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Talisman-( An object that has been magickally charged in order to bring something to the bearer.

Tarot-(ta'.row; or tar' row) A deck of (usualy) 78 cards which hold images that connect the diviner with the energies. The cards can be used to determine a wide range of things as well as being part of a specific ritual.

Tasseography- Divination by reading tea leaves.

Telekinesis- A form of psychokinesis which involves moving objects with the mind without ever physically coming in contact with them.

Telepathy- Unspoken (psychic) communication between two minds.

The Threefold Law- States that whatever you do, good, or bad will return to you three times over.

Thelema- Religious beliefs that are founded on magic within the Christian pantheon.

Temple- A coven's ritual meeting-place which is used for no other purpose; a desirable asset but not indispensble, since a Magic Circle may be cast anywhere

Theurgy- Magick involving the use of divine spirits and oneness or closeness with one's God/Deitie(s).

Third Eye- The psychic eye, not physically visible, but mental. Located in the middle of the forehead.

Three-fold Law- A Wiccan principle which originated from the teachings of Gerald Gardner. It states that any action made by a person will be returned them three times as powerfully, whether the action was good or bad. By this law, you are encouraged to do good things so that you will be rewarded later on with three times the benevolence, as opposed to bad things which result in thrice the consequence.

Thurible-  A shallow, three-legged dish used by Witches and Wiccans in magical workings as an incense burner.  The thurible symbolically corrisponds to the ancient element of AIR.

Tincture- a liquid produced by soaking plant parts (herbs), in ethyl alcohol or vinegar, to produce a scented liquid.

Tisane- A French term for an herbal tea

Tools-  the instruments, empowered with magick; used by Pagans. These would include runes, tarot, candles, crystals, wand, censor, etc. Tools should be physically cleaned, consecrated and even engraved, prior to use for ceremonial purposes.

Tools, nonphysical- the three most generally used are: music, dance and gestures. These raise power, alter consciousness and serve to unite Self, with Diety.

Torc - a solid neckband, worn in combat as protection by otherwise naked Celtic warriors. It signifies honour, wealth and prosperity. Usually made of silver, gold or bronze, often elaborate braided twists of wire with decorated ends. In the famous Celtic "Gundestrup cauldron" of 150 BC, Cerunnos is seen holding a horned serpent in his left hand and a torc in his right. Even queen Boudicca wore a torc as she rode into battle.

Totem Animal- A spirit guide in the form of an animal who chooses to accompany you. This tradition is derived from Native American spirituality.

Traditional- Sects or groups which practice Wicca. Each tradition has a different set of rules and guidelines by which it follows, so when one chooses a tradition, one much be aware of the facets of the tradition and believe that the rules suit them best. Some examples of traditions are Gardnerian, Alexandrian, Celtic, Faery, and Strega.

Tradition, Wicca- An organized, structured, specific Wiccan subgroup. Much like Christianity has denominations each with their own style, Wicca has many traditions (and some Wicca follow no specific tradition see eclectic Wicca). Common examples include Garnerian, Seax (not sex), Dianic, Faery, Pecti, Teutonic, Caledoni, Alexandrian, and there are many others...

Transmutation- The work of alchemy, changing base metals and elements into precious things.

Tree Calendar- The celtic system of reckoning the 13 lunar months of the year by assigning each a sacred tree.

Trident-  1. In Paganism, a sacred triple-phallus symbol displayed by any male deity whose function is to sexually unite with the Triple Goddess. 2. The triple-pronged spear carried by the sea gods Neptune and Poseidon.

Trilithon- A stone arch made from two upright slabs with one lying atop these. Trilithons are featured in Stonehenge as well as the circle visualization in The Standing Stones Book of Shadows.

Triple Goddess-  A goddess trinity having three different names, usually corresponding to the thre lunar phases.  In her waxing phase, she is the Maiden (Virgin or Worrioress).   In her full moon phase, she is the Mother.  In her waning or dark moon phase, she is the Crone who personifies wisdom, death, and darkness.

Triple Moon- The triple moon is a Goddess symbol that represents the Maiden, Mother, and Crone as the waxing, full, and waning moon. It is also associated with feminine energy, mystery and psychic abilities. You often see this symbol on crowns or other head-pieces, particularly worn by High Priestesses

Triskelion- this is a triple, overlapping triangle symbol and represents Fate(s). One side of each triangle is missing, and this gives an overall impression of movement & activity, of energy in action.

True Solar Time- an Astrology term; the Sum moves around its ECLIPTIC of 360 degree in 1 year, advances in the ZODIAC by 1 degree each day. NOON is the Sun's point halfway between rising & setting. SO when the ecliptic point in which the Sun was at noon yesterday, is itself halfway between rising & setting today, it is NOT yet quite noon but will be when the NEXT DEGREE of the ecliptic gets there, which NOW CONTAINS the Sun. This equates to a TRUE SOLAR DAY being a little longer than a SIDEREAL DAY, a Solar hour being longer than a sidereal hour, etc. This puts the Sidereal NOON time about 4 minutes later each day & 2 hours later each month.

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