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Title: The General Rules of Succesful Magick
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(Date Posted:12/25/2008 16:21 PM)
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The General Rules of

Succesful Magick

  1. Every action has an equal reaction. This is not a moral law, It is a scientific one, therefore the Wich should think long and hard before doing any magick. To help choose what action to take, many Witches use a divination tool before casting any spell or performing a working ritual. Within this rule lie two pthers: Never target the innocent, and never use magick to take something from someone else. In both cases the repercussions are vast and rightley cruel. It's just not worth it, from anyones stand point.
  2. The longer you practice magick, the more adept you will become. No one is ever an instant magi. You can't read one book, do three spells, and become and expert. Practice,study, and hard wok makes close to perfect. There are no exceptions.
  3. As best you can, keep your thoughts and actions pure.Yes, everyone makes mistakes, everyone gets angry, and everyone has bad days where nothing goes their way-- thats life. However, the purer your intentions, the more guarantee you have of success. To teach students about purity and the need for it, The Wiccan religion incorporated such practices as cleansing, consecration, empowerment, circlcasting, and sacred space. Learning how to successfully accomplish thee procedures also helps you reach the purity of mind neededand enforces the focus necessary to perform, fast, acurrate magicks when you need them.
  4. What you think, you create.  Your mind is the key that opens the door to unlimited magickal applications. This is why Wiccan religion urges you to release negitive thoughts on a daily basis, Learn to think positivley rather then negatively, and teaches its students creative visualization, meditation, and energy work, and tries to concentrate on harmony rather than chaos.
  5. What you believe, you will manifest. This rule is linked to the one above. "Belief is the Key". You can do all sorts of magick, make petitions to that which runs the universe, and drum until your arms ache, but if you don't beleive that a change can manifest, it won't. Belief is a knowing, a certianty, that what you desire will occur. If this is confusing, think about something you truley believe in or about. How so you feel when you think o those things? That millisecond of comfortablelity, that feeling of perfect peace is belief and your connection to the divine, and that's what you want to capture in each and every spell or ritual.
  6. Magick works better if added to a spiritual foundation. In some experiences, you will be able to manifest your desires faster if you attach magick to some sort of spiritual anchor-- like, Wicca, Druidism, Voodoo, Santeria, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, etc. Some of these religions, like Witchcraft, fit well with magick, where others, like Chrisyanity, require the seeker to wade through a tremondous amount of dogma to find sure footing. This is not to say you can't be a Christian and work magick-cerimonials magicians do it all the time. The choice is ultimatley yours.
  7. Magick does ot replace hard work. You can't do a spell and expect the wprld to bow at your feet. Of you want a good grade on your homework, then you have to do the research, write out what is required, and hand it in on time. You can, however, use magick to persevere, find information, and remove any stress associated with that work.
  8. Do not use magick for illegal gain, and don't use anything in circle that might have been stolen. It literally dirties the magick and will backfire on you.


The following are the most common rules you will find in Wiccan magickal practices.

  • Cast a magick circle in preparation for magick or ritual work.
  • Use a divination tool before working magick
  • Always walk clockwise within the magick circle.
  • Be respectful in circle. Honor the gods and those within the circle. If you are angry with someone, either solve the problem before entering the circle, put aside your argument, or simply do not stand in circle with that person.
  • Never attack the innocent.
  • Try your best to work for the highest good. When in doubt, ask spirit to guide your thoughts.
  • Do not mess with another person's fee will. Now this one, like the "and it harm none" rule, also a sound-bite representation of a rather large idea. For example, if you wanted to be editor of the school newspaper and the position was open, you would compete with others for the slot. If we took this rule literally, then you could not work agick to get the editor job because other people want it, too. Your work would technically be against their free will. However, this rule basically means that you can't work to take something away from someone, or make them do something they don't want to do( as in making a person love you by using magick).
  • Never call anything into the circle that you have not researched first, which goes along with the adage of not calling up what you can't put down.

As metioned earlier you'll find lots of rules on the Craft- some that refer to ethics, some to magick, and others that relate to the government of a coven or magickal group. Regardless or the religion you use to sustain you trouhout yor life, if the rules make sense to you and appear to have been made to help you, then those rules are most likely sound and you can work with them.

If the rules seem absurd, are against your moral judgement, or are somehow distasteful, then take a second look at these rules and try to find out where they came from and why they are in practice. Such rules may not be genral ones that most adherents of that faith follow, and are simply there because of someone's  folly.


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