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Title: Astrological Event: Total Lunar Eclipse April 14th, Change and Crystals
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(Date Posted:04/14/2014 01:03 AM)
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Astrological Event: Total Lunar Eclipse April 14th, Changeand Crystals


April 14 and intothe early hours of April 15 there will be a total lunar eclipse. The Waningmoon will be completely immersed in the Earth's shadow. Astronomers in Northand South America will best be able to viewthis eclipse, which should last for 75-80 minutes.


A lunar eclipseoccurs when the earth comes between the moon and the Sun, cutting off the lightof the Sun from the moon. A lunar eclipse is always on a full moon andrepresents an ending or culmination points. They bring up memories, reoccurringdreams and powerful emotions. A lunar eclipse of the moon can help us toanticipate major changes that are forthcoming in our own lives. it is a momentwhen the effects of the full moon are very much amplified, while the South Nodeof the moon is getting enlightened by the Sun, and the North Node, brings forthour deepest aspirations and intuitions toward our spiritual meaning in thislife.


An eclipse of themoon has to do with the mentalities and should only be interpreted in contextwith the rest of the dream; it could also be your souls way of telling you tokeep your head in tense situations. A lunar eclipse of the moon can help us toanticipate major changes that are forthcoming in our own lives. it is a momentwhen the effects of the full moon are very much amplified, while the South Nodeof the moon is getting enlightened by the Sun, and the North Node, brings forthour deepest aspirations and intuitions toward our spiritual meaning in thislife. This energy brings issues and situations into clarity and brings forthsudden endings... all for our greatest good.


Often eclipseenergy instigates pushes us forward and gives us warnings of what is ahead.Eclipses can be challenging energy to navigate but they also reveal truths tous which forces us to grow and become more conscious, as we move forward inareas where we have been stuck. Eclipses are a dramatic and effective tool thatUniverse uses to create change.


Our lives are madeup of the building blocks of change.


Change creates theperson we must grow to be. Change happens for a reason. That reason is to allowus possibilities we may not have seen in the first place. This can be traumaticor it can be less so.


The single mostimportant point you can make about change is that in most cases it's not whatfaces you that's the problem, it's how you react to it.


How you react isdetermined by how you perceive a particular change. The Chinese word for crisisis "weiji". Two characters that separately mean danger andopportunity. Every problem we encounter in life can be viewed that way. It is achance to show that we can handle it. Changing the way you think, can change alife of stress and discomfort to a life of challenge and excitement.


Change shows itselfin many forms. The move to a different career, by choice or not, the loss of aloved one, the loss of a relationship, the move to a new home or simply thechange in the weather and how we feel.


It is important toembrace the transition!. Struggling, kicking and screaming and dragging yourheals will only prolong trying to control the uncontrollable. Learn torecognize strengths you may have overlooked. Embrace optimism and reform yourold belief system. Honor the new you, which you are transforming into.


Crystals Associated withthe Dark Moon


Embracing theenergies of the moon can be a great tool when you are doing any kind ofempowerment work. The moon has a powerful relationship to our lives. The moon'sinfluence can be seen by its connection to the Earth's tides. There is aconnection to the moon and the intuitive aspect of one's nature. The phases ofthe moon relate to seasons, color, menstrual cycles, life cycles and along withthe sun, the moon's energy is a higher conductor and amplifier of our moods andemotions.




Properties: areusually solid, dull, mottled, brownish to black. Non-iron varieties amplifythoughts/telepathic sending/receiving, greater awareness, some connection toextraterrestrial life. Odd/unusual energy, best used by those drawn to them.Some believe that since Meteorites are in tune with the energies of the cosmosand therefore more capable of raising our energies to a universal level. Othersbelieve that that since they have no connection to Earth. Perhaps a reasonableway to approach this stone is to try and tune into its energy on an intuitivelevel and decide whether or not it would play a good role in your life. (Thisis a good rule for all stones or gems of the Earth as well).


Black Moonstone:


Properties: I loveworking with this stone for the new moon. It is a great crystal for finance andprosperity. It will help attract a gradual increase in your finances and youwill begin to feel more financial security. Like the new moon, changing to thefull moon, black moonstone is symbolic of this "new moon beginning"and the ideal time to plant the seeds of good intentions in order to watch themgrow. Black moonstone will help to improve concentration, particularly infrenzied workplaces. Your home and relationships will feel more grounded andsettled when black moonstone is in use. It enhances intuition and inner knowingand connects you to understanding your feelings and emotions. Black Moonstonecan be used for general psychic protection. Black Moonstone goes well withrainbow moonstone, black obsidian, jet and labradorite. Black moonstone willalso help to increase stamina. It is associated with the earth element, thezodiac sign of Aquarius and the Root Chakra.




Properties:Obsidian is actually natural glass that is formed when hot lava is submerged inwater. This is a strong grounding stone and is known as "theprotector". It is said to "mirror one's soul. This stone brings aboutobjectivity, dis-attachment and is grounding. It reduces fantasy and escapism.Absorbs and dissolves anger, criticism, fear, and therefore is protective. Thisunusual black stone absorbs darkness and converts it to white light energy. Itis a warm and friendly stone, which is used at the Root Chakra, encouragingones survival instincts and is grounding. Black obsidian brings higher Chakralight into lower ones; cleanses and uplifts. Changes fear into flexibility withthe advent of change.




Properties: is atype of natural glass, chemically and structurally unique, of meteoric origin.Tektites are found on earth within a narrow equatorial belt 80 degrees wide.They have been found in Thailand, Australia, Vietnam and the Philippines. Tektitesusually have a heavily pitted surface. Many have the appearance of beingstretched while in a molten state. They appear black, but when held up to thelight, you can sometimes see a golden tint in translucent areas around theedges. Assists one in attaining knowledge and learning lessons throughout thetravels of life. Balances the feminine/masculine, provides insight, strengthensone's energy field. Can stimulate thought transmissions.


Black Tourmaline:


Properties: Thekeyword for this crystal is Alignment. As a grounding stone, black tourmalinecan be used whenever energy feels scattered and disconnected. It therefore,bring awareness back to a grounded state of mind. Tourmaline does not absorbnegative energy. It repels it. It is the best crystal to use against the illeffects of low frequency and high frequency electromagnetic waves (EMF) andprotects against smog, radiation, psychic attacks and repels all kinds ofnegative energy. It grounds energy as it is connected to the Root/Base Chakra. Whenthe tourmaline is rubbed it becomes charged with magnetic electricity.Electromagnetic fields are present everywhere in our environment but areinvisible to the human eye.  A valuable stone for crises and for periodsof extreme stress. Helps you defend against debilitating diseases. Stronglysuggested for persons with weakened immune systems. Black tourmaline is awonderful stone for coping with grief as it is a valuable stone for crisis andfor periods of extreme stress and times of intense difficulty.


Andrew Pacholyk MSL.Ac

Therapies forhealing

mind, body, spirit

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