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Title: Indigo child
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(Date Posted:09/12/2014 01:07 AM)
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The term “Indigo Child” comes frompsychic and synesthete Nancy Ann Tappe, who classified people’s personalitiesaccording to the hue of their auras.*

Usually each universal age isaccompanied by a preponderance of people with that life color. For instance nowmost adults are either Blue or Violet, the two colours with the attributes mostneeded in this the Violet Age of transition. During the next age, the IndigoAge, Indigo colors will be the norm (UnderstandingYour Life Through Color 1982).

According to Tappe,

The Indigo phenomenon has beenrecognized as one of the most exciting changes in human nature ever documentedin society. The Indigo label describes the energy pattern of human behaviourwhich exists in over 95% of the children born in the last 10 years … Thisphenomena is happening globally and eventually the Indigos will replace allother colours. As small children, Indigo’s are easy to recognize by theirunusually large, clear eyes. Extremely bright, precocious children with anamazing memory and a strong desire to live instinctively, these children of thenext millennium are sensitive, gifted souls with an evolved consciousness whohave come here to help change the vibrations of our lives and create one land,one globe and one species. They are our bridge to the future.*

According to Peggy Day and SusanGale, the emergence of the Indigo children was foretold by Edgar Cayce longbefore Tappe’s aura labeling.

The Indigo Children is a book by Lee Carroll, a channeler for an entity hecalls Kryon, and his wife Jan Tober.

Carroll was an economics major whoran a technical audio business for 30 years until a visit to a psychic prompteda New Age midlife crisis. He found religion and started traveling around theworld giving “self-help” seminars. Accompanying him was Tober, a practitionerof metaphysics and hands-on healing as well as a jazz singer who had touredwith Benny Goodman and Fred Astaire (Krider 2002).

Kyron has revealed such importantmessages as “love is the most powerful force in the entire universe.” Carrolland Tober travel the world putting on Kryon seminars. Kryon has many interests,including the Universal Calibration Lattice and EMF Balancing (empowermentthrough knowledge of your electromagnetic nature, i.e., how to manage yourenergy field which consist of “fibers of light and energy”).

One thesis of The Indigo Childrenseems to be that many children diagnosed as having attention deficit disorder(ADD) or ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) represent “a new kindof evolution of humanity.”* These children don’t need drugs like Ritalin, butspecial care and training. The book consists of dozens of articles by authorsfrom many walks of life. It is, accordingly, inconsistent and uneven in qualityof analysis and advice. Nancy Ann Tappe is a contributor. One of theauthors is Robert Gerard, Ph.D., whose piece is called “Emissaries fromHeaven.” He believes his daughter is an Indigo Child. He also thinks “MostIndigos see angels and other beings in the etheric.” He runs Oughten HouseFoundation, Inc., and sells angel cards. Another contributor is Doreen Virtue, anadvocate of angel therapy who has found an even further evolved generation ofchildren is now emerging: the Crystalchildren.

Not all the contributors are on thefringe of New Age metaphysics, however. For example, Dr. Judith Spitler McKeeis a former preschool and elementary teacher and retired Eastern Michigan University professor. Shespends her time trying to interest children in reading.


the Skeptic’sDictionary

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