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Title: Magic
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(Date Posted:03/15/2009 15:10 PM)
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And yes, that's spelled correctly

There is an essence that runs though all things, a power that is part of the divine. It unites every thing with every other thing, and so we are all at some level connected. We tap into that essence when we attempt to get closer to our gods, or when we work magic. A belief in magic is an intrinsic part of Wicca, although it's practice is not. Most Wiccans do practice magic, but it is not required.

Modern society tries to tell us that the belief in magic is superstitious and silly, and some people's perceptions of it are. You're never going to shoot lighting from your fingertips, nor will you win the lottery because you lit a green candle. And you're certainly not going to become the Big Pooh-Bah of Magic because you picked up a copy of spells from some Big Name Pagan.

Magick just does not work the way that people of today want it to. Magick has it's limitations and it's uses. It is not here to solve every aspect of life's problems and challenges and it is not a replacement for facing and accepting your responsibilites. Magick has it's place and the results do not come without hard work and extreme dedication to your respected traditions. The results of Magick are also not going to just present themselves to you [in] an extremely visual manner. 1

Magic requires dedication, concentration, and belief. If reading someone else's spells let's you better focus on other things, so be it, but there are just as many practitioners who write their own spells because it helps them focus on the task at hand.

Magic works better on yourself than on other people. Some people write this off as psychological, and perhaps they're right. The effort you put into a spell makes you much more aware of the change you want in yourself. I prefer to think that the line between sciences like psychology and magic simply isn't as hard as some people believe.

Intuition and some things written off as coincidence can be a part of everyday magic. Then again, some things really are just coincidence.

Prayer, miracles, and magic are all inherently the same thing, approached by different avenues. I find it amazing how many people believe in the power of the first two but not in the third. Whether you fold your hands and pray to God or cast a circle and invoke the Goddess, you are directing divine attention in the direction you wish it go.

Now, as to that bizarre "k" in "magick": 

"Including the "k" differentiates magick you do with directed thought, candles, herbs, oils, stones, and incense, from the magic with a "c" that a magician does on stage strictly for entertainment purposes...To be quite honest, the other reason I prefer to spell magick with a "k" is just because it looks neat, different, & unique." 2

I'm not astounded you do this. I'm just astounded you actually said it.

Aleister Crowley is the one responsible for adding the word "magick" to the occult vocabulary. I've read various theories as to why, including the mystical significance of the numbers 6 (the number of letters in "magick") and 11 (K is the 11th letter of the alphabet), that he wished to distance himself from the magic (no "k") practiced by the Order of the Golden Dawn, and the much spouted insistence that it is to differentiate real magic from stage magic.

You know, I've discussed magic in religion and history classes for years, and not once has anyone ever confused Celtic beliefs with David Copperfield.

Whatever the reason, I'm damn sure Crowley never used the truly absurd term "magickian".

The real reason most people speak of "magick" is that which the Bunny above confessed to. Likewise, that reason has generated such English language abominations as "majik", "majick", "magik", and "majic". It's an attempt to be "kewl".

  "'Magick' is the correct, historical spelling."
Yes, "magick" was once considered an acceptable spelling of the word, just as "olde" was an acceptable spelling of "old". That doesn't make you any less pretentious now. About three hundred years ago all sorts of words ending in "ick" lost their "k". A couple hundred years before that English didn't even have standard spellings. Try reading the original Robin Hood stories or Chaucer's Canterbury Tales in their original English. The varying spellings make them almost unreadable.

And for the record, Gerald Gardner used the term "magic" in his books.

-source unknown-

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