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Title: The Celtic Tree Month of Holly
CottageMagick   Celtic Lore
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(Date Posted:07/25/2014 00:43 AM)
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The CelticTree Month of Holly



The month of Holly or Tinne runs fromJuly 8th until August 4th.


Holly has long been associated withdeath and rebirth in both Pagan and Christian lore and plays an important partof the Winter Solstice. In one Arthurian tale Gawain (representing the Oak Kingbattles with the Green Knight who is armed with a holly club that is the symbolof winter. Both the Holly and the Oak are important during the Summer Solstice.During this time the Sacred White Horse of Oak transforms into the Unicorn ofHolly. In ancient Romeholly was thought to ward against lightning strikes and keep witches away. Itwas also a popular gift to give friends during the Saturnalia, which wascelebrated during the Winter Solstice.



Holly is an evergreen shrubby tree,easily recognized by it's shiny dark green toothed leaves and blood redberries. This plant is considered POISONOUS and should not be ingested!! Hollywas used for the crafting of wheel shafts for chariots and spear shafts aswell. The wood of the holly is white and particularly fine grained and closelyresembles ivory. The berries can be used to make dye



Holly can be used for spells rest,sleep and to ease the passage of death. Holly should also be used whenattracting a familiar. It is said that a man who carries a bag of holly leavesand berries will attract women. It is also said that the ancient Druids advisedpeople to take holly boughs into their homes during the cold season as shelterfor the fairies and other little people.



Those born during this month arestrongly connected to the earth and can have amazing physical strength. Theirmatter of fact solidness and generous spirit is admired and respected byothers. Holly people also tend to be very religious or spiritual in an advancedway, and they are usually the last to see it. They are honest, hardworking,truthful and pretty tolerant of most situations. They are the person you wanton your side during a fight, if the cause is just one. They see both sides ofan argument and will only take sides if they have to.


As a magickal name Holly is veryfestive and would be good for a sexy and attractive person. Someone who choosesthis name knows they have a temper and can become "prickly" whencrossed.




Folk Names for Holly: Tinne(evergreen)
Element: Earth
Deities: Dana, Nuada, Gaia, Ceres, Persephone, Thor, Indra


Ogham symbol: Tinne
Associated Tree: Holly
Colors: Dark Gray
Animals: War Horse
Key Word: Balance


Written by CatSister/LBolotin 2010from the following resources:
The New Book of Magickal names by PhoenixMcFarland
Flower and Tree Magic by Richard Webster

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