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Title: Libra
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(Date Posted:04/22/2009 09:20 AM)
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Symbol Libra the Scales Symbol

Libra The Scales

Libra Verse

Libra is the Seventh sign of the Zodiac. It is sometimes referred to as the Balance. The Sun enters Libra around the time of year when day and night are of equal length. Thus, this is when the Earth and the Sun are in balance...a time such balance is also illustrated by the fact that when the Sun reaches this point, Spring and Summer have passed and the harvesters are weighing and balancing the fruits of their labors. Now, the beginning of Autumn heralds the Harvest Season. The origin of the word Libra derives from the Latin meaning "balances" or "scales." Often, a statue of the Goddess of Justice holding the scales or balances is erected over the domes of modern court houses. In ancient times, this constellation was associated with the judgment of the living and the dead. Libra is the only inanimate Sign of the Zodiac, the other eleven representing either human or animal forms. Those born under this Sign are natural arbitrators and diplomats, constantly seeking balance and harmony. In short, they are sociable, cheerful and charming souls. Perhaps the greatest fault of this Sign is indecision. Libra individuals find it difficult to make up their minds and strongly dislike taking sides. Although they have an aversion to those who are rude, they themselves can frequently be disconcertingly brash and blunt. Nonetheless, some astrologers consider Libra to be the most desirable of all Zodiac types because it represents the zenith of the year. Libra is representative of balance...the weighing of values and justice. When those ruled by this Zodiac Sign manage to bring balance into their lives and curtail the inherent tendency to waver from one side to the other, then they will find the contentment that is so necessary to their well-being.

The symbol...or glyph...of Libra is generally considered to be a representation of the Beam of the Balance. However, in ancient times, it was thought to depict the top of the Euphratean Altar. Of course, the standard image is that of the scales, indicative of balance, equilibrium and justice...a sign of cosmic reciprocity and cooperation rather than competion. It is also said to be the Spirit in its material expression, ready to ascend back to its original pristine state...the junction point of the world and that which is beyone. In some cultures, this glyph is said to symbolize the setting Sun as it descends over the horizon and a more lowly description that has been given to this symbol is that of a humpback bridge.

Also known as the Sign of the Judge or Ambassador, Libra is Positive in polarity (as are Aries, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius). The general characteristics of Positive Signs broadly match those for the extrovert personality and such individuals are naturally more impulsive, buoyant, communicative and sociable than are the Zodiac Signs of Negative polarity (Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces). However, Positive Signs rarely display the same levels of sensitivity or the same depth of understanding of emotional subtleties as do their Negative counterparts. Positive Signs tend to crave excitement and thus, are inclined to direct their energies outward into the world around them. Aries is the most flagrantly extrovert of the Positive Signs (with Sagittarius a close second).

All Zodiac Signs governed by the Elements of Fire and Air are considered to be Masculine in nature. Thus, Libra (ruled by air) is considered Masculine (as are Aries, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius). Masculine signs are traditionally conceived as being more active and less receptive than their Feminine counterparts which are ruled by the Elements of Earth and Water (the Zodiac Signs of Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces). Masculine Signs focus primarily on spirituality and activity...both in the physical sense and mental sense. Masculine Signs are said to be diurnal or day-oriented. Therefore the term "masculine" should be viewed in the same light as the Yang (or bright) Polarity of the Tao.

Libra is the natural ruler of the Seventh House of the Zodiac, commonly referred to as the "House of Marriage, Partnerships and Open Enemies" and known in Vedic Astrology as the "Setting Place." It is here that the "I" is said to convert to the "we." In this House may be found an individual's closest friends and sweethearts, as well as open enemies. It represents the gateway to relationships that serve a higher purpose, but not necessarily daily needs. It is here that lessons are learned related to the love of enemies and the finding of true friends. This House also deals with joint ventures and is associated with legal matters, negotiations, contracts and all open confrontations...pleasant and adversarial. The Seventh House dictates how a person will act in public and the type of public such an individual is likely to attract. Also sometimes known as the "House of Association," it influences acts of accomplishment and the quality of cooperation. The focus of the Seventh House also includes the darker side of relationships, such as divorce and lawsuits. Basically, this House provides the field of experience in which an individual is challenged to develop committed partnerships with others and is governed by the Planet Venus (also Planetary Ruler of the Second House).

The opposite sign to Libra is Aries. From Aries, Libra can learn to take the initiative and sometimes stand up for beliefs without manipulation. Thus, can Libra natives navigate the way to find their own identity.

Positive Traits: easygoing, sociable, peaceable, idealistic, diplomatic, urbane, romantic, charming and refined

Negative Traits: flirtatious, self-indulgent, indecisive, lazy, changeable, guillable, resentful, frivolous and easily influenced by others

Likes: gentleness, sharing, conviviality and the "finer" things of life

Dislikes: injustice, violence, brutishness, disharmony, quarrels and bad manners

Spiritual Goal:  To learn how to overcome personal fears
Spiritual Correspondence:  The Principalities
Apostle:  Bartholomew
Prophet:  Jonah
Anatomy:  Rules the lower back, liver and kidneys
Corresponding Tarot Card:  Justice
Associated Countries:  Austria, Japan, Burma and Tibet
Associated Cities:  Copenhagen, Vienna and Johannesburg
Animals:  Elephants, Snakes, Lizards and All Small Reptiles
Watchword:  Harmony
Keynote:  Beauty
Physical Manifestation:  Equilibrium
Mental Manifestation:  Balance
Motto:  Love Is My Star
Quote:  I Balance
I Have Permission!

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