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Mabon-(may.bawn; or may.boon) The Fall Equinox festival, September 22.

Macrocosm- (ma.krO.kas'm)  The Cosmos as a whole, in relation to the Microcosm, its detailed manifestation (human in particular).

Mage-(mAj')  A master magician; often a mage is a scholarly and skilled practitioner who prefers that the only tools of their magick be their mind, ability, and spirit.

Magic(k)- The art and science of focusing your will and emotions to effect change both in the world around you and the world within you.Magick is neither good nor evil,positive or negative. It is the use of the power that determines the path that it will take.

Magickal Name- A name chosen by the dedicant or initiate to symbolise rebirth into their new path.

Magickal Voice, the- The commanding, assertive voice used to read power words during rituals which allows no doubt or insecurity in. This applies whether the voice is speaking tone, a loud whisper, or in song.

Magus- A male occult adapt.

Maiden- 1. The name of one of the members of a coven, generally the assistant to the High Priestess. 2. One of the aspects of the triple goddess (maiden, mother, crone) symbolised by the waxing moon, creation, and the time between Beltane and Imbolc.

Major Arcana- The name for the 22 numbered cards in a traditional Tarot deck

Malkin- (mal.kin')  A word once used for a Witch's familiar that manifests itself in the form of a cat.  Although familiars were believed to have assumed many different animal shapes (including toads, owls and black dogs). the ordinary house cat familiars, or matkins, appear to have had the strongest associations with Witches.

Matrix- a word in Crystal Magick that refers to the base of a crystal cluster, the main 'lump' part.

Mean Time- is the time our clocks show as compared to TRUE SOLAR TIME.

Meditation- The practice of inverting the mind to pay attention to the inner silence instead of the outer chaos. Other forms of meditation focus on the outer chaos instead. This practice is accepted in almost all religions, but is encouraged most in Buddhism.

Megalith- a huge, stone monument such as Stonehenge.

Menhir- a single standing stone, lifted into place in ancient times. Many can still be seen in England.

Merry Meet- Greeting commonly used by Wiccans and pagans. It basically means "Greetings". Abbreviated as MM.

Merry Part- A friendly phrase that basically means "Goodbye", used by Wiccans and pagans. Abbreviated as MP.

Metaphysical- Having the nature of metaphysics.

Metaphysics- A field of abstract thought and philosophy about topics not on the concrete or physical level of understanding. This includes subjects like existence, the soul, being, the supernatural, astral travel, psychicism, and so on.

Microcosm- The lesser world, the physical. Said to parallel the macrocosm, or greater world. The world within us.

Midsummer- Sabbat celebrated in June.

Mind, conscious- the controlled, intellectual part of mind that does everyday work. The rational part that thinks.

Mind, psychic- the subconscious, or unconscious, mind in which we receive psychic impulses. The psychic mind is at work when we sleep, dream, and meditate

Milagro - A milagro is a magical object most commonly crafted in the form of an isolated human anatomical part, a heart for instance, or an arm. These objects are today most commonly associated with Latin American magick, however their roots are prehistoric. These objects, known in Latin as exvatos, have been found in what are today Greece, Italy, and Switzerland. The most ancient are believed to derive from Iberia. Milagros are a very fluid form of magick; most frequently found in miniature form, life size milagros are sometimes crafted in Brazil. Typically crafted from inexpensive silver colored metals, they may also be carved from precious metals and gemstones, as well as created from wax. Milagros are easily obtainable from spiritual goods stores and from many exporters of Latin American arts and handicrafts. They can also easily be cut from a sheet of tin or copper. Milagros are most frequently used in healing spells, spirit summoning spells, protective spells, and romantic spells.

Minor Arcana-  The name for the four suits of the Tarot deck -Cups, Pentacles, Wands, and Swords.

Monotheistic- the belief of honoring Divine Unity.

Moontime-  The woman's menstral cycle and most magickally powerful time of the female witch's power.

Moonchild-  In astrology, a person born under the sign of Cancer.

Mother- The second aspect of the Triple Goddess, who corresponds to the full moon.  To most Wiccans the Mother represents fertility, nurturing,creation, protection, increased wisdom and the peak of power.  It is Her aspect that is invoked by many Wiccan High Priestesses in Drawing Down the Moon rituals.

Mojo- Magick.

Mojo Bag- A small bag generally worn around the neck which is charged with energies towards a certain goal and filled with charms, herbs, and/or stones.

Moot - a social and educational gathering of Pagans and others
on Earth-centred spiritual paths ...Nowadays, a moot is regular meeting of pagans, and those interested in paganism, usually (but not always) in a pub in the evenings. Anyone can attend and they are usually free, or ask only for donations towards the costs of refreshments etc. There will generally be someone giving a talk or slideshow, or else people will just get together for a chat. Seekers are always welcome.
The word derives from the Saxon word Witangemote meaning 'meeting of the wise'. It was the name given to village meetings in saxon England; it got contracted to Moot, hence you can still find Moot Halls in some English villages. A moot point was originally an item of debate or discussion at a meeting. In the 1970's the British Earth Mysteries crowd were looking for a distinctive name for their regular meetings and conferences and thought that it was a good idea to revive the old name of Moot. The UK's first national pagan meeting in Leeds had a few Earth Mysteries people attending; they suggested it as a title for the meeting, the pagans liked it and now most open pagan meetings (in the UK at least) are called moots.

Mundane: refers to the everyday, such as Mundane or 'civil' 'Name' would be your birthname of JOHN; nickname JOHNNY; Magick Name SEAHAWK. Goes for other items as well, a Priest's mundane 'job' would be a carpenter, for example. The UNmagickal things & side of one's existence

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