be needed or betoo late. This could also be a great aid if followed.

Weather isan issue as well. Storms are usually great for magick because it is a time ofgreat elemental power. Furthermore, if one is doing a ritual involving the Sun,this should be done during the day and when it is sunny. One would assume thiswould go without saying. On the contrary, however, many people fail torecognize this simple concept. After all, it is only common sense. Thus,weather and the Sun sign can lend a lot of extra power to spells, if you wouldonly harness that power with the use of correct ritual timing.

Now thatthis has all been laid down and explained, let us take another example to makesure these concepts are well understood. Let us say that someone is looking fora new job and decides to do some magick to help the job search. The moon shouldbe waxing (this is for bringing things into your life) and the spell may bedone on a Thursday (the day of Jupiter) at 1 pm (the hour of Jupiter) on acloudy day because Jupiter is a sky god. The moon should also be in the sign ofCapricorn. This would be an extremely good time for such a spell. Theconditions are perfect.

Doestiming have to be followed? Of course not! In the preceding example, the job isprobably needed immediately. It would be foolish to wait for the rightconditions during such an emergency. Do spells whenever they are needed.However, WHEN IT IS CONVENIENT, the astrological conditions should beconsidered. If a spell can wait for the perfect conditions, then great. If theyspell can wait a few days for the right day ruled by the proper planet, that isgood too. But if the spell can’t wait that long, then do it now. The spell canbe repeated when the stars, sun, and moon are aligned right if needed. Thespell will still work. The point is lending extra power to your spells. That’sit.

Followingthe cycles and rhythms of nature is also another way of aligning oneself withthe universe. In the ancient Mystery Traditions, from which magick derives, Manwas seen as a reflection of the cosmos. One is moving in accordance with theuniverse. We are moving with the tides of nature. Can magick be done againstthese cycles and still be effective? Sure. But it is like swimming against acurrent. Why not “ride with the tide”? It may even carry you a ways if youwould only let go and let the currents of the Great Mother take you. Thus, inmagick we try to follow the ways of Nature. Magick is merely using Her ways.

Remember,that which separates the initiate from the vulgar is simply that the occultistis aware of the laws of the universe and uses them to his or her advantagewhile others do not use this power that lies in their hands.

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