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Title: Mercury in Pisces
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(Date Posted:03/18/2014 05:00 AM)
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Mercuryin Pisces

Feelings trump facts with mental Mercury in dreamy Pisces

Tarotcom Staff onthe topics of pisces, mercury, astrology

Get ready for some mental meandering!Communication planet Mercury moves into dreamy Pisces on March 17, 2014, andour minds are now likely to go off-course to places words cannot describe.

Managing details will be moredifficult with Mercury in Pisces, where it will remain until April 7.  Itwill be a very creative time, but not so sharp when it comes to thinking andcommunication.

This transit serves poets, artists,healers, spiritual seekers and all those who don’t rely on objective evidenceto shape reality. Facts may grow fuzzy, but conversations grow tender asintuition becomes the most valuable source of information.

This can be a good time to moveoutside the limits of ordinary perception and speech. The censoring aspects ofyour mind are looser, allowing a wider, if less precise, picture of reality toemerge. Watch how your intuition and imagination work more easily during thistime!

There are some definite cons toMercury in Pisces, as well. Miscommunication is possible, and you may havetrouble staying on track. You might forget critical details, show up late formeetings or say things that don’t quite make sense. This is because we’respeaking from the heart and gut, not the brain, and finding the words to matchour feelings can make for some seriously stop-and-start conversations.

But at the same time, Mercury inPisces has an important lesson for us: we don’t need to depend on verbalcommunication all the time! Sometimes it’s beneficial to see beyond theliteral, read between the lines and hear the unspoken story under this transit.

Primarily, watery Pisces is aboutinstincts and feelings. So this transit is less about grasping facts and moreabout fusion and the big picture.

Not surprisingly, there are manymusicians born with Mercury in Pisces. They range from the tortured: KurtCobain, Andy Gibb to the torturing: Yoko Ono, Alice Cooper to the talented:Celine Dion, Elton John.

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