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Title: Virgo (Aug. 24 - Sept. 23)
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(Date Posted:09/05/2014 01:08 AM)
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Virgo (Aug. 24 - Sept. 23)


The Virgin is verydetail oriented and therefore a worrier. They are critical and skeptical, asthey draw boundaries and categorize others. At the same time they are mosthelpful as well as modest. The Virgo is practical, industrious, efficient,intelligent, spirited, thorough, methodical, exacting, precise,detail-oriented, observant, work and service oriented, painstaking, pragmatic,discreet, health and cleanliness conscious, mentally active, and flexible.


Greatest Gift:Understanding, Objective

Birthstone:Peridot, Sapphire

Gemstone: PinkJasper, Sapphire, Rhodochrosite

Colours: Blue, Grey

Metal: Gold

Zodiac Symbol: TheVirgin

Zodiac Element:Earth

Zodiac Quality:Mutable

Planet: Mercury

Astro Medical: DigestiveSystem

House: 6 th House

Chakra Energies:For Today

Yin-Yang Quality:Yin Energy

Chinese equivalentis the Rooster


Crystals for Virgo.


Choose a stone that will help bring balance



This Virgobirthstone helps with communication, insight, intuition, clairaudience,inspiration, spiritual prayer/devotion, and peacefulness. Strongest if next toskin. especially good at the Throat Chakra. Sapphire represents wisdom, will,centering, cheerfulness, luck. Reduces anxiety and procrastination. Use forprotection. May strengthen by posing challenges to overcome. Lessens tensionand aligns the mental, physical, and spiritual planes.



A Virgo birthstone,this stone is traditionally used for health, wealth, and protection. Helpsunderstand relationships and other realities. Alleviates depression, anger,fear, jealousy, anxiety. A visionary stone. Helps connect us to our destiniesand to an understanding of the purpose of existence.



This stonerepresents prosperity. Great over a door to bring in new business. It iswonderful for entrepreneurs and those in sales. This hope stone is important tohave when starting a new business or financial venture. A gentle friendly,calming, soothing stone, which opens throat, heart, and solar plexus Chakra.Used for self-expression, artistic creativity and healing.


Clear Quartz

This gem is thoughtto amplify both body energy and thoughts. It can assist in the creation ofpower, clarity of thinking, meditation, cleansing, clearing the aura, spiritualdevelopment and healing. Clear Quartz is considered the "stone ofpower". Use this stone to increase understanding.



This stone is mostfamous as an amazing over all healer for illnesses in the physical body andmental/emotional issues. Turquoise is known as a stone of protection andcommunication on every level. Use turquoise at the Throat Chakra, toencouraging communication between heart and mind as well as expressing yourdesires and dreams.



This stone assistsin matters of depression and matters of love. Consider the color combinationsas red stimulates, brown is grounding, black is absorbing, and white ispurifying. The colors do not cancel each other out. They do, however, buffereach other and maintain a median balance that allows you to affect change.



This stonerepresents confidence, boldness, initiative, dramatic abilities, assertivenessand outgoing. Precision, analysis, stimulates appetite, encourages celebrationand brings awareness of feelings. It is the stone of passion and sexuality andis associated with the Sacral/Spleen Chakra. This stone helps you feel anchoredand comfortable with your surroundings.



seems to enableabundance and brings good luck and money, joy, balance and clarity. Universallove, truth and prosperity are traits we can gain by working with Aventurine.This stone is good to have when job interviewing, selling products, or playlotto. This stone helps to stable financial matters, especially when times aretough. Keep it around when paying bills or making business transactions.


Sodalite: A Stone for Meditation


Properties: This stone is most recognized for healing,meditation and wisdom. This a good stone for general communication for self andwriting. It is used for expressing logic and ideas due to its connection withthe Throat Chakra. It is also used at the Brow Chakra due to the fact that itcan access fine levels of intuitive information and promote the understandingof these concepts. It is also known to enhance community relationships.Considered a stone that is still evolving, sodalite can strongly affect changesin your attitude about yourself. It helps you be more objective and lesscritical about ways of dealing with existence. It is a stone associated withstudying. This stone should be worn or carried around as a touch stone for along period of time in order to reap its full benefits.

Folk Remedies: Known for balancing body energy levels via thyroid, pituitary,lymph, and other glands. Helps insomnia, as well as neck, mouth, hearing, andblood sugar issues. This stone is cooling and is used for drawing outinfections, cooling burns, sinus inflammation and high blood pressure.Suggested for balancing the metabolism. Beneficial for the cleansing organs andcan boost the immune system. Effective in combating the effects of natural andartificial radiation and is recommended for those who work around X-rayequipment or are involved with radioactive material. This stone's Latin name,sodanum is said to mean "a cure for headaches". Too much of thisstone can be exacerbating to anyone who is already in a long termed depressedstate.

Feng Shui: Used in the East area for community, in the Southwest forrelationships, Northeast for wisdom, North for career and South for success.

Crystal Cleansing: method 1 - 3 and method 5 - 7

History: Sodalite (Na4Al3Si3O12Cl) is found in North America, as well as inBrazil and France. The mineral structure of Sodaite often makes it confusedwith Lapis Lazuli. Sodalite is named for its high sodium content and often hasveins of white.

Andrew Pacholyk MS L.Ac
Therapiesfor healing
mind, body, spirit

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