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Ululation- The part of an incantation or chant which demands full vocal force and volume.

Ummati  Title if Assyrian priestesses meaning "mothers of creation"  for umm was the Semetic version of the OM or Creative Word attributed to Kali in India.  To be the Holy of Holies, a woman had to have borne children to prove she had the spirit of fertility and the "wisdom of motherhood".

Uncasting- Opening the circle at the end of a ritual.

Uncrossing  The removal of a curse or any form of negative magick.  The uncrossing ritual may be performed as needed \, but it is most effective when performed during the waning cycle of the moon. 

Unction  The act of anointing a person or ritual tool is a religio-magickal rite.  The anointing is done with concecrated oil, or an herbal ointment or salve.  After unction, the person or object is considered sacred.  ( In Christianity the sacrament of "extreme unction" is administered to those near death.

Underworld-  In various ancient mythologies, a region, realm, or dwelling place conceived to be below the surface of the Earth and separate from the world of the living where the souls of the deceased go after death.  the world of the dead.

Undine- (un.deen) The traditional term for a Water Elemental.

Unguent: A special ointment or salve used by Witches to promote healing and to induce astral projections and psychic dreams. Also known as flying ointment and sorcerer's grease. In the Middle Ages, unguents containing various hallucinogenic ingredients were believed to give a Witch the powers of flight, invisibility, and transformation

Unicorn  A creature represented as a gentle horse-like beast with a single spiraled horn estending from its forehead, and often with a lion's tail and a goats beard.  The Unicorn symbolized chastity, virginity, fierceness, and the power of love and it was said that only the touch of a virgin could tame it.  The horn of the unicorn (which has a white base, black middle and red tip) was reguarded to be extremely magickal \, and it was believed to possess the powers to detect poisons and to make water pure, among other things.  At one time the unicorn was believed to be a native of India, later of Africa.

Unicursal Hexagram: 
The unicursal hexagram is a variation of the 6-pointed star. The more traditional way of drawing a 6-pointed star is in the double triangles of the Star of David. But Aleister Crowley created his own design, to create a symbol that could be drawn in one continuous line. The number 6 represents unity and balance, specifically balance between man and the Divine.

Unmanifest- The unknown source of existence, it is said that magicians take their power from the unmanifest to use it within the manifest.

Uraeus   Egyptian serpent symbol, a hieroglyphic sign for the "Goddess".

Urd-  One of the Norse names for Mother Earth, in addition to Urtha, Erda, Eartha, Wyrd, Wurd, Word, Weird,etc.

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