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Title: Sun in Pisces
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(Date Posted:02/19/2014 05:46 AM)
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Sun in Pisces

It’stime to reconnect with your spiritual side

  Tarotcom Staffon the topics of sun, pisces, astrology

It’s time to wrap up another astrological year! When theSun moves into Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, from February 18 to March20, it signals the ending of one cycle before the next begins at the SpringEquinox.

And what do you do when something ends, before you beginagain? Rest! That’s why the Sun in Pisces is considered a time to dream andheal and regain strength before starting the new cycle.

Pisces is symbolized by two Fish, which we like to call“the fishes with wishes.” The fish are swimming in opposite directions, whichis representative of the Pisces paradox. This sign is at once caught betweenfeeling the harshness of reality and the desire for dreamy escapism.

It’s normal to feel more spiritual while the Sun is inPisces. It’s easier to tap into your intuition and we’re more inclined tofollow our instincts and surrender to something greater than the individualself. But it can also be a lazy, daydream-filled period, so we must keep ourescapist tendencies in check.

Those born from about February 15-21 were born on theAquarius-Pisces cusp, and those born from about March 18-22 were born on thePisces-Aries cusp. Being born on the cusp simply means that you were bornduring the transition time between two  zodiac signs, so you retain somequalities from each sign.

If we can embrace empathy for others without lettingtheir pain make us feel victimized while the Sun is in Pisces, this promises tobe a very healing time.

Here’show to make the most of life with the Sun in Pisces:

Whatto do: Take care of someone! Pisces is the most compassionate and caring zodiacsign, so they are at their best when doing something kind for others. Adoptthis admirable Pisces quality now and use it to ease someone’s pain.

Whatto say: Something poetic. The dreamy fishes are artsy and creative, so now’s thetime to channel your inner Pisces poet and write or speak something beautifulto someone you love.

Whereto go: Bed! Pisces can sometimes be called “lazy,” but really they just need asafe place to lie down, close their eyes and dream the day away. If you findyour mind meandering while the Sun is in Pisces, give yourself permission totake a sweet little nap.

Whatto wear: Who cares?! Seriously. Life is not about what we wear, it’s about who we are. That’s the typicalPisces mindset, of course, so if you’re tired of dressing for success, this isa good time to slack into some sweats and forget about fashion while you followmore spiritual pursuits.

Whatto buy: Anything that will help you feel more connected to your spiritual side.It’s easier to tap into your intuition while the Sun is in Pisces, so shop forNew Age healing crystals, incense, candles, Tarot cards and all of Pisces’favorite spiritual supplies.

Whatto watch out for: Highly sensitive, compassionate and imaginative, Piscesis at risk of wanting to escape when they feel too much or get caught up indaydreams. Alcohol and drug abuse are common to this sign, so be aware ofescapism and try to keep yourself grounded (at least a little bit) while theSun is in Pisces.

Whatto look forward to: Healing! By the time the Sun moves out of Pisces, you’llbe rested, renewed, reconnected with your spiritual self and ready to begin anew astrological year!

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