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Title: Healing Arts and Pagan Studies ~ Decadent Diamonds
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(Date Posted:01/08/2015 06:18 AM)
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Healing Arts and Pagan Studies ~ Decadent Diamonds


Properties: When considering the use of a diamond for healingpurposes, one must ignore its monetary value and concentrate upon the stone'sunique relationship with energy. It is frequently combined with other gems orcrystals. If used with

an aquamarine, adiamond will increase the cleansing properties and mental soothing thataquamarine helps to produce. If worn or carried alone, diamond will amplify theenergy of the wearer. Unfortunately, this includes any negative

energy the wearermight possess as well. The energies of emeralds, amethyst and quartz areespecially amplified by diamonds.


Diamonds powerfullyabsorb and amplifies thoughts/attitudes of its user, other gems, and wearer'sstrengths and weaknesses. Diamonds enhance prosperity, generosity vs. miserlyattitudes. It encourages love vs. distrust and spirituality vs. lust and immediategratification. Used with loving and clear

intent. Diamondclears blocks, opens the Crown Chakra to enhance spirituality, love and peace.This stone encourages clarity, trust and confidence. Diamond is the lucky stonewhich attunes to Leo and is one of the 9 sacred Vedic stones

associated withVenus.


Folk Remedies: Some literature contends that it must be cleansethoroughly as it can hold our previous attitudes, thoughts and emotions. Theancients also used

it for detoxing.


Feng Shui: Diamonds are used in the Southeast area for wealth,Southwest for love, the North for personal journeys and the East forcommunities.

Crystal Cleansing: Diamond do not need to be cleansed or charged. They canbe lightly polished with a soft cloth.


History: Diamonds are the oldest and hardest crystal on theplanet. Diamonds C + (Al, Ca, Fe) are pure carbon. They are formed belowvolcano's under extremely high pressure at a temperature of over 1,300 degreesC forming cubes and

octahedrons. Theking of all stones, diamonds have become famous for their cut, color, clarity,brilliance and not to mention the fame, murder, mystery, intrigue andmisfortune associated with them.


By:Andrew Pacholyk,MS, L.Ac

From: GrannyMoon’sMorning Feast Archives

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