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Title: The Stone of Samhain
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(Date Posted:10/31/2009 12:36 PM)
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The Stone of Samhain: Obsidian

Samhain is the time of transformation.The doors between the worlds are
Open and magic is afoot. For many witches, Samhain is the New Year.On
This day we release the old, no longer serving, and bring in the new.We
Project for what we want in the coming year as our spiritual ancestors
Prepared for the winter months.As we do magic and make resolutions to
Invite this change, we can call upon some helpers.Patron gods,
Goddesses and spirit guides are all aiding in our transformation.I find
It helpful calling upon physical aids in my spells, particularly
Crystals and power stones. Obsidian is an excellent stone for Samhain.

Astrologically, the Sun enters the sign of Scorpio before this holiday.
Scorpio is powerful energy.In its highest form, Scorpio eliminates the
Unwanted to bring about transformation through rebirth.The scorpion is
Transformed in the spiritual phoenix, the undying bird of fire.Obsidian
Is a stone of Scorpio.

As both Samhain and its sign are associated with death, change and the
Color black, Obsidian is a black volcanic glass.It cooled so fast, the
Minerals within it had no time to form any crystal structures.Depending
On the minerals within, shades and reflections of Obsidian vary greatly.
When the light reflects off the glass, it may have a black, gold, blue,
Green, red, purple,
Gray, brown or rainbow tint to it.Inclusions of the mineral Phenocryst
Create white patches, creating snowflake obsidian.

Magically, Obsidian is used for change.The various colors influence the
Work of the stone. Green tones are more helpful with love and healing.
Purple brings peace and blue works with prosperity.Rainbow is my
Favorite because it is so versatile.

Wishes made when holding obsidian are extremely powerful.Be careful
What you ask for when using this stone.The shiny black surface is great
For scrying and crystal gazing, particularly when asking questions about
Your life and any changes.The answers and images tend to be strong and
Very blunt. Obsidian can show the darker shadows within you.On the
Gentler side, this is a very grounding stone, aligning you within the
World tree, from the Sky Father down to the center of the Earth Mother.
Obsidian is also for protection.It grounds and neutralizes harmful and
Unwanted energies.During healing sessions, it can draw out and
Neutralize the energies causing illness and imbalance, and help ground
One in the physical to maintain the newfound health.

The Aztecs made magic mirrors from obsidian, along with sharp edged
Weapons.Tezcatlipoca, the smoking mirror, is their deity linked to
Obsidian. He is the dark god, representing the destructive principal.
Sometimes he would take the form of a headless man, with chest like
Cabinet doors.They would open to reveal his heart and then slam shut,
Making a noise like an axe striking a tree.If you could reach in and
Snatch his heart without getting caught, he would grant you a wish.
Tezcatlipoca is the father of witches.Although not usually called upon
By traditional witches in Samhain celebrations, I think Tezcatlipoca and
His stone are excellent patrons for the festival of transformation.I
Suggest a ritual passing a piece of obsidian around the circle as each
Member makes their New Year's wishes and resolutions on it.The stone
Will only add to the power of the ritual.Good luck and blessed be! 

By Christopher Penczak

This article was published on Thursday 30 October, 2008.
I Have Permission!
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