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Vac  The "Voice" that pronounced the first creative Word, Om; a Hindu Goddess described in the Rig Veda as the First, the Queen, the Greatest of All Deities.

Vampirism- The practice of subsisting on the vitality of another. Commonly this is blood, other times it is life force (sapped psychically).

VANGELLO DELLE STREGHE- An Aradian Wiccan scripture containing the creation story, the Charge of the Goddess, and a collection of other myths deriving from Italian Witchcraft. Published by Charles Leland in 1599 Pisces (1899 AD) under the title “Aradia, or the Gospel of the Witches”, the book requires serious annotation to be properly understood, but is a cornerstone of Wiccan thought

Veil of Unknowing- The boundary between the manifest and the unmanifest.

Vernal Equanox  Another name for the Spring Equinox- also called "Ostara"-one of the eight Witches' Sabbats celebrated annually on or around March 21st.

VIBRATION- Vibration, the rate at which energy moves, is believed to become slower the farther down the seven spheres it proceeds. The slower the vibration, the denser the matter; thus the physical plane is the home of the densest matter with the slowest vibration, while the Divine plane has the least density and the fastest vibration. As energy moves upward from lower vibrations to higher ones, it generates heat. As energy slows from higher to lower vibrations, it produces coldness. You will notice this in energy working.

Vidya-  "Wisdom,"  a tantric term for a woman acting as a sexual partner of a man in a magick circle; another epethet of the enlightenment-bringing Spirit of the Way, or Shakti.

Vipassana Meditation- A form of Buddhist meditation that aims to gain insight into life or a part of life.

Virtues- Magickal properties of objects like herbs, stones, and creatures as was assigned to them during their divine creation.

Visionary-  A human being, male or female, who is gifted with paranormal vision.

Vision Questing- Using astral projection,bi location, or dreamtime to accomplish a specific goal.Also called path working.

Visualization- 1. Forming clear mental images often used in magick to focus and direct energy to a visualized goal. 2. Imagining a scene, a person, or an object with intense clarity. This is often done through a meditation with a written "visualization journey" which allows the practitioner to enter an imagined place to make personal discoveries.

Vitka - another name for a rune mistress, a Pagan priestess or seeress who divines the future or fate by casting rune stones into a circle drawn on the ground aand then interpretates the patterns formed by the stones.

Voodoo- Polytheistic religion derived from worship of gods in African and the beliefs of Catholicism. Practiced mainly by the West Indians

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