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Wand- One of the ritual tools used in Wicca, generally it is another tool of energy direction, much like the athame. The specific choice of wand vs athame varies among Wicca, almost all choose athame over wand for circle casting and many prefer the wand when calling the Goddess and God.

Waning- ( lunar phase when the moon is getting "smaller" (more crescent-like). This is the time when magick that involves banishing things, breaking habits, and getting rid of things is to be performed. Opposite of waxing.

Ward- A protection spell.

Warlock- A derogatory term which literally means "oathbreaker". It is a common misconception that male witches are called warlocks. However, male witches are no different than females in this respect and so they are simply called witches.

Watchtowers- A concept derived from ceremonial magick; the four watchtowers each represent a cardinal direction, element, elemental, and a color. They are commonly used in modern Wicca.

Waxing- The lunar phase when the moon is getting "larger" (nearing the full moon). This is the time when magick that involves growth and bringing things to you is best performed. Opposite of waning.

Webweaving- Netwroking with other pagans and magickal fold for everything from fellowship to group study.

Wheel of the Year- One full cycle of the seasons, in pagan beliefs in begins on Samhain as opposed to in January.

Wicca- A modern neo-pagan religion with spiritual roots in the earliest expressions of reverence for nature as a manifestation of the divine. Wicca views Deity as Goddess and God; Thus it is polytheistic. It embraces magic and reincarnation, and is in no way associated with Satanism.

Wiccan- 1. A person who follows or practices Wicca. 2. Something related to Wicca. (For example a wiccan book, wiccan artwork, etc.)

Wiccaning- The Wiccan equivalent of a Christening.

Widdershins-(wid.der.shins) Counter-clockwise in the northern hemisphere, clockwise in southern. Direction of motion for banishing magic to some, bane (harmful) magic to others.

Wise Woman- A solitary female practitioner of witchcraft who gave charms and healing salves to villagers in Europe.

Wita- Scottish Wicca. See also Pecti-Wita.

Witch- A practitioner of witchcraft. There are many types and traditions of witches. A witch is not necessarily a Wiccan, though if a Wiccan practices witchcraft they can be called a witch.

Witch Ball- An 18th century tradition; a glass sphere hung in windows to ward off evil spirits. This is where the Christian concept of the Christmas tree ornament came from.

Witch Bottle- a bottle or jar containing herbs, shards of glass and other objects, designed to protect a person or place (such as a house). It is often buried or placed in a window. In the past, all sorts of disagreeable thingswere added to Witch bottles, which weresometimes used by the ignorant to destroy the powers of a suspected "Witch"- hence the name.

Witchcraft- The practice of spells and magick, often involving the worship of many deities or a supreme God and/or Goddess.

Witch's Ladder- The name given to a cord tied and used much like a rosary.  For example, if a chan needs to be repeated nine times, then nine knots would be tied in the cord.  The Witch would then run his/her fingers along the cord, counting off the knots as the chant was repeated until all nine had been counted.  A Witch's Ladder might also be used to store magickal power for later use (knot magick).

Witta- Irish Wicca.

Wizard- A name for male ceremonial magicians, rarely used for Wiccans unless they are eclectic and use ceremonial magick as well.

Word of Power- A word or name which is supposed to have great power when spoken, most are almost impossible to pronounce and have no meaning in any language.

Working; Magickal Working- Any act involving magick or ritualism.

Working tools -  The "working tools" of Witchcraft are impliments used in rituals.  They are sacred items and as such, must be consecrated before first being used.  Then not used for any other reason.

Wort- An archaic word for herb.

Wortcunning-  The knowledge of th use of herbs in healing, both medicinally and magickally.  Hedge Witches, Wiccans, Pagans, Wise Men, and Women, Cunningmen and women all had wortcunning, as do many of todays Witches.

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