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Title: Three retrograde planets bring us to a tipping point
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(Date Posted:02/09/2014 03:04 AM)
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Threeretrograde planets bring us to a tipping point


Jeff Jawer on the topics of venus retrograde,retrograde planets, mercury retrograde, blogs, astrology

2014 is getting off to a sluggish start that may requireus to be more patient through the end of May. The year began with sociableVenus in reverse. This planet of love, pleasure, peace, and harmony wasretrograde in orderly Capricorn until January 31. She’s just now picking upspeed to put a bit more forward thrust into matters of desire, self-worth andpartnership. Her retrograde period, which started on December 21, 2013,corresponded with delays in financial, artistic and romantic matters. But onthe plus side, it has also been a time to review and re-evaluate our needs inthese areas of life.


On February 6 mental Mercury turns retrograde, startingits reversal in dreamy Pisces and ending it on February 28 in quirky Aquarius.These thrice annual, 3-week-long Mercury Retrograde periods are known as timeswhen dealing with data, messages, travel, and technology tend to be morecomplicated. This is especially likely to be the case when this retrogradestarts in Pisces, where thinking is softened with feelings and diffused withfaith and fantasy. It’s easy to get lost in fog banks of illusion, yetimagination and intuition should flourish. Mercury then backs into airyAquarius on February 12, which can sharpen thinking if we value simple answersmore than complicated theories.


The next personal planet getting on the backwardmerry-go-round is Mars. Usually, he’s an assertive warrior driving us to takerisks, initiate action and penetrate into new territory. However, Mars enteredLibra last December, which cooled off some of the power and passion of thisfiery planet. This is a little like a retrograde influence because Mars’ usualspontaneity and drive can be blunted by indecision and lassitude in cool Libra.

On March 1, though, the transformation of this primalplanet takes another turn when it begins moving retrograde. Mars will backpedalin Libra until May 21, and is unlikely to regain full force until it enters itswatery home sign Scorpio on July 26. This doesn’t mean that we’re going to be frozenin our tracks until then. Life goes forward even when the planets do not, butfinding traction and getting new projects off the ground might be morechallenging. Relationship-oriented Libra requires bridge-building to mendwounded partnerships or to create new ones. Reaching out to people in sociallyskillful ways now will be beneficial in the long run. The trick is to doubleback to make sure that you’re current with the needs of potential allies, andare willing to revise and renegotiate the terms of your alliances during Mars’retrograde period.

Findyour anchor

It’s worth noting that Mercury, Venus and Mars are moreabout how we think, what we like, and what we do, rather than who we are. Theyare planets of means — the ways that we connect intellectually, socially andphysically. It is natural to identify with our thoughts, desires and actionsand, of course, the circumstances in which we find ourselves. But if you findyou are struggling during these retrogrades, it’s helpful to step back and finda less entangled place in which to see yourself. Tune into your heart (Sun) andgut (Moon), as well as your beliefs (Jupiter) and commitments (Saturn) to findmore solid ground upon which to stand. Adapting to the shifting patterns ofthese retrograde planets is much easier when the core of self (Sun and Moon)and our aspirations and ambitions (Jupiter and Saturn) remind us of who we areand what we stand for.

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