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Title: Astrology-Pluto
CottageMagick   Astrology
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(Date Posted:06/02/2012 14:09 PM)
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Astrology - Pluto

The symbol for Pluto, which looks like a coin inside a chalice, is made from the circle of the spirit above the crescent of personality, which is held aloft and pierced by the cross of matter. This particular layout shows that although the spirit can be concealed in shadow, with evolution and transformation of the personality, its true potential can be released.

Named after the Roman God of the Underworld and wealth, Pluto and its moon Charon (named after the Ferryman who transported the dead) form a unique pairing in the solar system. Because the moon is so
large, they revolve in a dumbbell formation around a common point of space – permanently locked in a struggle for dominance. Because of this phenomenon, this struggling aspect is reflected astrologically in the sign.

The effects of Pluto aren’t always apparent in individuals, but rather the sign defines generations due to its extremely slow movement. The time it spends in different signs varies from around 12 to 32 years. It recently entered Capricorn (January 26th 2008) after spending around thirteen years in Sagittarius. A rough estimate of the time it takes to travel through all 12 of the signs is 248 years.

Medicinally, Pluto influences the regenerative forces – affecting the prostate, tumours, hormones, cancer cells, asthma, hay fever, polyps, nails, and skin ailments.

Astrologically known as the ‘Great Renewer’, this planet governs the deepest instincts in the unconscious mind and the process of fundamental transformation. Death – not just physical, but of situation and circumstance – is brought about and rebirth initiated.

This change is ruthless and doesn’t hold back – the negative aspect of this is that it can stir up stubborn, single-minded and obsessive tendencies.
Pluto goes beyond the social framework and influences from the outside – it is spiritual and exulted by nature, with deep motivational reaches that can be hard to divine and understand.

It governs wealth, big business, mining, surgery, detective work and any other enterprise that requires digging for the truth of a situation. Some of the world’s most major events have coincided with Pluto’s movements – its discovery in 1930 coincided with the rise of fascism and Stalinism in Europe, leading to the 2nd World War. It’s entry into Cancer in 1913 (as later calculated) coincided with the 1st World War.
Interestingly, the movement of this sign also coincided with the birth of modern psychoanalysis with Freud and Jung beginning to explore the depths of the unconsciousness.

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