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Title: [Herbal_Witches_Cauldron] Capricorn New Moon
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(Date Posted:01/05/2014 04:12 AM)
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[Herbal_Witches_Cauldron] Capricorn New Moon

New Moon in Capricorn
January 1, 2014

The last time there was a New Moon on New Year's Day was January 1, 1995.

Here's the chart for the Capricorn New Moon:

Ruled by the planet Saturn, Capricorn is known for climbing to the top.Associated with materialism, practicality, reality, and a sense ofresponsibility, it is the sign of the executive. Organizational skills combinedwith focus and a dedication to duty enhance the capacity for leadership. WhereCapricorn is in our chart, we find an area of our life that we take mostseriously. Issues around authority, big business, government, andprofessionalism
become emphasized during Capricorn.

NewMoon conjunct Pluto and Mercury:
Intense focusing and powerful creativity energies are available for support inachieving your goals this cycle. Structured communications can be transforming.The challenge is to keep obsessive behaviors from diverting the energies intomelodrama. Let practicality be your guide.

Marssquare New Moon conjunct Pluto and Mercury:
Lots of energy for making constructive improvements in your business andrelationships. However, the same energy is easily misdirected, causing rashactions and flared tempers.

Saturnbi-septile Neptune, both septile the New Moon:
A twistof fate grounds the imagination and provides backup when outside forces appearto threaten security.

Venusquintile Uranus:
A talent for finding value and beauty in rapidly changing conditions.

Venusin Capricorn, November 5 - March 3 (Rx December 21 - January 31):
Beautifulbecomes more so when appreciated for its practical value as well as itsesthetic value.

Ouradvice for this cycle:
Fresh starts abound. This is an excellent cycle for prioritizing your goals forthe next 3 months. Notice which of your ideas and ideals motivate you to takeaction.
Focus your imagination, intellect, and intuition on findingcreative and practical solutions to perceived restrictions. Recognize andaccept responsibility for the form of your achievement, along with theknowledge that you have the power to transform them. If feeling irritated orsuspicious, find a way to work through it: go to the gym, run, dance, or walkaround the block. Use your will power to refrain from taking extreme positions.

This cycle offers the opportunity to help others during thecourse of your daily activities by expressing your understanding andcompassion.

It is essential to make time for quiet contemplation.Questions you might explore for more personal insight include:

  • What kind of a role model am I?
  • How do I govern my life?
  • Who sees me as an authority figure?
  • When do I feel most competent?
  • In what areas of my life am I most organized?
  • Where and with whom would life be easier if I were a little less bossy or a little more sensitive?
  • What ideals do I hold dear and how can I give them substance?
  • In what areas of my life do I feel restricted?

Affirm: I fulfill my responsibilities with loving care.

Attune to thequalities of Capricorn and its ruler Saturn with a silent 3-minute tarotmeditation on The World.

The World is depicted as the Eternal Dancer, representingthe immortal, central Self - what the individual and the cosmos really is, theperfect union of the Self and the One Power or Cosmic Consciousness. It teachesstructured harmony, the manifestation of balance, beauty and joy that come whenone honours the All That Is by taking responsibility for the consequences of theiractions.

Confer with The World to focus on being centred in themoment, also to reinforce universal understanding and global awareness.

Quote for this cycle:
"Tenderness and kindness are not signs of weakness and despair, butmanifestations of strength and resolution."
~ Kahlil Gibran (1883 - 1931) Lebanese artist, poet, and writer

A Mandala is apowerful meditational devise for creating sacred intentions. We encourage youto createand colour your own mandala or colour the CapricornMandala for this cycle.

You are invited tosend your mandalas to us for placement in our Mandala Gallery.

Please check out Lynn Keefer'sMandala Journal, where Lynnshares the mandala she colors every month, along with her meditative process.Click on the mandala below or the link above to see a larger version of theSagittarius New Moon Mandala she colored last month and read about herexperience with the exercise. The energy flows in beautifully from one cycleinto the next.

Find more on the nature of this lunationcycle and how it relates to your Sunsign in our What'sUp Guide, where there is also information about Venus Retrograde(December 21 - January 31).

Visit our free on-line Moon Phase Calendar,where you'll find moon phase and sign information in your choice of 8 timezones. If you use and like our calendar, please click on the Facebook icon inthe upper left corner of the time zone you use. Speaking of Facebook, we inviteyou to visit our page,which is updated at each of the 8 phases with information on how to workeffectively with the current phase.

Margaret Koolman's column, Soul Astrology,continues to be beautifully written and always offers excellent counsel.

Donna Drozda's LifeCycleForecast will be posted soon, giving us a complete overview of the year2014, along with monthly suggestions for making the best of the year and thebest of each lunation cycle . We don't know what she's calling it yet, butsince it's a Seven year, we'reguessing it will be about "Being Present".

Inaddition to what you can find at our web site, there are some outstandingastrology resources on the web in the form of blogs. We encourage you to visitand/or subscribe to the ones listed below:

I love April Elliot Kent's blog posts. This month's post New Moon in Capricorn: Delicious Truths at Big SkyAstrology provides an excellent understanding of the energies of this lunationcycle, along with ideas for working with them.

Jessica Sheperd at has a perceptive articleabout this month's New Moon titled Capricorn New Moon: The Art of Happiness.

Stephanie Gailing's Planetary Apothecary Blog offers her astrological insights.You can visit her blog or receive her weekly entries in your mailbox via ane-mail subscription. We also recommend you buy her book, Planetary Apothecary. Stephanie shares her insights on thisCapricorn New Moon where she supplies information aboutmaintaining wellness during this cycle.

Christina Rodenbeck's blog The Oxford Astrologer alwayshas interesting articles. Many of them focus on art, and we love her monthlyhoroscopes. Check out your January Horoscope.

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