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Title: Cancer
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(Date Posted:04/19/2009 17:59 PM)
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Symbol Cancer the Crab Symbol

Cancer The Crab

Cancer Verse

Cancer is the Fourth Sign of the Zodiac. Its name derives from the Latin "cancer...literally "the crab." Cancer individuals are "tried and true." They tend to cling to tradition as though they were a part of it, yet their moods and even their purposes may become as changeable as this Sign's ruling celestial body...the Moon. Thus, such self-contradiction is understandable, given that it is part of the Cancer person's innate nature. Much like their representative symbol, the Crab, Cancers are well protected on the outside but are prone to be soft on the inside. They are good at sustaining others and appear to have a mission to take care of not only people in and of themselves, but also their means of making a living. The association of this Sign with water dates back to the very emergence of astrology itself and is Babylonian in origin. In Egypt, Cancer was represented by two turtles known as the "Stars of the Water" and occasionally as an obscure aquatic creature known as Allul. Perhaps more than any other Sign, Cancer is symbolic of the passive, receptive but profoundly powerful and emcompassing female force in nature...the all-nourishing or all-devouring mother. The Crab itself is associated with the sea...the cradle of life. Those born under the Sign of Cancer should strive to find a safe haven in which their exquisite sensitivity can bloom and flourish. If this is not achieved, then they will find themselves dominated by the prickly and grasping aspect of the Cancer personality.

The origin of the symbol...or glyph...of Cancer has been given diverse interpretations. Some sources describe it as a representation of the breasts, an area of the anatomy ruled by Cancer and which is also indicative of the inherent nurturing nature of this Sign. Other sources liken the glyph to a pair of crab claws, intertwined in such a manner as to represent the dual nature of the Cancer individual. In this latter interpretation, it could well be considered similar to the Asian symbol of the Yin and the Yang. In Vedic Astrology, this glyph signifies the Womb of Time, in which all manifestation takes place and is symbolic of the caring qualities associated with motherhood, as well as spiritual creativity.

Also known as the Sign of the Prophet or Teacher, Cancer is Negative in polarity (as are Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces). The general characteristics of Negative Signs lean toward introversion and prefer to draw upon personal resources rather than look for external stimuli. Such individuals are naturally more receptive, sensitive and nurturing than are the Zodiac Signs of Positive polarity (Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius). However, Negative Signs are also likely to be much more cautious, retiring and standoffish than their Positive counterparts with a tendency to keep personal feelings under tight control. Taurus is the most introverted of the Negative Signs (with Virgo a close second).

All Zodiac Signs governed by the Elements of Earth and Water are considered to be Feminine in nature. Thus, Cancer (ruled by water) is considered Feminine (as are Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces). Feminine Signs are traditionally conceived as being more receptive and less active than their Masculine counterparts which are ruled by the Elements of Fire and Air (the Zodiac Signs of Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius). Feminine Signs focus primarily on the emotional and material world with particular attention to sensitivity and depth of feeling. Feminine Signs are said to be noctural or night-oriented. Therefore, the term "feminine" should be viewed in the same light as the Yin (or dark) Polarity of the Tao.

Cancer is the natural ruler of the Fourth House of the Zodiac, commonly referred to as the "House of Family and Home" and known in Vedic Astrology as the "Subterraneous Place." This is the field which represents the childhood home and all that such implies. It is the place of an individual's deepest personal roots. It is also the house of tradition and the location of a person's most intimate and ingrained nurturing. In addition, this house is the place of human ending..."from dust we come and to dust we go," thus completing the mortal circle. The Fourth House has been classified as the "Womb of Eternity," where all things come into being and pass out of being at the appointed time. It is the House of Genesis and also of Nemesis. This house contains the basic and symbolic foundation of an individual...the side of a person that decorates and maintains a home, deciding what such a home will look like and how much privacy will be needed. The Fourth House also deals with matters of real estate but most importantly, it is the house where emotional memories are stored and from which an individual operates on a subconscious level. The Fourth House is governed by the Planet Moon...not truly a "planet," but classified as such for the purposes of continuity in the Science of Astrology.

The opposite sign to Cancer is Capricorn. From Capricorn, Cancer can learn to get things into a proper perspective and take a realistic view of life. Thus, can Cancer natives learn how to make good judgments.

Positive Traits: kind, loving, emotional, intuitive, imaginative, shrewd, cautious, protective and sympathetic.

Negative Traits: changeable, moody, over-emotional, touchy, untidy, clinging, unable to "let go," and a tendency to wallow in self-pity.

Likes: hobbies, romance, children, parties, home and country.

Dislikes: failure, opposition, aggravating situations, being told what to do and being given advice...whether good or bad.

Spiritual Goal:  To learn how to take a balanced view of things
Spiritual Correspondence:  The Dominations
Apostle:  Andrew
Prophet:  Amos
Anatomy:  Rules the chest, breasts and stomach
Corresponding Tarot Card:  The Chariot
Associated Countries:  Scotland, Holland and New Zealand
Associated Cities:  New York, Venice and Amsterdam
Animals:  Crustaceans, Otter, Seal, Turtle, Stag, Unicorn and Sphinx
Watchword:  Sympathy
Keynote:  Patience
Physical Manifestation:  Flexibility
Mental Manifestation:  Imagination
Motto:  The Tide Will Turn
Quote:  I Feel I Have Permission!

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